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Creativity Portal Celebrates 20 Years Online!

Two decades of inspiring creativity, connection, exploration, and expression.


Dear Creative Friends,

So glad you found your way here today! I have some great news to share with you.

In 2000 I founded Creativity Portal as an online repository and dynamic community for creatives of all kinds to both enjoy and participate in. This growing resource has connected individuals with essential creative content, tools, and resources and access to thought leaders and coaches who make a true difference in our world.

As we enter our 21st year online, our vision is to continue to hold invaluable online space to foster creativity, uplift, inspire, and inform. Thriving independent Web sites like ours are fueled by passion and integrity and we need to continue to find mutually beneficial ways for sustainability. This is why we're thrilled to offer eScribr, an all-access model for you to directly connect with our creative content.

Yes, for the small price of a cup of coffee, you can enjoy browsing through two decades of our online library and receive special updates in your inbox when we publish new content.

Please support the things you enjoy online, especially those that fuel your creative spirit and feed your soul. If Creativity Portal is a place like that for you, we're honored.

—Chris Dunmire, Creativity Portal

For over two decades Chris Dunmire has collaborated with hundreds of artists, authors, writers, coaches, therapists, and thought leaders to produce creativity-inspiring content, expansive series and columns, reflective interviews, engaging writing prompts, and stimulating projects on the award-winning Creativity Portal Web site. Sign up for eScribir for direct access now.

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Did You Write a Book?

We want to hear from you! If your new (or about-to-be published) book explores creativity through an expressive, therapeutic, holistic, spiritual, or practical lens, or is related to art, writing, crafting, or other modes of creative expression please contact us and tell us about it.

Writer's Digest Names Creativity Portal a '101 Best Website'

WDCreativity Portal is a multi-year recipient of the golden Writer's Digest '101 Best Websites for Writers' award. This illustrious award is given annually to select Web sites in eight categories ranging from creativity and writing advice to agents and publishing/marketing resources. We're honored!

SARK Names Creativity Portal 'Excellent Writing Resource'

Juicy PensBestselling author SARK includes Creativity Portal as an "excellent writing resource" in her colorfully artful signature-style hand-printed book Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper: Gifting the World with Your Words and Stories and Creating the Time and Energy to Actually DO It.

Creativity Portal Featured in 'Web-Based Learning'

WDGayle V. Davidson-Shivers and Karen L. Rasmussen use Creativity Portal as an example "portal structure" Web site in Web-Based Learning: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation.

A Muse's Daydream Podcast

A Muse's Daydream Podcast

Jill Badonsky shares short, inspiring stories designed to relax and set free the creativity of the listener with painless wisdom and laughter.

Listen now at:

Jill is author/illustrator of three books on creativity, inspirational humorist, creator and trainer of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training, workshop and retreat leader, and certified yoga instructor.

We Can't Wait! Valerie Day Interview

You remember this 80s hit by Nu Shooz, don't you? If you had the opportunity to ask pop and jazz singer Valerie Day one question about her life with the band, creative process, or how she now 'helps singers create an authentic, sustainable life in music' what would your question be?

Here's your chance to ask! Send us your question and we'll see if we might work it into our upcoming interview with Valerie!

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SoulCollage -  Art with Soul - Free Instructions

NCTE's 'English Journal' Recommends Creativity Portal

English JournalThe English Journal is "NCTE's award-winning journal of ideas for English language arts teachers in junior and senior high schools and middle schools." In this affirming review, editor Colleen A. Ruggieri highlights Creativity Portal's dynamic writing and blogging tools, expanding writing and photo prompt library, and examples of useful articles teachers can use to inspire writing in the classroom.

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Zen with Alan Watts

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20 Questions Interviews

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Habits to Spark Creative Genius

Jeannine McGlade:
Habits to Spark Creative Genius

Donald Rattner:
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In Awe

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Look for the Good

Learning from Leonardo da Vinci

Learning from Leonardo:
DaVinci's Genius Habits

Tee Time: Swing Into Creative Play!

Chris Dunmire:
Tee Time Word Play & Warm-Ups

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Natalie Goldberg:
Freeing the Writer Within

Joy Sikorski

Joy Sikorski:
How to Draw lessons

Big-Hearted Change

Marcia West:
9 Steps of Big-Hearted Change

My Creative Space

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My Creative Space

Diana Rowan: Freeing the Creative Within

Diana Rowan:
Freeing the Creative Within

Collage Cubies Tutorials

Innovative Sculpture:
Collage Cubies Tutorials

Photo Prompts

365 Pictures: Daily Prompts 1

365 PicturesThis hidden treasure's inspired untold teachers, students, and writers since 2009. Our photo-prompt-a-day feature is the result of the collaborative efforts of scores of artists, photographers, writers, teachers, and creatives worldwide who answered the call to participate. Their contributions combined personal pictures, images, art, and illustrations with global perspectives to spark your imagination.

