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Max Your Creativity
Authors : Bruce Price

Spotlight On Bruce Price

Art, Creativity, and Education Perspectives

A fine artist and experimental artist throughout his career, Bruce Price has been exclusively digital for the past 7 years. He calls his work "digital painting" to suggest a continuum with oil painting, etc. His work has been selected for 35 juried art shows in 2004-05. He had his first solo show as a digital artist at the Caladan Gallery (online from Boston) in December 2004. That gallery's director stated: "Bruce Price is a visionary, a pioneer... He has emerged as one of the most important artists using this medium today." More at Bruce's Blog: Digital RISING.

Art & Education Articles by Bruce Price

An Interview with Artist, Author, and Education Crusader Bruce Deitrick Price
By Molly Anderson-Childers
Learn more about Bruce Price's thoughts on the American educational system and what inspired him to write Theoryland in this exclusive Creativity Portal interview.

By Bruce Price
What Happened To American Education.

Freedom, Creativity, and Education
By Bruce Price
Freedom is not possible without better education than we are having now.

Low Tech/High Tech Creativity
By Bruce Price
What options does a digital artist have when his mouse hand goes bad?

The Rules of Poetry
By Bruce Price
What are the rules of poetry? An answer to the age-old question.

The Creativity Question
By Bruce Price
So what would make children creative? Can schools teach creativity?

By Bruce Price
The 20th century produced one stupendously annoying cliche. That would be this bit of alliteration: form follows function.

By Bruce Price
Quick, name a famous living poet. Poetry now seems dithering and irrelevant. What happened?

By Bruce Price
Retouched and manipulated photos are not synonymous with digital art.

MAX your c*r*e*a*t*i*v*i*t*y
By Bruce Price
Today's topic is increasing creativity by doing the wild thing, wild as in weird and even wacky, wild as in experimental.

What's all this talk about digital?
By Bruce Price
First thing to know: digital is here for the long haul.