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Creativity Coaching Articles
Creativity Coaching : Nancy Marmolejo

Coaching Articles by Nancy Marmolejo

Entrepreneurial Lessons for Artists
By Nancy Marmolejo
What creative entrepreneurs can learn from the Day of the Dead

The 7 Secrets of Big Picture Thinkers
By Nancy Marmolejo
From CEOs and independent professionals, to work at home moms and entrepreneurs, Big Picture Thinkers inspire others and lead the way in their fields.

Gratitude: The Secret Behind Creativity
By Nancy Marmolejo
When you think of being more creative, what comes to mind?

Turn Your Creative Spark into a Flame
By Nancy Marmolejo
Creativity and innovation begin with the spark of an idea. But for so many, the process ends there with no plan to manifest.

Creative Rituals to Spark Your Imagination and Inspire Your Soul
By Nancy Marmolejo
Creativity is a mysterious force that visits us with great ideas, new ways of seeing the world and the courage to do things differently.