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Painting 101
Authors : Gail McCauley (Paint Quality Institute)

The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute

The Paint Quality Institute's goal is to educate homeowners on the virtues of quality paint through the dissemination of pertinent information via newspaper and magazine articles, the national network of home economists, advertising, and instructional literature.

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Painting Articles By Gail McCauley

Living RoomPainting 101: Select the Right Sheen for Your Paint Project
By Gail McCauley
One of the basic considerations prior to the start of an impending paint project is to determine the ideal sheen, or gloss level for the paint job.

Remodeling Trends Offer Personalization and Longevity
By Gail McCauley
In addition to concern for home improvements adding value to their existing homes, homeowners are also dramatically interested in transforming their homes into comfortable and functional living spaces.