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Maria Chatzi : Our Creative Self is a Believer

Our Creative Self is a Believer

By Maria Chatzi

From educational researchers of our times to innovators in technology and to the newly established bakery business in our neighborhood, everyone today is talking about creativity. Who isn’t interested in ways of becoming more creative in all fields of life? Yet, not everyone knows that creativity is for all — that we all have, inherently, the potential to become creative. Creativity is like all skills that can be honed. If so, what’s the secret or magic recipe to start owning and expressing your creativity?

There is no magic recipe, only a simple but powerful truth: People who are highly creative are believers. Yes, that’s it. If you want to become one of them you need to get to know your creative side better. Following is the key to unlocking your creativity. It is a list of what your creative self believes in.

B1. Bringing things or people or ideas together is extremely powerful. With this in mind, you needn’t worry about the outcome of your creative project. Through the powers of imagination and uniting, your work is sure to guide you where it needs to go — you only have to follow and persist on searching for and experimenting on ways to relate one thing to another. It is the magic which results from realizing that everything is connected and interconnected in our world that leads to creativity and successes which have an impact on so many lives.

E2. Everything around you is exciting and interesting — so much, that, once you notice this, you would probably not know what to give your attention to first, where to start exploring from and what to begin experimenting with. The whole world is an open book, full of amazing content. Each page leads to a different voyage of wonder — trodden roads are charming, untrodden ones are intriguing. Take whichever you like. You can always go from one to the other because there are numerous intersections. It is the same with your creativity — the ways to express your creativity are infinite in number, no way is better than another. They’re only different, so they bring different results. And what’s best is that no choice you’ve made has to be final.

L3. Living an extraordinary life of creative achievements and happiness does not mean living without some imbalance and imperfection. That’s how life was meant to be lived, that’s what makes it interesting and that’s where it acquires its meaning from. If there was no imbalance and everything was perfect would there ever exist a need for improvement and development? Everything would’ve been static. If everything was fixed and there was no motion, no action, no change, our brain would shrink and become useless — there would eventually be no life or a life not worth living. The same is true about your creative pursuits — an existing imbalance inspires the creation of a new balance and any imperfection is a call for improvement or a challenge to create a new, perhaps better order of things.

I 4. Inspiring others with your creative work or your lifestyle is part of your mission as a creative person. Visions are to be lived, not just talked about. Creatives are not only dreamers — they are also doers. Share your experiences, share your interests, share your creative vision. You’re here to recreate part of this world, however small, with your creativity. Do it and show others, those who are shy or lack the knowledge, how to do it too. Leap further, to reach the undaring and make them dare.

E 5. Every road block could be overcome. People who tell you that, for one reason or the other, you cannot materialize your dreams are wrong — don’t listen to them. So what, if you tried one or more ways to reach your goals and they were unsuccessful? There are various other ways of doing things — why not try them? Something will work in the end — it’s just a matter of time. Perhaps you’re the closest to a solution than ever before but you just don’t know it. Being creative does not mean you have the answer to almost everything — it means you’re willing to search for those answers and not stop till you find them.

V 6. Values are the foundation of your success — but not the values others have agreed on for you. First, question everything, and clear out what you accept and what you reject. Then live by your own values and create your masterpieces, or make that innovation you have in mind, based on your own set of rules. Don’t allow others to impose their realities on your creative life. It is your creativity — you’re the one to decide on how to manage it so it would flourish.

E7. Every turning point in your life has its own potential. If you’ve let an opportunity pass you by it’s O.K. — there’s another one waiting for you just around the corner. It is never too late, as it never is too early, to start living a creative life and to allow your creativity to produce works of wonder. Creativity could not be confined by any limits of Time — its power reaches out to the world, beyond such restraints to manifest what it has to.

Your creative self may have been invisible to you for quite long, but has been patiently waiting for the time you become aware of the miracle called Your Right Brain. Believing is the magic wand that could transform you into a creative person. Once you believe, you get rid of the guards and leave all the gate doors wide open for the creative energy to stream through you to the outside world. •

© 2013 Maria Chatzi. All rights reserved.

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Updated 1/21/14