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Authors : Stav Papadopoulos

Passion for Teaching, Inspiring Creativity

Spotlight On Stav Papadopoulos

Stav Papadopoulos
Stav Papadopoulos Interview
Learn about Stavroula's passion for being a teacher, writing books and plays, and conducting creative language workshops through her inspiring responses to Creativity Portal's 20 Questions interview.

My name is Stavroula Papadopoulos. I am Greek American and I studied Elementary Education and Spanish Literature in the U.S.A., where I lived with my family. Later, my travels brought me to Greece and I thought it was a break. Since then, I’ve been living in Greece and teaching English as a Foreign language teacher — that break has lasted for 25 years. Among my latest pursuits are writing and school plays, blogging and conducting creative language learning and teacher mentoring workshops. Learn more at my blog

Teaching Children & Creativity

StorytimeHow Do You Transform Into a Creative Teacher?
By Stav Papadopoulos
Creative teachers are always moving forward, quick to adjust to new circumstances, coming up with fresh and inspiring approaches.

Kids on StageCreativity in the Classroom the Whole Year Round!
By Stav Papadopoulos
Holidays provide a great cause for celebration, but why wait for the occasion to come along?

Forest BridgeSummertime Fun Makes for Creative Teaching
By Stav Papadopoulos
The multitude of offerings of summer provide the basis for pursuits teachers can derive plenty of creative ideas and inspiration.

The Bean, Chicago.Creative Teaching Escapes the Classroom
By Stav Papadopoulos
Creative teaching does not limit itself to any one place; like creativity it’s ubiquitous.

WallPart 1: Maria said, 'Knock the wall down!'
By Stav Papadopoulos
The wall keeping me from being me. I had a new beginning to make.

TulipPart 2: My Creative Mentor
I had never thought I’d need a mentor, I had never even known one nor did I know the life-changing role one plays but I am one lucky person.

TulipsTeaching is an Open Road to Creative Pursuits
By Stav Papadopoulos
Creative teaching has no boundaries. It is a wide open highway to all the domains in the world and the possibilities are endless.

Fly HighTraining and Inspiring Creative Teachers
By Stav Papadopoulos
Encouraging teachers to find their niche and to dare use their creative flair will subsequently reach the hearts and minds of our students.

Fly HighCreative Teachers Can Fly High
By Stav Papadopoulos
A creative spirit is to be acknowledged, celebrated and spurred on to reach greater heights.

Pave the WayPaving the Way to Class with Creative Thoughts
By Stav Papadopoulos
Ideas creative teachers can relate to on how to improve the day's lesson with children in school.

Success Story: How a Creative Break Became a Passion
By Stavroula Papadopoulos
I never expected to learn so much about myself, my work and the world when I accepted a job as a foreign language teacher.

Updated 1/9/14