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Recycled Summer Wreath
Maria Chatzi : Recycled Summer Wreath

How to Make a Fun Turquoise Fabric and Seashell

Recycled Summer Wreath

By Maria Chatzi

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Age: Teens and Adults


  • 2 newspaper sheets
  • self-adhesive tape
  • fabric strips cut from an old cotton T-shirt, 2 ½ inches wide, color: turquoise
  • 8 seashells
  • 2 satin ribbons, an inch wide, 12 inches long each, color: white
  • a fabric strip cut from an old cotton T-shirt, 2 inches wide, color: white
  • sewing needle
  • thread, colors: turquoise and white.
  • scissors
  • glue


Step 1

Turn the newspaper sheets to their long sides and use your hands to form the paper into two long rolls.

fig 1

Step 2

Twist both newspaper rolls separately (with your fingers) and then put them together to form a twisted wreath design. Wrap self-adhesive tape around the ends that meet, as shown in fig 1. Do not squeeze the paper too much and do not twist too tightly.

Step 3

Now, thread your needle (use white thread). Take the white fabric strip, cut from your old cotton T-shirt, and start folding it in half, lengthwise, holding it firmly with your fingers while, at the same time, stitching at the bottom of your folded fabric strip.

fig 2

Step 4

Every now and then, pull the thread after stitching, as shown in fig 2. The stitched fabric strip will start curling up to form a flower design. When you’ve reached the other end pull again, make a knot and put it aside for a while.

fig 3

Step 5

To continue, take your turquoise T-shirt fabric strips and stitch their ends together, so as they would form a long strip, at least 30 inches long altogether. If your final turquoise strip is shorter than 30 inches, you need to stitch some more fabric strips to it — an inch or two longer than 30 is O.K.

Step 6

Take this long turquoise fabric strip and glue one end at the back side of your wreath. Wait for the glue to dry. Then wrap the fabric strip around your twisted newspaper wreath, leaving a small part of the wreath unwrapped. When wrapping the fabric around, you need to angle it slightly and keep the wrapping rather tight. Make sure the other end of the wrapped fabric strip is also glued at the back side of your wreath — if not, unwrap a bit and wrap again, or trim the turquoise strip if needed. Wait for the glue to dry.

Step 7

When the glue has dried, take one of the satin ribbons and wrap it, exactly as you did with the turquoise fabric strip, around the part of the wreath that was left unwrapped before. Wait, again, for the glue to harden.

Step 8

After that, take the white fabric flower you’ve put aside before and glue it onto the wrapped satin ribbon, in the centre. Wait, once more, for the glue to harden.

For steps 5, 6, 7 and 8 see fig 3.

fig 4

Step 9

Glue the seashells on the summer wreath, as you wish — you could copy my design if you like. Be careful not to put too much glue. Wait for the glue to dry completely before proceeding, so your project won’t be ruined.

Step 10

Finally, tie the other satin ribbon at the top of the wreath, to hang it from.

For steps 9 and 10 see photo 4.

Your recycled summer wreath is ready. •

© 2013 Maria Chatzi. All rights reserved.

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