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Exploring Decoupage Art
Arts & Crafts : Explore Decoupage Art

Decoupage: The Art of Decorative Cutting and Pasting

Decoupage is the art of decorating surfaces by applying cutouts and other decorative items (such as paper) and then coating them with several layers of finish or glue.

Within this collection of decoupage Websources you'll find how-to tutorials and Web sites that explain the decoupage process, materials, and methods; and those that share free projects, fun tips, techniques, and tutorials for your own creative decoupage projects and inspiring ideas.

How-to Decoupage & Project Websources

Southern Blackberry Designs
Features a dozen different free decoupage projects with clear easy to follow instructions. Projects include a vinyl floor cloth, wooden cigar purse, jewelry box, glass plate, terra-cotta pot, wooden tray, and a purse.

An Introduction to Decoupage: 3D Technique
A short decoupage tutorial from Card Inspirations showing you how to create a three dimensional picture effect by layering four or five of the same picture.

Paper Tole Kits
Learn about paper tole history and modern techniques. Includes instructional articles and useful resources for paper tole and three dimensional decoupage paper crafts.

Decoupage and Introduction to Photos
A personal site and gallery about decoupage. Covers the origins of decoupage and downloadable instructions for decoupage techniques (including preparation, image and material sources, gluing, varnishing, sanding, and finishing).

Decoupage Craft Projects
A section devoted to decoupage from Features articles about decoupage and links to a variety of projects including: decoupage coloring bank, plate, hat box, travel bag, country can, soap bar, hanging hearts, and place mat.

Decoupage Tips and Techniques
A series of step-by-step articles to instruct you how to prepare furniture for decoupage, choosing and applying images, applying glue, aging prints and paper, using Gold Leaf, and care tips for decoupage works.

All About Decoupage
Devoted to the art/craft of decoupage. Features free technique instructions, professional advice, and a project gallery for you to learn more about this "fascinating and rewarding hobby." Other topics cover history, old furniture, eggs, iron on decoupage, decoupage paper, preparation, styles, projects, downloads, advanced techniques, finishing, tips, and tricks.