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Jessica Ackerman : Decorate Wooden Window Frames

Wooden Window Frames: Crafty Ways to Decorate

By Jessica Ackerman

Reuse and Decorate Window FramesOld wooden window frames with or without panes of glass are one of a kind, and it is a shame to throw them away. Instead of getting rid of perfectly good wooden frame windows, consider turning them into charming works of art using the following crafty ideas to recycle, reuse, and decorate. A simple wooden window frame can be transformed into a beautiful work of art worthy of hanging on a wall within the home or giving as a unique and thoughtful gift. If you have an old wooden window, decorate it and turn it into a stunning work of country cottage-style art that will bring lasting beauty wherever it is placed.

Add a Window with a View to a Windowless Space

A small space feels more expansive with windows, and almost any windowless space can be made to feel larger and more open with a window frame display. A favorite picture can be printed to fit the panes of a wooden window frame, and the scene will be visible anywhere you wish to display it. For example, you can take a picture of a garden or a favorite vacation spot and enlarge the photo to fit the window panes. Mount the copied photo of your choice behind the glass, and hang it on a wall that could use a wooden frame window with a view. The space will feel more open, and better yet it will display a beautiful scene that will look highly realistic. This is a fantastic way to decorate an empty wall and use an old wooden window frame that might otherwise end up in the trash.

Make a Charming Focal Point

An old wooden window frame can also be painted and decorated and hung in a cottage-style dining room, kitchen, or living room. Simply scrape away any loose paint, tape off the window panes, and decorate the frame with paint to match existing decor. Decorate the panes of glass with high-quality peel and stick flowers and hummingbirds or butterflies, or try your hand at painting with quality glass paint. Mount the finished wall hanging on a bare wall, and turn it into an amazing focal point by surrounding it with wall planters. Place a wall planter on both sides of the display, and fill them with artificial trailing vines and flowers for a focal point that will turn heads and decorate the space with matchless beauty and style.

Create a Useable Blackboard

Panes of glass can be painted with chalkboard paint, and a wooden window frame can be turned into a useful and decorative blackboard. Begin by scraping and painting the frame if necessary, and when the paint has fully dried, tape the edges with painter's tape. Cover the panes of glass with blackboard paint, and decorate the wooden edges with painted-on graphics and words that will give it old school charm. Screw in an eyehook on the edge of the frame, and tie a section of twine to a piece of chalk. This will provide a place for notes, and it will decorate a wall in a very unique and impressive way.

Decorate with Stained Glass Cutouts

Did you know you can decorate panes of glass with vinyl sheets that look exactly like beautiful stained glass? You will find stained glass window films online and in most major home improvement stores. They are ideal for decorating the glass in an old window frame, and they can turn an ordinary wooden window frame into a stunning display. Scrape and paint the frame if necessary, and make a template that matches the panes of glass. Trace around the template onto window film of your choice, and carefully cut out the pieces. Stick them to clean panes of glass, and within a few minutes you will have a stunning framed window that can be hung over a larger window. When the light shines through it will create a beautiful stained glass display, and without careful inspection, no one will know the difference.

The ways to decorate old wooden window frames is endless, and they can become part of a larger scheme when surrounded by other types of beautiful wall decor. If you can imagine something, you can decorate it. With creativity, ingenuity, and a little work, you can create beautiful wall hangings to compliment your home. These types of wall hangings also make fantastic gifts, and they are completely unique. You will never find items such as these in stores, and their exclusivity makes them priceless works of art that absolutely anyone can create and decorate. •

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