How to Time Travel Through Imaginative POV


Jill Badonsky, MEd

Albert, A Muse with an Attitude

Albert is the Muse of imagination and innovation. Albert's name was inspired by Albert Einstein, the mortal icon of innovation, imagination, and revolutionary thinking. Try this fun imagination/innovation exercise to get a good sense of Albert's powers.

Fortunately // Unfortunately


Fortunately // Unfortunately

If you haven't discovered that Isette Façìon's research on The World's Oldest Microblogging Platform sounds as suspicious as her name, you should check it out. Meanwhile, I'm dipping into The Power of Fun by Catherine Price, where she makes the case for engaging in an extra-special version of fun she calls True Fun and notes its "magical confluence of playfulness, connection, and flow" can lead us to be "more productive and joyful and less resentful and stressed." Wow, "True Fun" sounds just like "creativity"!

Altered Art Projects

Marjorie Sarnat 20Q Interview

Even If You Can't Draw…

Twenty Textures Activity

Are You a Closet Creative?

Creative Talent Comes Out to Play

Encourage Creativity in Kids

Are You a Closet Creative?

Design Thinking & Demands of the New Workforce

'Permission Slips' Author Patricia J. Mosca

Unraveling the Creative Process

The Link Between Art and Innovation

Journaling Class is Rough

A Fuller Sense of Aliveness

And The Dalai Lama Cried

This is My Thing

You Are Building a New Life

Forget Forever

Indulge Your Inner Hippie and Learn to Tie Dye

So You Think You Aren't Creative?

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Thomas M. Sterner

What Is Struggle Really Telling You?

Why is it so hard to implement the positive changes we want to make? Why do we react to some situations in ways that cause us pain, anxiety, and fear? Why is it so hard to quiet our minds so we can fully enjoy the present moment? And is there anything we can do to change any of this?


Marjorie Sarnat

Even If You Can't Draw a Straight Line, You Can Be an Artist!

The truth is that straight lines have little to do with artistic expression. Creativity does. Relax and enjoy the experience of drawing or painting whether you have traditional art skills or not, and creativity will flow.

Creative ADVENTures


A Gift Box with Four Perception-Shifting Lines

How many times have you heard, "It's always been done this way?" Try this challenging puzzle to learn how to 'think outside the box' and free yourself from limiting beliefs.


Cara Faye

Unraveling the Creative Process

Cara Faye's preferred medium is wrought iron, but loves to draw, write, paint and mosaic, and share her knowledge and passions through teaching. Come along as she unravels the creative process, its relationship to innovation, and connection to the authentic self.

John O'Leary

Look for Good and Find Good 1

In AweBestselling author John O'Leary explores how our expectations shape our view of the world through this inspiring piece about relationships and journal writing from In Awe.

Madam Bedazzle

Madam Bedazzle

The Fortunately // Unfortunately Card Pair

Fortune CardsMadam Bedazzle says there's some important lessons to be had around fortunes and hones in on the common pairing of fortunately // unfortunately in the the game of optimistic one-upping. As always, remember Bedazzle's advice is always well-meaning, even if a little iffy.

Interview with Punny Cartoonist and Artist Lilly Fluger

Art by Lilly FlugerQ: When did you first discover your talent for cartooning and painting?

A: wanted to be important and popular and be liked, so I tried to be clever and funny and get others to laugh. I signed up for a cartooning class and arrived a bit late to notice that lots of adults were leaving the building. Was it cancelled? I head inside, and open the door, to see that it's filled with kids! I felt so strange at first, but then realized, hey, I'm with my correct age group!

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