Creative Setbacks? No Problem!

Say It Out Loud

Vasavi Kumar

Say It Out Loud

KumarAfter years of trying journaling, because she'd heard it was a great way to learn about herself, change bad habits, and set and meet goals, Kumar found that it wasn't working for her. What did was talking to herself, aloud and with the compassion of a best friend.


Estelle Erasmus

Writing That Gets Noticed

Creative tips and professional advice to help get your writing ideas flowing and seen.

Creativity Spark


Robert Joyner

Mastering Watercolors: 4 Drawing Skills

Before diving into the mesmerizing world of watercolors, it's essential to strengthen your drawing skills. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, drawing simple shapes is an excellent exercise to improve your hand-eye coordination and overall artistic dexterity. The key is to take your time, focus on each step of the process, and create a relaxed environment that fosters creativity.


Estelle Erasmus

Mining Your Life for Ideas

Many writers want to write and have lots of ideas, but they just can't get them out. If the muse just won't manifest, here are a few ways supported by scientific evidence to knock down those roadblocks so you can build something lasting with your words and achieve your goals.


Robert Joyner

Loose Watercolor Landscape: Embrace the Beauty of Simplicity

Embracing the unpredictable nature of watercolors can lead to stunning results, capturing the essence of a landscape in a simple yet powerful manner. In this demo, we will explore valuable tips for creating loose watercolor landscapes, recommend essential materials, offer guidance on finding photo references, and share four of the best ideas for painting in this expressive style.

Permission Slip

Patricia J. Mosca

Permission Slip: Unlimited Mistakes Day

No matter what happens today, there are NO mistakes. Everything is exactly as it should be. Go ahead and LAUGH… It's Unlimited Mistakes Day. BELIEVE in all you do and all you can do and that nothing is a MISTAKE!

'Friendship Festival' Interview with SARK

SARKIn this exclusive Creative Careers interview, bestselling author of Succulent Wild Woman Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy explores friendship, healing, inspiration, the dark side (shadows), projections, creativity and perfectionism.


Invoking the Muses

Thalia: Athenian Muse of Comedy

The Athenian muses were the nine sister goddesses of imagination, inspiration, and the arts in ancient Greek mythology. Invoking Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, as humor and laughter make new things grow.

Sanaya Roman

Opening Your Intuition 1

IntuitionWhat is intuition, and how does it operate? In this selection from her groundbreaking Personal Power through Awareness: A Guidebook for Sensitive People Sanaya Roman explores ways we can tune into our intuitive intelligence as part of our creative process, inner guidance with a four-step exercise.

SoulCollage® Prompt

Develop Patience

SoulCollagePatience can be one of the most difficult inner voices to hear in our lives. If you're struggling with this on your own creative journey right now, make a list of all of your creative projects that you have in process right now. Are there any projects specifically where your Voice of Patience can help you?