Fortunately/Unfortunately: Madam Bedazzle's Tarotble Card Reading


Shoehorning in Shoemaking Lessons

As part of their benefits package, the shoe-making elves negotiated a lesson on shoemaking in the ADVENTure calendar, which turned into two actual lessons, one shoe-adjacent fact, and four unlaced claims.

4 Steps of Creativity

Graham Wallas' '4 Steps of Creativity'

When we look at creativity through the lens of "process", a common framework emerges as stages to research, develop, and implement ideas and solutions.

Shelley Klammer Interview

Shelley KlammerLearn how professional counseling and expressive art facilitation melds art, psychology, creativity, and spirituality in a creative career.

Heart Opening

The Search for Unconditional Love

On a deep level we are angry that we were not unconditionally loved as children, and this anger can saliently block our creativity and our forward creative movement.

Creative Vision

Living Into Your Creative Vision

We all have a higher creative vision to live into. We all have inklings that pressure us from the inside, to be lived, and breathed, and created into this world.


The Creativity of Death

Because we live in a world of evidence and facts, most people are very cautious about sharing stories of their personal relationship with the Divine that is ever trying to reveal itself in our daily lives.


Creation is Slow

Growth is slow, the challenge of boredom, the simplicity of presences, acute attention begins in the body, when we accept ourselves we will grow.

Creative Lifeforce

Creative Life Force

On creative clearing, exploring intensity, ego (mind) creativity vs. the intuitive (body) creativity of the soul, tamping down the creative life force, and living life as a canvas.


Honesty is Creative

On love, reclaiming dignity, the gift of self-honesty, vulnerability is courageous, and the pitfalls of self-protection from The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer.

Life Patterns

Larger Creative Life Patterns

If we choose to do our inner work it becomes possible to open up to the mythic higher self — replete with insights, intuitions and larger visions and plans for our life.


The 30-Day Inner Child Challenge

Inner child drawings are a profound way to access aspects of the emotionally arrested childhood and teenage parts of your psyche that you may not normally pay attention to.

False Self

The Creation of the False Self

On our two selves, our problems are the architecture of our personality, the maturity of the true self, the creation of the false self, and we are forever children in our false selves.


Creative Self-Empowerment

To be truly creative and effective in our everyday lives we must cultivate our own empowerment.

Starting Your Book

The Art of Writing a Book

Reviewing Naomi Rose's Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You.


Self-Acceptance with Expressive Art

The unconscious contents of our minds comprise everything that we do not accept about ourselves. Life longs to show us what we need to know. You just need to look around you and and inside of you to feel into what your life is showing you.

Inner Child

Blocked Creativity and Blocked Emotions

If you are feeling blocked creatively, what stands between you and your most spontaneous and joyful creativity is your own unacknowledged emotional pain.


Creativity and Dementia

I was delighted to find out that one of the members of my morning art group had been an accomplished sculptor in her life. Her room was filled with abstract wood and soapstone carvings. She could draw and paint like Van Gogh. However, each new art session, she forgot that she was an artist.


Creatively Persist

We are all part of the grand interplay of light and dark. Anything that is left unaccepted inside will be experienced "out there" in the world.


Madam Bedazzle's Tarotble Readings

Halls Deck History + Foreshadow Card

Existing in the Northern Hemisphere at least since the 14th Century, the highly-intuitive, suggestive, The Halls™ Deck is used by skilled practitioners of the Arts and Crafts coterie to interpret, forecast, and crochet symbols, motifs, and typography into affirming messages.

Slouchy Card

Madam Bedazzle's Tarotble Readings

Slouchy Sock Card

The Slouchy Sock card bestows the wisdom to not give in to the urge to change your creative work too quickly. Learn from an accidental 20th century fashion trend made famous in movie singer Irene Cara says, "used dance as a metaphor for attaining anything in your life that you want to accomplish."

ChristmaStrees Card

Madam Bedazzle's Tarotble Readings

ChristmaStreess Card

Living on Kaffeklubben Island, Madam Bedazzle says when the North Pole's seasonal sleigh traffic ramps up, so do stress levels. Oh deer‽ Likewise, as Christmas approaches, the end-of-year wrap-up, gift-shopping, ADVENTURE-making, cookie-baking, and holiday-eating will use up your dashes and take its Toll House.

Fortune Cards

Madam Bedazzle's Tarotble Readings

Fortunately // Unfortunately Card Pair

Madam Bedazzle says there's some important lessons to be had around fortunes and hones in on the common pairing of fortunately // unfortunately in the the game of optimistic one-upping. As always, remember Bedazzle's advice is always well-meaning, even if a little iffy.

Starchy Seeds Card

Madam Bedazzle's Tarotble Readings

Starchy Seeds Card

Summertime matinees with stocked snack bars has Bedazzle thirsty to address the duality of "starch seeds" and their symbolic significance in handfuls of crunches and munches, which by the way, *are* different things.

Creative Essence

Creative Essence

We need to find ways to let go of our regular ways of thinking so that we can participate in life creatively and spontaneously.

Creativity and Shadow

Creativity and the Shadow

Working with people with acquired brain injuries has led me to question what is "bad" and what is acceptable.

Creativity of the Moment

The Creativity of the Moment

The light dances on the pool and suddenly I understand that it is not what I do and accomplish but my attention to the creativity of the moment that moves and transforms my life.