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Authors : Michelle Gauthier

Expressive Candles

Candle Decor Projects by Michelle Gauthier

Michelle Gauthier owns Expressive Candles, offering a variety of organic candles in popular brands and sizes including glass jars, pillar, tapers, votive, and tea light by Aloha Bay, Malie Organics, Mambino Organics, Milkhouse Creamery, Pure Designs for Living, and Whitney Candle & Soap.

Michelle Gauthier's Candle Decor Projects

How to Make Jar Lid and Jar Candle Decorations
By Michelle Gauthier
Create a personal look to your Jar candle and Jar lid. Most items can be found around the house or in a craft store.

Votive Candle

How to Create the Look of a Stained Glass Votive Holder
By Michelle Gauthier
A one-of-kind votive shade that is fun and inexpensive to make!

Pillar Candle

How to Make Preserved Flower Candles
By Michelle Gauthier
Putting flowers in your candle will add a unique look, while preserving your favorite flower.