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Jessica Ackerman : Decorating a Loft Space Bedroom

Decorating a Loft Space Bedroom

By Jessica Ackerman

If you have a bedroom in your loft space, there are some unique decorating ideas you can use to maximize the usefulness and uniqueness of the space. Although privacy is sometimes a concern in bedroom loft spaces, there are ways you can address this issue, to create a cozy bedroom sanctuary in your loft.

Window Treatments

One of the beautiful things about a loft bedroom is often the large window space that a loft provides. While this can provide a breathtaking view, there are also other times when large loft windows can cause problems in the loft bedroom. A good decorating strategy for loft windows is to use blinds, which can be opened or raised when you want the sun and the view, but lowered and closed when you want some privacy, or when you want to sleep in late without the sun getting in your eyes.

Privacy Concerns

Another decorating dilemma with loft bedrooms is the lack of privacy, or the desire to at least segment the bedroom off from the rest of the loft living space. Depending on your privacy needs, this can be accomplished by using opaque or translucent room dividers. These come in a number of beautiful styles and varieties, which vary from simple free-standing room dividers to more complex sliding room partition units. Whichever you choose, select one that that coordinates with your overall bedroom decorating theme, and that offers as much flexibility as possible. For instance, a sliding room partition unit can be closed while sleeping, but opened to re-connect the bedroom with the rest of the living area during the day.


When decorating a loft bedroom, you'll want to give some consideration to furniture groupings, which can help visually segment a portion of the loft area as the bedroom. By using an area rug, for example, you can segment off a portion of the loft that is devoted to the bedroom area. You can also create a visually separate area for the bedroom by clustering together the bed, end tables on each side of the bed, reading lamps, and perhaps a trunk at the foot of the bed for storage. A loft bedroom often looks great with a large or dramatic headboard over the bed. Or, if the walls slant in this area in a way that prohibits the use of a headboard, you can create some decorating style by painting the wall in a different color behind the bed, or by hanging long drapes from the ceiling on each side of the bedroom area, and tying them back against the wall.

Color Scheme

When choosing color schemes for a loft bedroom, soft and neutral colors are often most effective. Especially if the loft area is visible from the downstairs living area, you will want to choose a wall color that will be unobtrusive to your downstairs decorating color scheme. Also, loft bedrooms often have a light and airy feel to them, due to their position in the home and the expanse of window space that they often have. By keeping the room colorings equally light and airy, you can add to the peace and tranquility of the bedroom loft space. •

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About the Author

Jessica Ackerman is an exciting and originative designer with vast experience in residential interior design. ...