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Painted Valentine's Key Ring
Maria Chatzi : Painted Pebble Valentine Key Ring Craft

Valentine's Day Craft Project

Painted Pebble Valentine Key Ring Craft

Learn how to paint a smooth stone with hearts to create a one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day gift.

Valentine's Key Ring CraftBy Maria Chatzi

This project shows you how to make a painted pebble Valentine Key Ring craft — an easy jewelry craft for teens and adults.

Level of difficulty: Easy

Age: Teens and Adults


  • flat, smooth and rounded beach pebble with a hole drilled in its upper part, color: gray or black
  • piece of silver (or silver plated) chain, length: approx. 2 inches, with links big enough to allow a narrow ribbon to pass through them
  • piece of dotted ribbon, color: red with white dots, length: approx. 2 inches
  • piece of narrow satin ribbon, color: red, length: approx. 2 inches
  • silver (or silver plated) key ring
  • large silver (or silver plated) jump rings
  • silver (or silver plated) heart charm
  • protective craft varnish
  • artist’s paint brushes (to apply acrylic paint and varnish), bristle size: 0
  • acrylic craft paint, color: red
  • acrylic craft paint, color: white
  • acrylic craft paint, color: silver
  • jewelry pliers
  • glue


fig 1

1 Pass the jump ring through the pebble’s hole and use the jewelry pliers to attach it to one end of the chain. Make sure that the jump ring is well closed so you won’t lose your pebble (see fig 1).

fig 2

2 Attach the other end of the chain to the key ring (see fig 2).

fig 3

3 Take the second jump ring and, with the help of the pliers again, attach the silver heart charm onto the chain, somewhere in the middle of its length. When attached, the heart charm should be hanging lower, close to the pebble (as shown in figs 2 & 3).

4 To continue, place the key chain on a flat surface and pull it straight. Pass one end of your narrow satin ribbon through a link on the upper part of the chain and pull it a bit. Then place the dotted ribbon flat on the satin one, in the middle of its length (see fig 3).

fig 4

5 Make a double knot with the satin ribbon to attach the dotted one to the chain link. The result is a cute simple bow. Trim both ribbons to desired length and place a little blob of glue on the back side to secure your bow (see fig 4).

fig 5

6 After that, it’s time for a little art to brighten up your Valentine key ring craft. First, paint two red hearts, a big one and a smaller one. Wait for the red paint to dry and then paint some white dots on the larger heart and paint the outline of the smaller heart with silver paint.

fig 6

7 When the paint has dried completely you can apply the protective varnish on the whole surface. First apply it on the back side of your pebble and when that is dry you can turn it over and apply varnish on the front side too. Wait till the varnish has hardened.

Your special handcrafted key ring gift is ready to be given to your Valentine. •

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Updated 1/21/14