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St. Patrick's Day Creativity
Holiday Crafts : St. Patrick's Day Crafts

O'Fun! St. Patrick's Day Art & Craft Creativity

Shamrock Pattern Cutouts & Pots o' Gold!

Nit Wits #32: Sham-rock © 2007 Chris DunmireMarch 17 is St. Patrick's Day, and you know what that means... wear something green and enjoy eating a supper of corned beef and cabbage! O'lucky you! And if you're looking for some fun St. Paddy's Day paper craft templates and art and crafts projects, enjoy Creativity Portal's own St. Patrick's Day Word Search Puzzle, shamrock and pot o' gold cut-out decorations and the cool self-mailing shamrock card. And be sure to check out our recommended resources for plenty of St. Pat's legend information, traditional recipes, and other holiday fun!

Free Shamrock and Pot Printables

St. Patrick's Day Featured Projects

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Card Self-Mailing St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Card
By Chris Dunmire
O'Lucky you! If you love the idea of giving away St. Patrick's day cards with leprechauny messages to your friends and family, don't miss this free and fun printable shamrock card project you won't find anywhere else!

Printable St. Patrick's Day Word Search Puzzles by Chris DunmireFreebie St. Patrick's Day Puzzles & Printables
March 17 is your lucky day! Celebrate the famous Irish Saint while having pots-o-creative fun! Free shamrock cut-outs for decorating, card making, and scrapbooking, plus St. Patrick's Day Word Search Puzzles to challenge your creative brain!

How to Draw a Cartoony Shamrock Clover
By Chris Dunmire
Want to learn how to draw a St. Patrick's Day shamrock clover for your own card designs, scrapbook layouts, and decorations? Follow my four-step lesson for simple-shaped shamrocks.

St. Patrick's Day Crafts, Legends, and Activity Resources

St. Patrick's Day Crafts & Legend Resources

The Real St. Patrick and Celtic Spirituality
"Learn about the life and legends of St. Patrick ... how he brought Christianity to Ireland ... and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with stories and activities. Also, learn about the history the Celts and Celtic spirituality, and send St. Patrick e-cards."

Bookmarks for Saint Patricks Day
Choose from three different bookmarks you can print from the Web celebrating St. Patrick's Day designed by Jan Brett.

St. Patrick's Day Crafts
A variety of fun St. Patrick's Day ideas from Making Friends. Choose from: Decorate a St. Patrick's Day Flag, Shamrock Trinket Box, Body Art, Pin, Leprechaun Hat with Ears, Lucky Charm Bag, Magic Stones, Coloring Pages, Shamrock Wreath, and St. Pat Hat.

St. Paddy's

St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids
Learn about the history of St. Patrick, download fun coloring pages and printables, and learn how to make fun things with Leprechauns, rainbows, and wreaths.

St. Patricks Day Legends and Crafts's Family Crafts guide is chock full of St. Paddy's fun! Learn about Saint Patrick, "a missionary credited with converting the Irish to Christianity, and read about Saint Patrick Day legends and symbols and make related crafts."

St. Patrick's Day Worksheets
Over a dozen educational worksheets and lesson plans related to St. Patrick's Day for teachers, featuring adjective worksheets and songs.

A Field Guide to Irish Fairies
"A reflection on some creatures of Irish myth which may not be entirely fictional... featuring seven different types of Irish Fairies." Includes Dullahan, Pooka, Changelings, The Grogoch, The Banshee, Leprechauns, and The Merrows.

Seasonal Arts and Crafts for March
Did you know that March is not only Irish-American Heritage Month, but also the International Listening Awareness Month? You'll learn more fun trivia from KinderArt's daily calendar of March holidays, observances, and special occasions. From the Academy Awards to St. Patrick's Day and beyond, you'll learn something new!