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Cavandoli Macrame © Keith Rusell
Arts & Crafts : Explore the World of Miniatures & Dollhouse Construction

Exploring the World of Miniatures & Dollhouse Construction

Celebrate to-scale the mini-fest of possi-buildities!

Dollhouse FurnitureMiniatures (or "minis") are a fun hobby for doll house collectors and miniaturists alike! Learn about the world of miniatures, collectibles, doll restoration, and dollhouses from the following resources featuring free scale miniature printables, doll clothes patterns, dollhouse and furniture construction information.

Plus, feel free to download one of Creativity Portal's own scale model American Flags below for your personal miniature collection.

Free Scale Mini Printable United States of America (USA) Flags

Do you need an American Flag for your dollhouse or mini collection? Feel free to use one of ours! We designed four different sized flags you can save right from this page and print at home.

Download Instructions: Right-click on the American Flag you wish to print and save it to your computer (Save Picture As...). Import the image into your graphics or other program and print as usual. If these flags are too large, resize them in your graphics program. For a firm flag mini, print the flag on thick paper or card stock.

Extra Small American Flag
Extra Small American Flag

Small American Flag
Small American Flag

Medium American Flag
Medium American Flag

Large American Flag
Large American Flag

Miniatures & Dollhouse How-to Webources

Spotlight On: Small Stuff Mini Digest
Connecting the World to Worlds in Miniature. Small Stuff is a site where those with an interest in dollhouses and scale miniatures can share a wealth of creativity, expertise and information. Whether one has access to frequent miniature shops and shows, or lives miles from anywhere, Small Stuff Miniature Digest connects subscribers from around the world.

In Small Stuff's daily digests, ordinary hobbyists and top-notch artisans ask questions and give answers on every aspect of making miniatures and constructing and furnishing dollhouses, room boxes and other containers used to showcase them. Information is provided about shows and exhibits, as well as sources for materials and supplies. It is also a forum where members can freely share ideas and participate in stimulating and wide-ranging discussions about the hobby. Because miniaturists deal with virtually every aspect of life, one can learn about almost any subject on any given day.

Whether it's an architectural masterpiece or a marvel of industrial grunge, a fairy dwelling in a tree stump or a tiny baby sleeping in a teacup, miniaturists utilize many skills. Wood- and metalworking, doll- and pottery making, needlework and flower arranging, interior design and historical research all play a part. Often using found items and unlikely sources like hardware stores and warehouse outlets, as well as museum-quality pieces, miniaturists create tiny worlds which stimulate, comfort, and transport from the mundane. The Web site also contains an extensive archive of tips acquired from the digest's beginning and provides links to other related sites.

Paper Craft & Card Modeling
Free printable model resources and information on this fun hobby involving assembling original or prefabricated scale models printed on paper or card stock.
Looking for teeny tiny miniature printables? "This site is home to a growing collection of printable scale minis. You'll find everything from foldable computers to stained glass windows. There here for you to print for free on your color ink-jet printer."

Let's Build a Dollhouse
Free plans and instructions on how to build a dollhouse. Lots of step by step photographs, plus some DIY instructions for doll house furniture.

Jennifer's Printables
Free printable wallpaper for dollhouses. Historically correct miniature wallpaper, great for scrapbooking all sorts of projects.

Small Stuff Miniature Digest
A newsletter and searchable database featuring all topics miniature! Includes accessories, interior decorating, clay, fabric and needlework, furniture and appliances, free printables, holidays, all aspects of construction, remodeling and restoring, structures, themes, tools, and glue.

Marties Minis
"Making small things better!" Learn how a variety of cute miniatures are made with Martie's own how-to instructions and detailed photographs. Projects include a fruit tray, miniature corn-popper toy, and an Easter Bunny basket factory.

My Dolls House
A UK-based site dedicated to dolls house and miniatures. Features DIY projects, free printables, and online shop for doll house accessories, furniture, and furnishings.

Originals by Gidge
Original crocheted designs for fashion dolls. Dozens of free downloadable patterns and crochet helpers available.
Targeted to the serious miniaturist with how to articles, a miniatures magazine, discussion forum, and lots of free downloads. Also features step-by-step DIY projects with tips from the pros.

Jim's Dollhouse Pages
"If you're interested in dollhouses or dollhouse scale miniatures you're bound to find something helpful here. This site is home to a growing collection of printable scale minis. You'll find everything from foldable computers to stained glass windows."

Miniatures at
A solid guide to introduce you to the world of miniatures! Features essential miniature how-to's, glossary, tools of the trade, scale and conversion, free printables, articles, and step-by-step projects. Covers dollhouses, trains, fantasy, military, scale vehicles, kids minis, polymer clay, and collectibles.

Save the Dolls: Doll Restoration
An extensive doll restoration site showing you how to recycle old dolls into new ones! Includes an assortment of doll assembly information, how-to's, tips, and techniques for getting started, cleaning and repairs, hair, patterns, sewing tips, buntings and bibs, clothes, quilts and pillows, shoes, purses, accessories, and wrapping and donating the dolls to give to charities.