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Maria Chatzi : Painted Valentine’s Day Beach Rock Project

Handpainted Decorative Project

Painted Valentine’s Day Beach Rock


By Maria Chatzi

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Age: Teens & Adults


  • a beach rock — it has to be rounded and smooth
  • acrylic paints, colors: red, white, gold
  • brushes
  • masking tape (used for wall painting)
  • liquid pens for artists (“Sharpie” type), colors: violet, black
  • protective varnish
  • scissors
  • craft knife (optional)


1 Use your scissors to cut out a heart shape from your masking tape. Stick it on our rock, as close to the center as possible.

fig 1

2 Take the red acrylic paint and paint the space all around the heart shape (see fig 1). Wait till the paint is dry.

fig 2

3 When the paint has dried, peel off the heart shape, very carefully — you may need the help of craft knife (take a look at fig 2).

fig 3

4 Paint the heart white with the white acrylic paint, as shown in fig 3. When the paint is dry make a design with dots and swirls, using the pens for artists. Wait for the ink to dry very well.

fig 4

5 After the ink has dried, add some final touches of golden acrylic paint to your design and a wreath of golden strokes on the periphery of the red paint. For steps 4 and 5, see fig 4. Wait for the paint to dry.

6 Add protective varnish.

Wait for the varnish to dry and your Handpainted Valentine’s Day Decorative Beach Rock is ready to give as a gift to a special person in your life (a lover, a friend, a member of your family, or someone who has had an impact on you).

The handpainted beach rock could stand alone, decorating a coffee table, or it could be used as a paperweight. •

© 2014 Maria Chatzi. All rights reserved.

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Updated 1/21/14