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Annie Lang : Baby Bear Tee Paintable Iron-On Project

Annie's Baby Bear Tee Paintable Iron-On Project

Copyright © 2007 Annie Lang

Whether you iron-on or paint, baby will be as huggable as Annie's little bear in this cheerful tee! The transfer art can also be printed on fabric sheets to create baby accessories or painted on pillows, totes, furniture, cards, etc.

DecoArt so-Soft Fabric Paint Color KeyMaterials Needed:

For Direct Printing Iron-On:

  • 50/50 cotton white toddler sized t-shirt or onesie
  • white computer printable iron-on transfer paper
  • scissors
  • household iron

For Paintable Transfer:

  • 20 lb. white computer paper
  • fabric transfer pen
  • fabric paint
  • fabric brushes or textile markers
  • protective surface for painting

Download the Baby Bear Tee Artwork Pages »
(PDF 414 KB)


  1. Print the artwork page onto white iron-on transfer paper or plain white computer paper if you are creating a paintable project.

  2. Follow transfer paper manufacturer's directions to transfer the centered artwork onto the t-shirt.

  3. For paintable project, flip the printed artwork over to the reverse side and trace over the outlining (as if you were making a coloring book page) using a fabric transfer pen. You can use a lightbox or tape the paper to a brightened window if needed.

  4. Flip paper over to the original side and transfer the linework onto the shirt as directed by the transfer pen manufacturer.

  5. Cover a piece of cardboard with plastic and then slip the shirt over the cardboard.

  6. Paint with fabric paints or markers as directed by the manufacturer. Use fabric brushes if you are using paint. I used a simple "coloring book technique" for the sample project which is simply painting in areas of the design as if you were coloring a color book page. You then add shading to any areas that overlap and apply highlight color as needed. When completed, simply add outlining and details with a liner brush and black paint or black textile marker brush. Here's a color key for DecoArt So-Soft Fabric paints if you'd like to duplicate my sample project. •

Copyright © 2007 Annie Lang. All rights reserved.

Annie Lang Annie Lang is an award-winning self-taught artist, designer and author of more than two dozen how-to instructional pattern books since 1995. More »

Updated 12/20/13