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The Energy of Writing
By Tina Welling
Writing Wild We are writers because we are drawn to language, to the music of sound, to story and the power of telling each other things we know. We experience the force of language when we write in our journals. The self grows and glows with the light of our attention. We expand, awaken, and become all we keep looking for in others. Words change us. Read more »

Life Coach, Psychotherapist Charlene Jones
Charlene Why is creativity important to you? Creativity is the voice in us that sings back to that which brought us here. Our echoing in this way strengthens our connection with that Source and its Divine Wisdom. Read more »

A Cast of Shadows
By Cynthia Staples
Bird Sometimes, when I am walking through the woods, tree bark reminds me of canvas. The setting sun is transformed into an artist painting upon the textured surface of every tree around me. Luminous fingers touch here and there as it makes its descent into dusk. Read more »

The Original Imagination Prompt Generator!
Imagination Got writer's block? Looking for something new to prompt your imagination? Try Creativity Portal's Imagination Prompt Generator! This push-button prompter will inspire you by outputting one of many randomly generated writing prompts at the press of a button. Don't like the one you got? Press the button again!This application is a long-time Blogger's Buzz feature! Get prompted »

InMyOwnKitchen Chef Luisa Toaldo
Luisa Why is creativity important to you? Creativity means I am engaged in my life. Creativity means I am not just saying, ok that痴 cool it means for me I am constantly exploring, questioning and investigating either ways to make something in my own way or explore the ideas and possibilities out there. Being a passenger to my life has never interested me. Read more »

Summer Sailboat Collage Project
By Maria Chatzi
Sailboat Learn how to create this fun beach stone-inspired sailboat collage! This one-of-a-kind fridge magnet features blue water, lacey waves, and inspiring words of your choice! Learn how »

Club Car
By Patricia Mosca
Club Car Being with others is a way to learn more about who we are. There are times when seeing the ride through the eyes of someone else allows us to open up to new ideas. We get to discover different viewpoints that we might not have considered. We get to discover different ways of doing things. We get to learn new and exciting ways to ride our train. When we get going too fast with our own ride, other points of view can sometimes become blurred. Read more »

The Guilt Zone
By Tom Evans
Guilt Zone Externally applied guilt comes from the collective. It comes historically from religions, governments and the legal profession and latterly from the media and even from competitive sports.We have laws and rules to keep us on the safe and narrow. We are introduced to them from an early age and throughout our schooling. We are told what we should ‘not’ do. These rules are often phrased in the negative. Read more »

A Few Words in Favor of Obsession
By Sam Bennett
Get It Done From time to time you, like every artist, ought to have the opportunity to dive full-on into a project that consumes you. To take on a project that scares you, that requires every last little bit of your energy, your concentration, and your excellence. That pushes you and your abilities to their very limits and forces you to transcend those limits. To exhaust yourself. To go a little nuts for your art. To live, eat, breathe, and dream it. And to see what happens. Read more »

Writer Leif Gregersen
Interview Why is creativity important to you? Because I am on the cusp of writing something lasting, something good, and I think achieving creativity is the last step I need to take to go all the way into immortality in my writing. Read more »

Want to Be Interviewed?
Are you an artist, writer, published author, creativity coach, or other creative professional in a position that demands flexibility, creative thinking and problem-solving skills? Share your story and wisdom with up-and-coming creatives by participating in our 20Q Interview feature. Read more »

Possibility Awaits
By Anne Marie Bennett
Possibility It’s hard to believe that I actually made this card at the very beginning of my chemo treatments in fall of 2011. I certainly wasn’t FEELING anything at all like the beings on this card! I was feeling draggy, low-energy and very, very tired. Read more »

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