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Food Fun
Authors : Liz Krause

Liz Krause's Creative Italian Food Fun with Kids

Liz Krause
Liz Krause Interview
Read Liz's responses to questions about her passion for Italian recipes and cooking in this 20 Questions interview.

Liz Krause enjoys writing on the topic of food — especially having grown up in an Italian home where food is a huge part of the Italian culture. She enjoys sharing her tips and suggestions and operates her own Italian recipe website

Articles by Liz Krause

Make Food the Entertainment at your Child's Next Birthday Party!
By Liz Krause
Add a fun twist to your next party for kids by using the food as the entertainment by creating actual food activities.

Using Food to Inspire Your Children in the Kitchen
By Liz Krause
Spending time in the kitchen with your children is a creative way to build memories to cherish, and skills which will last a lifetime.