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An Awakened Life
Authors : Julie Hoyle

Spiritual Awakening with Teacher Julie Hoyle

Julie HoyleJulie Hoyle is a spiritual teacher, artist, trans-personal hypnotherapist and author of An Awakened Life: A Journey of Transformation, and Living An Awakened Life. Based on personal experience of assimilating the profound effects of a life-changing spiritual awakening, Julie teaches people internationally how to transmute fear, dissolve psychological barriers and access their gifts, skills and talents through online courses and spiritual counseling in addition to writing for Mind-Body-Spirit magazines in the USA, Canada and Europe. To find out more visit:

Featured Articles & Excerpts

Serving the Light
By Julie Hoyle
My heart was overflowing with gratitude in the knowledge that I had been blessed by something profound and mysterious. An excerpt from An Awakened Life.

Life Changes
By Julie Hoyle
It took some time to get used to the humming energy that had taken up residency in my body. An excerpt from An Awakened Life.

The Eye of a Hurricane
By Julie Hoyle
I could feel dramatic changes taking place within me. An excerpt from An Awakened Life.

Emerging From Darkness Through Self-Inquiry
By Julie Hoyle
Have you ever felt as if you were in a deep, dark hole and unable to dig yourself out no matter how hard you tried?

Updated 1/17/14