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Help! What can I do about my writing anxiety?
Alleviating That Thin Constant Writer's Anxiety
By Natalie Goldberg
Art from Thunder and LightningBut how in our busy lives do we get any writing done in the first place? Often, at the moment a student begins to say, "But I have a full-time, demanding job, a family" — I cut her off: "What's the word?" She makes a little perplexed face. I spell it out: "S-T-R-U-C-T-U-R-E — we've been talking about it all week. Structure your time." More »

Better Living Through Journaling
Journaling through Change
By Kristin Donovan
JournalingChange throws us off our game. It yanks the familiar ground out from beneath us. When we don't know which end us up, we seek the comfort of the familiar. Of ritual, stability, constancy. Amid this struggling economy, many of us face uncertainty. We may be dealing with job loss or home relocation; both of these changes top the stress charts. More »

Print 'n Color Prompts
Your Lantern
By Patricia Mosca
Lantern“Look for the light at the end of the tunnel.” How many different ways have you heard that said? And how do you keep your light lit? As we ride the train of life there are many tunnels that we come to and have to go through in order to get where we want to be. More »

Artistic Perspectives
In Praise of Process
By Lynda Lehmann
PaintingBack in the 60s, I read the humanist psychologists. Seems they all talked about one kind of process or another. The process of learning, the process of rebelling, the process of creating, the process of loving. I read Abraham Maslow, Karl Rogers, Alan Watts, Rollo May, to name a few. There were so many, I can't remember them all. No matter what their particular slant, the emphasis in those years seemed to be on either "being" or "becoming." More »

Nurturing Young Imaginations
Music and Dance w/Children
By Abby Connors
Every child is creative, but too many children lose some or most of their creativity as they grow to adulthood. In fact, a landmark study by pioneering creativity researcher Dr. George Land found that out of 1,600 children aged three to five, 98% showed divergent thinking, or the ability to generate multiple responses to a single question (a key component of creativity at a genius level). More »

Healing with Creativity
Art Finds Beauty in Detours
By Amy Oestreicher
Once I discovered painting, my world changed. I had found a way to express things that were too painful, complicated and overwhelming for words. Suddenly, when the uncertainty around me seemed frighteningly unmanageable, the strokes of my paintbrush could soothe me as I created a peaceful world that my soul longed to rest in as a place of peaceful solace. My passion could ignite instead of my anger and despair. Read more »

Parenting with Presence
Fun with Mindful Drawing
By Susan Stiffelman, MFT
Parenting with PresenceDrawing with a child is a great way to settle into the present moment together. Have your youngster choose a simple object and share the instruction to simply draw what you see. Allow the left, language-based, analytical side of your brain to quiet down as you simply draw what is in front of you. Notice details. Walk around the object to see it from different angles. This is a great activity to do with children to awaken awareness to the “what is” in front of us. More »

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