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Father's Day at Creativity Portal
Holiday Crafts : Creative Father's Day Gift Ideas

Creative Father's Day Gift Ideas

Power tools or power ties? Garden hardware or sports tickets? Are you looking for traditional Father's Day gifts or would you like some ideas for creative craft projects (such as the fun Money Plant Tree) or gifts of LOVE you can gift Dad with next Father's Day? No matter what you seek and ultimately give, these projects and resources from the Creativity Portal will surely inspire you. And remember, it's the thought that counts!

Father's Day Project Ideas

Free Rockler CatalogRockler Woodworking and Hardware
If your Dad is a woodcrafting enthusiast, request a free woodworking catalog and gift card for him.

How to Build Kites
Resources for learning how to make a home made kite. Build one with Dad and spend some quality time together on Father's Day!

Exciting Scout Crafts
Is Dad an outdoors craft enthusiast? If so, this site features all of the traditional scouting craft projects he grew up with. Make some together and get closer.

Enchanted Learning Father's Day Crafts
Features an assortment of cool cards, picture frames, books, and family tree craft printables and ideas for dad.

10 Gift Ideas for Father's Day

‘Real’ Fathers Day Gifts for Dads

By Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC

Fathers are becoming more involved in their families today. They have a deep desire to connect emotionally with their families. However, they often lack the skills to do so. Here are ten "gift ideas" for Father's Day to help the father in your life to relax, enjoy, and to connect with other loved ones:

Admire what they do.
Fathers do need to have their ego stroked and to have their families notice the quality of their work or other accomplishments. Letting them know will have their spirits soar.

Encourage them to share their life with their families. Fathers often don't easily share their everyday life with their families. It may seem "boring" to them to share the events of the day. Encouraging Dad to share will help others feel closer to him. And, it will be more likely they'll share their lives with him!

Give him the gift of food.
Are there Dads out there who don't love to eat? Cook him a great meal, or take him out to dinner. A father with good food in front of him is a happy father.

Talk to him using a "bottom line" approach.
Fathers like to get to the point. It's harder for them to follow long, detailed stories. At least for one day, get right to the point concerning what you're telling him. He'll appreciate it, and he won't stress about missing the details!

Be patient with him as he learns to raise his kids.
Fathers aren't always the most skilled at effective parenting, especially during the early stages. Be patient with him as he makes mistakes. If he feels criticized, he may lose hope and give up an opportunity to learn and grow. Gentle encouragement helps.

Ask him to get involved in an activity.
Fathers love to be active, and they often connect with others by "doing something." Ask the Dad in your family to go on a bike ride or go to a game. As long as they're active, Dads are pretty happy.

Provide him with "vegetable time".
We don't mean gardening here! Yes, dads like to be active, but they also like to vegetate sometimes. Give Dad some time to do nothing, and he'll curl up and do nothing with the best of them!

Give him a romantic evening.
Fathers feel like handymen in their homes at times. Nothing will snap them out of that as quickly as a romantic evening.

Touch him.
Dads love to be hugged and touched by their family members. And even if they don't act like they do, hug them anyway! It helps them to leave their heads and enter their hearts.

Give him new power tools.
OK, this one doesn't really help him connect with others, but it does satisfy some deep urge within him. And if it makes him feel good, why not? •

Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC, coaches busy parents by phone to balance their life and improve their family relationships.

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