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It's Purse-onal! Paper Craft Project © 2007 Annie Lang
Annie Lang : Purseonal Paper Craft Project

It's Purse-onal! Paper Craft Project

Copyright © 2007 Annie Lang

This cleverly disguised slimline jewel case can be used to send surprise greetings, party announcements, event invitations, and more!

Materials Needed:

  • 2 sheets white cardstock
  • 1 sheet black cardstock
  • 6" square black craft foam
  • craft adhesive for paper
  • double sided adhesive tape
  • scissors/craft knife
  • cd disc (use for template)
  • black marker

Download the Purse-onal Pattern Pages »
(PDF 1.31 MB)


  1. Print Purse-onal Pattern Pages Print both pattern pages of this project document on white cardstock.

  2. Cut along dotted lines to separate the pattern pieces.

  3. Mount the purse pattern sections on black cardstock.

  4. Cut out all pattern pieces along the black outlines.

  5. Open the jewel case and insert the inside cover art into the front cover opening. If necessary, use double-sided adhesive tape to hold it in place.

  6. Apply adhesive to the back of the hinge section strip and secure it in place with double sided adhesive tape. The strip is placed just above the front cover insert section.

  7. Place a cd disc onto the black craft foam and trace around the edges with a marker. Cut out the foam disc with scissors.

  8. Apply adhesive to the back of the foam disc and insert it into the case where the disc would normally be held in place.

  9. Glue the back cover insert to the center of the foam disc, making sure it is centered and that the cutout tabs line up with the case tabs.

  10. Close the jewel case. Apply adhesive to the case cover and attach the purse art, lining up the top edge of the purse with the top edge of the jewel case. Case cover should open easily.

  11. Repeat the procedure to attach the remaining purse art to the back of the case.

  12. After the adhesive has set, open the case and attach photo, paper note messages, invitation details, etc.

  13. If desired use glitter, embossing, trims, etc. to embellish.

Copyright © 2007 Annie Lang. All rights reserved.

Annie Lang Annie Lang is an award-winning self-taught artist, designer and author of more than two dozen how-to instructional pattern books since 1995. More »

Updated 12/20/13