Honor Your True Creativity

What does it mean to 'honor your true creativity'? It means, first, recognizing that your creative gifts are unique and valuable and that you never need to be in competition or an imitation of someone else. What you bring forth in honest earnestness from your own reservoir is an irreplaceable distillation that is purely you. What a gift!

Next, honoring your true creativity means knowing that by sharing your gifts openly with those you trust, you will deepen your own experience of living while enriching the lives of others. True creativity brings connection. Connection brings understanding, compassion, empathy, and so much more that propells us to work together in cooperation and collaboration instead of competition. Worthwhile, isn't it?

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Eric MaiselCrafting a Starting Ritual

Meaning-Making with Eric Maisel

One of the best ways to help yourself create every day is to craft a starting ritual that you begin to use regularly and routinely.

When your ritual becomes habitual you will find yourself moving effortlessly from not creating to creating.

How about a ritual tea ceremony? Make a cup of your favorite tea. In the minute or two it takes for the water to boil, take a few deep breaths, clear your mind, and ready yourself to work. continue

Discovery: Following the Compass of Your Heart

Guided Imagery with Molly Childers

Do you suffer from procrastination, self-doubt, fears, and vicious Inner Critics? This guided meditation helps you to visualize a treasure map leading to your specific creative project, goal, or dream.

Visualize a treasure map leading to your creative dreams, or a specific project or goal. X marks the spot for creative adventure! Visit the Island of the Muses, sail the Sea of Ideas and catch a dream-fish or two, and set your course for adventure. There may be storms and squalls ahead — but know you are always safe here, and in control.

Name your creative demons. Do you suffer from procrastination, self-doubt, fears, and vicious Inner Critics? Let them be represented here as sea-monsters, storms. Picture your Inner Critics as a band of roving pirates, bent on hijacking your confidence, your inspiration, and your time. In this way, you can learn to deal with these pitfalls, and avoid them in the future. continue

The ScreamEvery Photograph Tells a Story

Reflect and Write with Hank Kellner

Most On a more personal level, today almost everyone owns a digital camera. Except for a few diehards, gone are the days when people waited anxiously for rolls of film to be developed and prints to be made. Now, as if by magic, images appear instantly to be downloaded, stored on hard discs, and printed at the drop of a sombrero.

This means that most students probably have collections of hundreds, if not thousands, of digital images that can trigger writing assignments. Consider these two photos, for example. A student at almost every level could have created them. And the photos could easily trigger any number of questions designed to inspire writing. For example: (1) What were the conditions under which the student photographer created the photos? (2) What were the reasons for creating them? (3) What was happening while the student photographer snapped the photos? (4) In what way are the people in the photographs related? continue

Aha-phroditeAlbert, A Muse with an Attitude

9 Modern Day Muses with Jill Badonsky

Albert is the Modern Day Muse of Innovation and Imagination. His powers range from encouraging us to break the rules to embodying a different persona in order to experience a more creative perspective. These tools can dull writing into irresistible prose, a relationship suffering from routine into one rich with novelty, or an unexciting business plan to one thriving in distinction. When I plan workshops, it is this Muse's creative concepts I call upon the most because they easily lend themselves to quick applications for creative success. continue

Calliope: Muse of Epic Poetry

9 Greek Muses with Molly Childers

Who is Calliope? The Muse of epic poetry may have inspired Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey, but what has she done for us lately? Sadly, epic poetry has somewhat diminished in popularity since the days of Homer, but I am here today to inspire you to create your own epic poems. Not an epic poem in the style of ancient Greece — but a hot, new American-style epic poem.

You may want to begin by messing around with different rhyme schemes, to see what you like best. You can also write a free-verse epic poem if you wish, and forget about rhyming altogether. To begin, gather a candle, some good paper and a few pens. Find a safe comfortable place to work where you will not be disturbed. continue

Maria MikhailasOur Idea of What a Mistake is — is Mistaken!

Creativity Corner with Maria Mikhailas

Perhaps a mistake is the only way that our creative psyche can birth something radically fresh outside our narrow box of acceptable material. Perhaps a mistake is some new idea that otherwise we would have censored long before it reached our awareness.

Do you have a fear of making mistakes? Does this fear keep you from taking adventuring chances in your creative outlet? If this is as true for you as it is for me, let's make some space for our mistakes! Let's greet our mistakes with enthusiasm. Say, 'Look here! I just made a mistake! Wonderful! Welcome, welcome!!"

How does a mistake make you feel? Like a failure? Inadequate? Out of control and messy? These are feelings that let you know you are onto something that could be daringly important for you. Something shockingly new, unexpectedly raw, insultingly honest has just blurted into consciousness.

Before we censor our mistake, lets sit with it and see if it is something that can be used. It may turn out to be something you ultimately can't use, but let yourself look at this new thing with openness. Perhaps it is a power that you normally disown, a silliness that brings in a fresh perspective, a relaxation that loosens up your rigidity, a new voice that you didn't even know you had.

Mistakes are a new take on life that you might ordinarily miss — which could become a missed take.

The Value of An Idea

Angela Mack's Chronic Creativity

Angela K. MackEverything begins with an idea. It is my opinion that the value of an idea is grossly underestimated. The reason? It is an intangible asset. It's not something that can be easily measured. However, ideas are the foundation of human existence. A thought is an idea or conception. An idea is like energy. We take it for granted and the average human does not recognize its power until it is gone.

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How to Nourish and Flourish Your Own Creative Style

Everyone is Creative! with Kelle Walsh

PaintingIf you've ever taken a class in drawing, painting or pottery, and despite your best effort, couldn't make the final result look anything like the model shown, you may have thought, "I don't have a creative bone in my body." According to scientists, who for the past 20 years have put the elusive subject of creativity through the rigors of research, you'd be wrong.

Natalie GoldbergWarning! (To Writers)

Writing with Natalie Goldberg

I have not seen writing lead to happiness in my friends' lives. I'm sorry to say this, I, who just fifteen years ago published a book telling everyone to grab their notebooks and write their asses off. No high like it, I said. I meant it — and it was true. Now I'm past fifty, and I have given everything to writing, the way a Zen master watches her breath and burns through distraction. Was I a fool to do this? Did I choose the wrong path?

Let Your Inner Creative Child Out to Play!

with Anne Marie Bennett

Inner Voices of CreativityThis is the SoulCollage®card that I've made to honor my inner creative child. Her name is Julia (don't ask me why, that's what she said she wanted to be called!) and she represents the part of me who loves to create plays, songs, dances, chalkboard scribbles, and anything that's colorful and bright.

New and Updated

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Healing Abandonment is a Creative Process
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