Writing with Elizabeth Kracht

The Author's Checklist: Tightening and Sharpening Prose 1

Elizabeth KrachtLiterary agent Elizabeth Kracht observes that even really good manuscripts have weak spots that are enough to garner rejection from agents and publishers. Most problems are easy to fix, and Kracht offers pointed advice for easily avoiding bad writing habits in 11 key areas with 5 decisive questions for review with your own writing.

Writing with Cynthia Morris

Creating Your Writer's Life Series 9

Cynthia MorrisAuthor and writing coach Cynthia Morris leads writers to creating a productive writer's life through a priorities inventory, overcoming excuses, and realizing their most valuable writing tool.

Writing Prompts

Random Imagination Prompt Generator 1

Imagination Prompt GeneratorEngage your innate world of imagination and uncover hidden gems through the element of surprise. Open to possibilities and allow this inspirational instrument to help you reach beyond the surface and dip deeply into your creative well. Are you ready?

Mindful Writing with Satya Robyn

Writing Your Way Home Series 6

Satya RobynSatya Robyn is a novelist, psychotherapist, Buddhist priest and the co-founder of Writing Our Way Home. Through the practice of mindful writing, Satya leads you through the experiences of slowing down, fear, gratitude, and joy.

Creativity with Peter Clothier

In Praise of the Creative Spirit Series 11

Peter ClothierPeter Clothier is a long time observer of the contemporary art world, and a widely published writer. Enjoy thoughtful conversation and pieces from Persist, Slow Looking, and Mind Work.

Susan Ann Darley

Achieve Higher Levels of Creativity Series 13

Susan Ann DarleySusan Ann Darley, founder of Alzati Leadership Coaching, affirms that everyone is creative and urges, "It's time for each person to own this and use it to solve our challenges and heal the world." This consciousness-raising series explores opportunities to raise our awareness through excerpts from The Talent Show along with expanding our awareness around the freedom and responsibility we have through our individual and collective creative power.

Self-Care with Linda Dessau

Self-Care and Connection Series 9

Linda DessauWhy is it important to our well-being to connect? Self-care coach Linda Dessau takes a close-up look into why different forms of connection are vital to our health and happiness and ways to connect with others, our body, strengths, thoughts, surroundings, inner artist, and muse.

Bridge to Oneness with Roslyn Rus

Journey of Self-Discovery Series 3

BridgeRoslyn Rus is an empathic workshop facilitator and writer who helps individuals to explore who they truly through their own personal Journey of Self Discovery. This series includes activities from her book Bridge to Oneness: An Interactive Spiritual Workbook for Here and Now to help you connect and reconnect with your divine spark, inner child, and global village of teachers.

Personal Power Through Awareness

Opening Your Intuition with Sanaya Roman 1

IntuitionWhat is intuition, and how does it operate? In this selection from her groundbreaking Personal Power through Awareness: A Guidebook for Sensitive People Sanaya Roman explores ways we can tune into our intuitive intelligence as part of our creative process, inner guidance with a four-step exercise.

Managing Through COVID-19

What Might Help? 3

What Might Help?Useful tools off the beaten path in the spirit of "what might help?" to manage through these challenging times. Features: Attending to Self-care; Managing the Spaces in Between; and Connecting and Reconnecting.

Eric Maisel on Creativity

Creativity, Depression, and Meaning Series 11

Eric MaiselCreativity coaching pioneer Eric Maisel is the author of Making Your Creative Mark, The Van Gogh Blues, Mastering Creative Anxiety, Brainstorm, and many other books on creativity.

Creative Visualization

Guided Imagery Meditations for Your Creative Journey Series 9

Guided ImageryGuided Imagery intertwines words and imagination to evoke positive scenarios and possibilities to stimulate and inspire your creativity. This collection of meditations center around the themes of discovery, expansion, surrender, nurturing, trust, courage, play, freedom, and comfort, inspired by the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching™ model developed by Jill Badonsky with Robert Maurer, PhD.

Imagine Magazine

Everyone is Creative: How to Nourish and Flourish Your Own Creative Style 1

Imagine MagazineThis inspiring piece by Kelle Walsh demonstrates how we all possess the tools necessary to expand our creative horizons, and it's learning to use them, and then applying them in everything we do, that counts. Features 9 creativity tips, interview excerpts from Creativity Portal founder Chris Dunmire, and 10 ways to be creative right now.

SARK on Creativity

Creativity and Transformation Series 5

SARKOur juicy collection where best selling author and artist SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) explores creativity, inner critics, change and loss, and perfectionism.

Illumination with Tom Evans

Light Bulb Moments on Tap 7

Tom EvansImagineer Tom Evans invites you to change the way you think so your mind works to your advantage and you are not a slave to your thoughts.