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New and Updated Features

Mark Coleman: Make Peace with Your Mind

Imposter Syndrome: If They Really Knew Who I Am

Imposter syndrome commonly appears as the voice that says, "Who do you think you are?" This voice of self-doubt and deprecation haunts multitudes.

Anita Marie Moscoso: 20Q Interviews

Writer and Poet

I drove myself to read when I was six years old so that I could write the stories that popped into my head.

Sam Bennett: Start Right Where You Are

Buckle Up, Because I'm About to Get Deep Here, People

If you don't believe that you can be creatively fulfilled, well, it doesn't really matter what productivity tools I give you, does it?

Maria Chatzi: Creative Inspiration

Unusual Ways to Find Creative Inspiration for Art and Craft Projects

Do you need some out-of-the-ordinary places to look for creative inspiration?

Thomas M. Sterner: Fully Engaged

Thought Awareness Training: The First Step

To be fully engaged in an activity means to be present in this moment and in what you are doing right now. It also means to be completely content in that experience.

Jeff Herman: Writing & Publishing

The Knockout Nonfiction Book Proposal

The quality of your nonfiction book proposal will invariably make the difference between success and failure.

Susan Anderson: Abandonment Recovery

Healing Abandonment is a Creative Process

Healing abandonment involves summoning your creative energy. Your task is to create positive gains from adversity, growth in the place of woundedness.

Jill Badonsky: Nine Modern Day Muses

Another Fine Myth

I looked up from my latte's snowy foam to see nine Muses sideling up to my table with expressions of suppressed laughter, and the kind of raised eyebrows that foretell impending surprise. These Muses, however, were not of ancient Greece.

Aha-phrodite | Albert | Bea Silly | Muse Song | Spills | Audacity | Lull | Shadow | Marge | Arnold (the Bodyguard)

Molly Childers: Invoking the 9 Greek Muses

Creating with the 9 Athenian Muses

The original nine Greek Muses were the nine sister Goddesses of Imagination, Inspiration, and The Arts in ancient Greek mythology.

Calliope | Clio | Erato | Euterpe | Melpomene | Polymnia | Terpsichore | Thalia | Urania

Natalie Goldberg: The Writing Life

Good Advice for Writers

A dedicated teacher, workshop leader, and author of the classic Writing Down the Bones Goldberg has taught writing and literature for the last thirty-five years.

Beginner's Mind, Pen and Paper | Engendering Compassion | Alleviating Writer's Anxiety | What is Practice? | How to Flourish in Your Writing | Living the Writer's Life | Warning! (To Writers)


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