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Macrame Project
Macrame : The Macrame Project

The Macrame Project

Dedicated to making positive change in the quality of life in small villages in Ecuador

The Macrame Project is a fundraising project which is based in Ecuador. It utilizes the natural appeal of macrame and creates handmade bracelets and other popular items. Macrame bracelets are very popular due to their powerful color scheme and unique texture. Macrame is created by using a series of knots that creates a decoration and is often combined with small shells or stones to enhance its appearance.

Currently, macrame is being to use to make small bracelets, hand bags, and even planter hangers. The history of Macrame goes to back to the sailors who used to incorporate this art to help bring extra decoration to their ships. Now, the Macrame Project takes the popularity of Macrame and helps to bring lasting change to communities in Ecuador. Powered by Edens Rose Foundation, the Macrame Project helps to produce Macrame bracelets and other items. These items have been proven to be very popular in the mainstream, thus giving power to "direct trade" to help develop these isolated communities.

Direct Trade is a very powerful concept that is put into practice by the Eden's Rose Foundation. Direct Trade is specifically designed to empower individuals who are not only isolated, but oppressed daily by helping to provide employment that pays a fair wage, helps to preserve their unique cultural traditions, and most of all, attack hunger head on by empowering a community to adequately feed their children and keep them from being malnourished.

Direct Trade works specifically by first assessing the unique needs of each community and then works to strengthen that community by providing training through free education and free training programs. Upon graduation, individuals get the opportunity to become involved in various job opportunities within the community. This gives everyone an equal opportunity to get employed and or create a business for themselves. By leaving race, sex, class and cultural as an afterthought, direct trade allows aspiring individuals a unique and lasting opportunity in this social structure brought to these communities by the Macrame Project.The goods that are produced from items such as macrame bracelets are used to implement social programs that help evolve and make a community prosper.

The final and crucial elements of a the Macrame Project are the supporters of Direct Trade. By helping to funnel money directly into communities, the Macrame project can help to make a positive and lasting change on oppressed communities. Also by offering jobs and free education to local communities in Ecuador, the Macrame Project is able to unite and strengthen these communities.They do this by providing job opportunities and a sense of satisfaction and that only compensation from work can bring.

The Macrame Project is dedicated and focused to work in Ecuador to make positive improvements on the quality of life in small villages and communities. By the use of Direct Trade, the Edens Rose Foundation is currently working with many individuals in these communities to educate and train them for employment and help create their own business ventures within their local community.

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Updated 12/25/13