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Jessica Ackerman : Easy Ways to Decorate Clay Flowerpots

Easy Ways to Decorate Clay Flowerpots

By Jessica Ackerman

Clay flowerpots are ideal for planting indoor as well as outdoor plants, and they are one of the most affordable types of planters available. Besides being reasonably priced, clay flowerpots are also beneficial to all types of plants. Unlike plastic or ceramic flowerpots, clay is porous and allows the soil to breath while providing adequate drainage for optimum plant health. However, ordinary clay flowerpots generally lack color and design, but they are very easy to decorate. With a little imagination and inexpensive craft supplies you can turn ordinary clay flowerpots into extraordinary planters that look anything but second-rate. The decorating options are virtually endless!

Button Flowers

Ordinary flat buttons are great for decorating clay flowerpots. Purchase large flat yellow buttons to create flower centers, and choose smaller round or oval shaped buttons to make flower petals. Glue the centers and petals to clay flowerpots using strong waterproof adhesive. Randomly cover the exterior of clay planters with all types of fanciful button flowers for a lovely indoor or outdoor display.

Sequin Flowerpots

Eye-catching sequins are ideal for decorating ordinary terracotta planters, and they are available in many sizes and colors that go far beyond the ordinary round varieties. Browse your local craft store and you will find numerous types of sequins that can be used to decorate clay flowerpots. Use your imagination to create various shapes and designs, and glue on sequins of your choice with high-quality water-resistant glue. From butterflies to geometric designs, you can decorate unique and eye-catching planters unlike anything you will find in stores.

Faux Gems

One of the most impressive ways to decorate ordinary clay flowerpots is with beautiful faux gems. Colorful faux gems are available in all colors, sizes, and varieties, and they are ideal for decorating plain terracotta planters. Choose faux gems of various shapes and colors, and glue them around the rim of the planter using strong waterproof adhesive. Glue additional faux gems around the base of the rim, and randomly glue additional faux gems around the sides. They will sparkle and shine in the sunlight and create a unique and exceptionally eye-catching indoor or outdoor display that is sure to receive many compliments.

Glass Beads

Beautiful glass beads are good for more than just jewelry. Glass beads of various sizes, shapes, and colors are ideal for embellishing ordinary clay flowerpots. Choose glass beads to create an interesting mosaic around the rim and sides of a clay planter, or glue on glass beads to design butterflies, flowers, ladybugs, or anything else you can dream up. Glass beads can be used to make almost anything, and clay flowerpots decorated with beautiful glass beads are unique and far more decorative than anything you will find in a typical garden supply store.

When searching for clay pot embellishments, consider anything that will make your planters more decorative and impressive. For just a few extra dollars, you can transform ordinary terracotta pots into extraordinary works of art that are sure to impress. Old planters as well as new ones can easily be decorated with a variety of craft supplies, and after making one decorative clay flowerpot you will definitely want to make many more. •

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