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Gourd Art
Arts & Crafts : Explore Gourd Art & Gourding

Explore Gourd Art & Gourding

Gourd Art combines several types of artistic and crafting techniques into one unique art form. Starting with a gourd base that has been dried out, the artist can cut, drill, carve, wood burn, paint, sand, stain, or finish gourds like wood.

Within this collection of gourd art resources you'll find Web sites that explain the gourd art process and growing information; and those that share free tips, techniques, and tutorials for your creative gourd art projects.

Do you have an instructional gourd art Web site? Suggest it to us!

Featured How-to Gourd Art Websources

Making Gourd Baskets and Planters
"Gourds come in all shapes and sizes and can be treated much like wood. They can be cut, drilled, carved, wood burned, painted, sanded, stained or finished like wood." Learn the basics of growing your own gourds, cleaning dried gourds, and making gourd baskets and planters.

How to Carve Pumpkin Resources
Free pumpkin carving tips, techniques, and patterns. Plus, good advice about choosing, cleaning and preparing, cutting, and preserving pumpkins.

Arizona Gourds
Inspired by Native American Pottery. Step-by-step tutorials and activities utilizing pyro-engraving, carving, weaving, and painting.

Gita's Gourds Birdhouse Tutorial
Painted gourd birdhouse tutorial, the Ivy Leaf Gourd Birdhouse, and other beautiful gourd art by artist / teacher Gita Landwehr.