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Exploring Mobiles
Arts & Crafts : Explore Mobile Sculpture and Kinetic Art

Explore Mobile Sculpture and Kinetic Art

Mobiles are a type of sculpture in which parts move, often activated by air currents. Mobiles are also referred to as kinetic art, because they incorporate actual movement as part of the design.

Within this collection of mobile and kinetic art resources you'll find Web sites that explain the history and process of building mobiles; and those that share free fun tips, techniques, projects, and tutorials for your creative mobile projects.

Do you have an instructional Mobile or Kinetic art Web site? Suggest it to us!

Mobile & Kinetic Sculpture Features & Sources

Alexander CalderAlexander Calder: 113 Years of Kinetic Art Inspiration
By Chris Dunmire
On July 22, 2011, Alexander Calder turned 113 years old. Google celebrated the event with a homage to Calder on their home page. The day before, I experienced a few moments of synchronicity reflecting on Calder's creative genius.

Alexander Calder (1898-1976)
"Alexander Calder is the most acclaimed and influential sculptor of our time. Calder utilized his innovative genius to profoundly change the course of modern art." Best known for Cirque Calder and his playful mobiles, view a lifetime of his inspirational metal sculpture, mobiles, and kinetic art.

Timothy Rose Mobile Sculpture
Want to learn how to make a mobile? Learn the secrets of mobile making, kinetic art, and more from Timothy Rose's site which includes free mobile instructions, a fantastic gallery of his work, mobile books, and other kinetic sculpture resources.

Create a Butterfly Mobile
A step-by-step project tutorial from Kid-at-Art based on the principles of Alexander Calder's mobile art. "Most sculpture in the round is fixed to a base and doesn't move, but American artist Alexander Calder changed that when he invented the mobile in the early 1930s."

Heart Mobile
A fun giftable mobile step-by-step mobile project complete with downloads. "Made small, this mobile is a wonderful gift. Made big, it's a great decoration. Write things on it like "you're hot!" or "love bug" and "peace" using '70's style patterns for a conversation starting decoration at sleepovers and parties."

Mobile Maker and Other Interactive Art Fun
Create your own mobiles online with this fun Shockwave program. Other interactive art features include Collage Machine, PaintBox, 3-D Twirler, Cubits, and PixelFace.

Mobiles and Kinetic Sculpture
Sculptures by Matthew Brand. Get a glimpse of what's involved in this artful metal sculpture by viewing his gallery of detailed projects.

Mobile Projects from Enchanted Learning
Nine different mobiles you can make to learn the fundamentals of mobile design, balance, and construction. Includes 3D fruit mobile, butterfly mobile, whale mobile, solar system mobile, 3D heart mobile, dream catcher mobile, rainbow mobile, and a simple mobile from drinking straws and paper clips.

Penguins Tale Mobile
Learn basic mobile construction and balance with this step-by-step project tutorial from Funorama based on the wonderful and zany characters from Audrey Wood's Little Penguin's Tale. Complete with downloadable files for you to color and print.