Wabi-Sabi: Grace & Gifts of Imperfection

Creative ADVENTures


Playful Ways to Ramp Up Creative Energy

It doesn't take an Einstein to realize that playing is good for us. Play is essential for everyone at every age and stage of life, says life coach and speaker Marianne St. Claire, who writes about the multiple benefits of play which include increased creativity, longevity, and energy.


Quinn McDonald

Fanning Your Creative Sparks into a Flame

Reflections and practices to deepen your creative experiences, whether it be moving out of your comfort zone, using the power of multiple perspectives, integrating more structure into your working time, or letting go of your creations.

Cracked Ego


Wabi-Sabi: Grace & Gifts of Imperfection

A Venn diagram of elf specializations plus Spills the Imp takes us by the hand through the domain of "releasing perfection, enjoying the process, and knowing the power of practice and patience.

Growing Big Dreams

Growing Big DreamsRobert Moss, the creator of Active Dreaming, explores 4 of the 12 secrets of the imagination that helps us grow a vision of bright possibility so rich and alive that it wants to take root in the world.

Creativity Spark

Active Hope

Active Hope

Facing the Mess We're in with Unexpected Resilience and Creative Power

In these selections from Active Hope, Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone show us how to strengthen our capacity to face crises so we can respond with unexpected resilience and creative power.

Madam Bedazzle's Tarotble Readings

Madam Bedazzle's Tarotble Readings

The Fortunately // Unfortunately Card Pair

Fortune CardsMadam Bedazzle says there's some important lessons to be had around fortunes and hones in on the common pairing of fortunately // unfortunately in the the game of optimistic one-upping. As always, remember Bedazzle's advice is always well-meaning, even if a little iffy.

Writing Wild

Tina Welling

Writing Wild

Explore forming a creative partnership with nature through the intuitive connection in wild writing. Themes and writing exercises include mindful attention, meditative spirit walks, storytelling, language and symbols, and therapeutic expression.

The Energy of Writing
The Rhythms of Language
Wild Words Heal
Wild Instincts

'Brainstorm' Interview with Eric Maisel, PhD

Eric MaiselBrainstorm is about the way your brain really wants to work if given a chance. Our brain would love to be more focused, engaged, and passionate in our service … and would like to dream large and really bite into what interests it.

Cookie Fortune Maker (CFM)

Cookie Fortune Maker

The Dejitaru o mi kuji taipu, or The World's Oldest Microblogging Platform, rightly takes its seat in the history of social media! Play with the tool now to exercise your creative writing or to make your own printable fortune messages! Play ⇢

Permission Slip

Patricia J. Mosca

Permission Slip: Unlimited Mistakes Day

No matter what happens today, there are NO mistakes. Everything is exactly as it should be. Go ahead and LAUGH… It's Unlimited Mistakes Day. BELIEVE in all you do and all you can do and that nothing is a MISTAKE!

Creative Play

The New Wisdom of Doodling

Doodle BirdIf you think doodling is an indication that your mind is wandering and you're no longer paying attention, you may be surprised at what research reveals. Stream-of-consciousness drawings can help you to focus and retain information.


Jill Badonsky, MEd

The 9 Modern-Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)

The nine classical Greek Muses are updated for our time, personifying 10 principles designed to overcome creative blocks and embrace the wonders of self-expression. Each Muse will take you on a journey through empowering exercises to awaken creativity, brainstorming, spiritual affirmations, journaling, muse walks, rituals to inspire faith and confidence, and quotes from Mortals who've been inspired by the Muses.