Implementation: 4 Steps of Creativity


Jill Badonsky, MEd

Marge: The Just-Get-Started Muse

Marge is all about beginning the creative process — often the hardest part. This mini-series includes "Marge Reloaded"; an inspiring interview helping artists navigate the swamps of procrastination; and 8 Ways to Stop Creative Neglect."

Creative ADVENTures


A Gift Box with Four Perception-Shifting Lines

How many times have you heard, "It's always been done this way?" Try this challenging puzzle to learn how to 'think outside the box' and free yourself from limiting beliefs.

Tie Dye

Chris Robertson

Indulge Your Inner Hippie and Learn to Tie Dye

If you've ever been to an event with a craft fair, you've probably noticed those eye-catching booths full of colorful tie-dye clothing and home decor. If you marvel at how those intricate, vibrant designs get onto a plain cotton T-shirt, know this: you too can make these creatively fun works of art!

Stanford Design

John M. Eger

Design Thinking: Meeting Demands of the New Workforce

Design thinking integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.


Tina Welling

A Fuller Sense of Aliveness

In so many ways throughout our days, we are connecting to that astonishing light within us. Bringing awareness of the sacred, the connectedness, the mysterious into our consciousness enhances our sense of aliveness.


Laura McKowen

Forget Forever

This is how it is done — how anything is done. One moment, then the next, then the next. This is how this book is being written: I type this word, then this one, then this one. The words build sentences. The sentences build a paragraph. A book is impossible, but a word and then another word is not.


Jeff Herman

Creativity Exercises for Writers

People enjoy being challenged by possibly unanswerable questions. Like a seriously contended chess game, they cause us to feel awake and excited, and therein lie the seeds for creativity. Try these writing exercises and see if any of them help you become a more creative thinker and writer. Plus:

My Netflix Special

Creativity 1-2-3

My Netflix Special

Change "dreams" to "passion" and follow that energy into the crevices of your days. Connecting you to brilliant creative souls: Returning Poet Nanette Jones, Nu Shooz's Valerie Day, and artist and actor Angela Cartwright.

The Great Creativity Illuminator

Curious? Crack your openness to experience and let the light shine in! These bits-o-wisdom, think-ables, and prompts are curated from global creativity experts, leaders, and deck dealers and are designed to activate your genetic disposition towards originality and authenticity. Cast Light Upon Thee ⇢

Spirited Woman Interviews

Artist, Poet, and Activist Ellen Spencer Interview

Q. You are passionate about your art, the environment, women's health issues, and so much more. Is being passionate part of your DNA or is it part of your life's journey?

A. Being passionate is something that was passed on to me from the women in my family, but it also became my journey — as in passion for my art and the environment. It is the one word that defines my life at this point. The passion in my family started with my grandmother who was breast cancer survivor and she became passionate about life and living in the moment and she taught that to my mother.

SARKlists and the MicroMOVEments

Creativity 1-2-3

7 SARKlists & MicroMOVEments

The brilliant blending of ideas inspired by a best-selling author. Juicy Journaling • Creativity & Preciousness • Scientists Are Artists Too • What Motivates Us to Create? • Prompts: Moon Medicine

SoulCollage® Prompt

Develop Inner Vision

SoulCollageGet quiet for a few moments and look (really look) inside your own heart. What is going on inside of you? If you stop and take a look, can you see?

Cynthia Morris

Creating Your Writer's Life Series 9

Cynthia MorrisAuthor and writing coach Cynthia Morris leads writers down the path to creating a productive writer's life through a collection of articles and interviews that share her insights as a coach to help writers take a priorities inventory, overcome excuses, replenish creativity, and realize their most valuable assets.

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