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The Scribbles Institute -
Authors : Rob Court

Learning from Illustrator, Drawing Coach Rob Court

Rob CourtDrawing coach, Rob Court lives in Santa Cruz, California. He is the author of 30 drawing books and works with students in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. Rob is the founder of the Scribbles Institute; where kids and adults learn about drawing for work, school and enjoyment. His engaging workshops and drawing programs are available to schools, community organizations, and individuals. Before becoming a full-time drawing coach Rob spent 35 years as a graphic designer and illustrator, working for a wide variety of clients such as the Walt Disney Company, General Motors, and Los Angeles Magazine. When not sketching, Rob enjoys mountain biking, cruising the book stores in town, and hanging with his grandkids.

Learn more at his Web site and the Scribble's Institute at

Art & Creativity Coaching by Rob Court

I Can't Draw: Three Words Drawing Teachers Hear Most Often
By Rob Court
All drawing instructors — from Mona Brookes to Dr. Betty Edwards — step into their classrooms and hear the familiar ring of those three fateful words: "I can't draw."

Seeing Like an Artist: Edges and Space
By Rob Court
Here's a lesson that's guaranteed to help you draw the accurate shapes of things.

3 Ways Drawing Can Help You in School
By Rob Court
Even if you don't think you're an artist, drawing can help you make friends, impress your teachers, and get better grades.

Respecting Children's Drawings
By Rob Court
Through their innate desire to draw, children can illuminate meaningful stories that teach us about art and life.

Updated 12/22/13