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Pebble Art Beach Scene
Maria Chatzi : Pebble Art Beach Scene

How to Make a Crafty Summer

Pebble Art Beach Scene

By Maria Chatzi

Level of difficulty: Easy

Age: kids (6+)


(Note: Instead of tissue paper below, you could also use textured recycled paper, gift wrapping paper or paper bag.)

  • a piece of thick craft paper, color: light blue, dimensions: 8 inches x 6 inches
  • a strip of tissue paper, color: a vivid blue, dimensions: 8 inches x 2.8 inches
  • a strip of tissue paper, color: beige or the color of sand, dimensions: 8 inches x 1.8
  • 5 pebbles — they should have an oval or almost oval shape. If they differ in length (like the ones I’ve used) the cairn you’ll make will look prettier.
  • 2 triangular pebbles (one for the figure’s body and one for the head).
  • 2 small oval pebbles (for the figure’s shoes)
  • All pebbles could be any color you like.
  • Scrap fabric pieces (for the dress and hat)
  • Scissors
  • Glue


fig 1

Step 1

Glue the vivid blue tissue paper strip on the lower part of the light blue craft paper. Over that, glue the beige tissue paper strip, as shown in fig 1.

fig 2

Step 2

Make the cairn on the left side (as you can see in fig 2), by placing your five oval shaped pebbles one on top of the other (the biggest at the bottom, the smallest on the top). Glue them carefully and, before you proceed, wait till the glue hardens.

fig 3

Step 3

After the glue has hardened, use your scissors to cut out a hat and a triangular shape for the dress. Glue the hat on the smaller triangular pebble and the dress on the larger one. Wait till the glue dries and form the figure — glue the head and body on the right side of the paper, as if the figure is facing the cairn. The glue must dry completely. Kids also like to draw an eye and a mouth, although I haven’t, to show that their figure is looking at the cairn joyfully.

Step 4

Add the 2 small oval pebbles for the shoes and your Pebble Art Beach Scene is ready.

For steps 3 and 4, see fig 3. You could put this 3D art in a frame, without the glass, and hang it on the wall.


With a little help from you, kids could also add embellishments to the hat and the dress, brush liquid glue onto the beige paper strip and sprinkle brown sugar over it (for the impression of sand) and glue some small sailing boats in the distance too. •

© 2013 Maria Chatzi. All rights reserved.

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