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Valery Satterwhite

Transforming Through Your Inner Wizard

Velveta Elvis Parody Games


Meredith Heller

Everything Contains Everything

Life is a web of interbeing. Everything contains everything. And we are part of it. By naming the parts and finding the connections, we weave ourselves back into wholeness and belonging, into interbeing. Let's explore this interconnected web of life.


Meredith Heller

Sanctuary: Create Inner Peace in a Crazy World

Writing provides a refuge in which we can pause, commune with deep self, and nourish ourselves back into equanimity.


Invoking the Muses

Making Marvelous New Music with Euterpe

The Athenian muses were the nine sister goddesses of imagination, inspiration, and the arts in ancient Greek mythology. Euterpe, the Athenian Goddess of lyric poetry and music has many gifts to share.

The Great Creativity Illuminator

The Great Creativity Illuminator (GCI)

GCI: The Only AI You'll Ever Need

Long before prompts were fed into ChatGPT, Gemini, and other chatbots, Creativity Portal's GCI fed YOU prompts to nourish your creative soul. Dispensing coaching techniques, pliable applications, impactful thoughts, and simple solutions curated from global creativity experts, thought leaders, and deck dealers, GCI is designed to activate your genetic disposition towards originality and authenticity in forging your own path to illumination. Takeaway: Question absolutes and be open to experience in fostering your creative leanings. Humor's good, too. Try it now!

Pippi Longstocking

Valery Satterwhite

The Tao of Pippi Longstocking, Enormous Creative Being

Some of the most profound life affirming philosophy can be found in the books we read as children. Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren was, and still is, one of my favorites. What I didn't know as a child was that this book was very much a story of Lindgren's personal journey from a life lived small, fearful, stubborn and filled with lack of confidence in herself and her ability as a writer and creative being.


Meredith Heller

Zen Bones: Boil Your Poems Down to the Essence

Come along with me and commune with nature. Touch the essence of who you are, bone-deep. Together we'll discover the metaphors in nature that help weave us back into the great web of life.


Meredith Heller


We are tribal beings. We need and want each other. We long to be included in the clan, to live in interdependence, and to participate in the natural tides of giving and receiving. Even those of us who prefer being alone seek belonging, whether to self, place, or something bigger than us.

Fortunately // Unfortunately

Creativity 1-2-3

Fortunately // Unfortunately

Cookie Fortune Maker (CFM) • Grit, Persistence, and Luck • Bedazzle's Card Deal: Fortunately // Unfortunately • Autumn Pack Puzzle Twist (PDF) • Journaling Your Transitions • Fostering Creativity in the Classroom

Velveeta Elvis

Isette Façìon

The Velveeta® Elvis Not-So-Trivial Parody Game

Ever wonder where the phrase "Velvet Elvis" came from? Or what "Black Velvet" means in the song sang by Alannah Myles? Both pay tribute to The King and capture the essence of his impact on the world of music and popular culture. But wait! There's more. See how weaving cheesy into something can easily make a game out of it.

'Glad No Matter What' Q&A with SARK

SARKBestselling author of Succulent Wild Woman Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy takes us through opportunities to transform loss and change into gift and opportunity in these special features with questions and answers from Glad No Matter What.


"Being able to tell stories or sing songs or play an instrument or being able to do magic tricks were highly prized talents in my family. It didn't matter if you 'mastered' them, being able to share a gift like that put you front and center — and when it comes down to it I really liked the attention. In point — I was a guitarist for over 30 years." —Anita Marie Moscoso, Writer and Poet


Valery Satterwhite

Inspiring Wizards


Chris Dunmire

Creativity Step 2: Incubation

Dr. Lucas D. Shallua, President of Mount Eagle College and University, has a thoughtful take on the unfolding of dreams, likening it to the egg-hatching process of an eagle and Graham Wallace's 4 Steps of Creativity.


Patricia J. Mosca

Magic Crayon Journaling

Magic Crayon Journaling is all about self-discovery through coloring and writing prompts. This interactive journal series includes pages to download and print to use in your own personal journaling. Journal In ⇢

4 Steps of Creativity

ADVENTure #10

Graham Wallas' '4 Steps of Creativity'

When we look at creativity through the lens of "process", a common framework emerges as stages to research, develop, and implement ideas and solutions.