Permission Slip

Patricia J. Mosca

Permission Slip: Celebrate You!

I know that it is probably not your birthday today, but you deserve to be treated a little special. Take time to celebrate the very unique person that YOU call YOU! Happy UN-BIRTHDAY!


Patricia J. Mosca

Follow Your Dream Signs

Paying attention to the signs to our dreams is often a difficult one. Here's your opportunity to notice the signs around you and trust that you are on the right track.


"Expressing myself through art is incredibly fulfilling. Transforming a blank canvas or paper into something captivating is a journey I deeply cherish. Allowing my passion and mood to guide the process, I find immense joy in the unpredictable outcomes that arise from this creative freedom." —Robert Joyner, Full-time Artist and Instructor

Winneshiek Players
Creativity ADVENTures

Inspiring Series by:
Kate Quinlan
Orna Ross
Abby Connors
Valery Satterwhite
Meredith Heller

ADVENTure #1

A Gift Box with Four Perception-Shifting Lines

How many times have you heard, "It's always been done this way?" Try this challenging puzzle to learn how to 'think outside the box' and free yourself from limiting beliefs.

Positive Playfullness

SlideWhat is Positive Playfullness?

Positive Playfullness is not merely about indulging in games or frivolous activities; it's an attitude, a way of engaging with the world that embraces curiosity, humor, and a light-hearted spirit. It's about finding delight in the mundane, seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, and nurturing a mindset that celebrates creativity and joy.

Inspiring Creativity

Dave Storer

How to Give Yourself Permission to Create

What are some specific, practical things you can do to get to a place where you feel you absolutely have the right to create and can begin to connect deeply with your own creative process and start to actively pursue your creative dreams?


Tina Welling

Journaling Class is Rough

The idea, taught by wisdom teachers around the world, that our inner lives are reflected in our outer lives, had mostly confused me. Besides, I found that was a difficult idea to hold at times and often way more responsibility than I was up for accepting.

4 Steps of Creativity

ADVENTures 10, 17, 20

Graham Wallas' '4 Steps of Creativity'

When we look at creativity through the lens of "process", a common framework emerges as stages to research, develop, and implement ideas and solutions.


Abby Connors: Music Teacher & Arts Educator

Abby ConnorsAbby Connors' creative journey has been a circuitous route, a twisting and turning road to her dreams. She began her career as a music teacher and helped children with special needs, and soon discovered she loved teaching movement and music to children through a community education program.


Invoking the Muses

Erato: The Art and Soul of Sensual Poetry

The Athenian muses were the nine sister goddesses of imagination, inspiration, and the arts in ancient Greek mythology. Erato encourages us to express our desires with juicy verbs, ripe-for-the-picking adjectives,and inventive details.

Learning from:
Richard Feynman
Robert Henri
E. Paul Torrance
Timothy Leary
Drew Barrymore
Emily Blunt
Penelope Cruz
Krista Vernoff
Pippi Longstocking
Cowardly Lion