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Please Respect the Creator's © Copyright RIGHTS

Cowpyright - Copyright is not a moo-t point at

The articles, creativity exercises, printable pages, projects, graphics, photos, artwork, and other downloads on this Web site, are copyrighted © by their respective authors.

As copyrighted works and intellectual property belonging to their respective creator's, you do not have permission to take and reproduce for distribution or mass sharing any material you find on the Creativity Portal Web site in any manner such as, but not limited to, other Web sites, blogs, social network communities, electronic newsletters, or print media of any kind.

However, fair-use, brief quotations with credit links to the full-length articles on the Creativity Portal Web site are encouraged and appreciated if you wish to mention or share them with others. Please read on for more detailed information about this topic that we hold highly.

Copyright Symbol
Copyright Symbol:
When you see this symbol ("©") on someone else's work, it reminds you that you are not at liberty to take and use or reprint their entire work (article, project, photos, artwork, etc.) without their permission. Doing so beyond the scope of "fair use" is an act of copyright infringement and totally not cool.

Dear Creative Visitor,

Thank you for visiting the Creativity Portal Web site. We appreciate that you enjoy the original articles and creative content our site offers. We spend a lot of time and energy developing our features, and we work with many artists and writers who contribute their hard work and expertise to our site and in return are compensated for their efforts.

Our request regarding the content you enjoy on our site is simple: You may print pages from our Web site for your personal use only, as we understand its convenience in trying one of our projects or referring to the expert advice of an author.

You are also free to link to any page on our site that interests you and provide fair use commentary on excerpts (brief quotations) from our articles and projects. Citing your sources and giving credit where it's due is a professional courtesy that goes without saying. We encourage this and appreciate your support.

However, in harmony with the creator's copyright right, you do not have permission to republish or print entire articles or projects (including images) from our Web site to your own (or anyone else's) Web site, blog, discussion board, or print publication. An "excerpt" is defined as a paragraph or two, not half or three-quarters of an article.

Copying and reproducing someone else's work on your own Web site or blog (or anywhere else) without an author's express permission is an act of copyright infringement. You are not providing compensation to the author for your use of their work, and doing so is a disregard for their wishes on how and where their work is presented to the public. Copyright infringement can result in legal fines and other un-nice things for you or your Web site, and we'd never want that to happen to you.

It's easy to copy and paste. It takes more effort and hard work to create your own original content. But that's no excuse for plagiarism. If we find our articles and other content published on other Web sites without our express written permission, we will pursue the act of copyright infringement to the fullest extent of the law.

Don't make us have to do that. We'd rather spend our time creating more great content for the Creativity Portal for your inspiration and enjoyment.

Please respect a creator's copyright. You'll appreciate this principle when others extend you the same courtesy. Believe us, when you become a developer and creator of your own wonderful creative expressions this will be very important to you, and you will be happy that others respect it.

Thank you for your cooperation. We appreciate it. •

Additional Information about Copyright

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