Wild Women, Wild Voices
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20Q Interviews
Artist/Author Iona Singh
By Chris Dunmire
Iona SinghWhy is creativity important to you? It's one of the core features of being human, even though modern life does not rate it very much. So, no creativity is disenfranchisement from fundamental human capacities both physical and intellectual, leading to a very sad state of affairs. Read more »

Wild Women, Wild Voices
Nurturing Your Artist/Creator
By Judy Reeves
Wild Women, Wild VoicesWhen we are at one with our creativity, and by that I mean with our responsiveness to the world, we are at our most authentic. It is pointless to say, “I am not creative.” If you are alive, you are creative. Consider it a gift you’ve been given by a generous and loving creator. Read more »

Virtual Book Tour
Just Like Who?
By Ellen Palestrant
Ellen PalestrantCreativity implies originality. Truly creative people incorporate the uniqueness of their own vision into their own thinking and work. Their creations, in varying degrees, bring change to what has been seen, heard or done before. Read more »

Wild Women, Wild Voices
Art as Transformation
By Judy Reeves
Wild Women, Wild VoicesI was in kindergarten, and our class and all the other elementary school students were sitting cross-legged on the polished hardwood floor of the cafeteria/auditorium for the performance of Aladdin and His Magic Lantern by a visiting high school troupe. Never before, in all the books that had been read to me, in all the stories I’d been told, in all the dramas played out on records or on the radio, never before had I experienced such magic. Read more »

Opening to Meditation
Is There a Link Between Meditation and Creativity / Intelligence?
By Diana Lang
Opening to MeditationWhen you meditate you are linking up to a kind of stream of universal consciousness, like a river of ideas and creativity. We can link directly into this stream by simply meditating. Research shows meditation is a great technique to improve creativity and develop the neocortex which is the creative part of the brain, and that meditation creates more elasticity in the brain resulting in a more creative approach to problem solving. Read more »

Wild Women, Wild Voices
Wild Women, Wild Voices Interview
By Judy Reeves
Wild Women, Wild VoicesWhat is meant by the "wild" in Wild Women? When I first began gathering material for the book, I scribbled down a list of words that came to me in a spontaneous writing session: something in the body, the color red; smells earthy; fierce in love, in caring, in connection; deep dreaming, farsighted; body knowing, heart singing, love making; the poetry of breathing; hears ancient echoes; solitude and community in equal measure; cycles moon-shaped, nature connected; feels blessed by the sunrise, anointed by the moon. All of these words, phrases, and images speak of wild woman to me. Read more »

The Zone
The Zone The Fear Zone
By Tom Evans
Fears are generally a good thing. They keep us safe and sometimes even keep us alive. They emanate typically from the lower mind centres like our gut. As mentioned when we explored the Time and Decision Zones, this means such fears also operate slightly ahead of our conscious mind, acting like an early warning system. Read more »

Wild Women, Wild Voices
Artist/Creator: Authentic Expressions of Wild Woman
By Judy Reeves
Wild Women, Wild VoicesSeveral years ago I was asked to give a talk about women in the arts in celebration of International Women’s Day. Whew! I thought, Where do I start? And then I thought, Where do I end? Women and art have existed from the beginning of time and, as long as there is time and there are women, they always will. Read more »

Nurturing Young Imaginations
"Explore the World"
By Abby Connors
NurturingI've learned a great deal about teaching creative thinking to young children from a man who wasn’t an artist, but a scientist. Richard P. Feynman was one of the greatest physicists of our time. He was well known for his work in quantum mechanics, subatomic particles, and quantum electrodynamics, and I don’t have the slightest clue as to what these are. Read more »

Magic Crayon Journal Prompts
What Time Is It?
By Patricia Mosca
Time Most of us believe that we need to get things done very quickly. That if we hurry than we must be making the most of our time and our life. But what happens when we continue to run full speed ahead? What happens when we put more value on the act of doing rather than being? Read more »

The Day Job Survival Kit
The Impossible Dream and Persistence
By Durga Walker
The Day Job Survival Kit“Never give up” is a message you’ll read over and over again on the pages of Creativity Portal. That’s because it just might be the single most important factor in success. But what about those dreams that seem impossible? Let’s talk about them for a moment, and let’s be real. Read more »

Taming Your Outer Child
Outer Child and Your Future
By Susan Anderson
Taming Your Outer ChildBuilding a better relationship with yourself includes developing a more confident sense of future. Everyone has a sense of future. Though they’re not always conscious of this sense, it looms in the background, working for or against them. For most people, it’s a vague assortment of assumptions ranging from positive to negative about where life seems to be taking them. Read more »

Inspiration vs. Perspiration
Light Bulb A Light Bulb Moment on Edison's Creative Genius
By Chris Dunmire
Thank goodness for Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931). This passionate man — credited with having a hand in creating useful, life-changing inventions such as the phonograph, light bulb, and telephone, along with having multiple electrical, mechanical, and chemical patents behind his name — left us with an incredible insight about genius. Read more »

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