HabitsHabits to Spark Your Creative Genius with Jeannine McGlade

Feeling stuck, stale or stressed out? Need to come up with fresh new ideas but just can't seem to get out of a rut? Feel like you're not quite where you want to be in your work or in your life? Like so many people, you might find yourself wondering (from time to time or perhaps all the time!) "What exactly happened to my life? What happened to the plans, dreams, and goals I had when I was younger and so full of creative ideas, inspiration and passion?" More...

Overcoming Blocks | Building Confidence | Evolution, Creation, and Stimulation | Shaping Creative Genius | Managing Energy, Not Time | Play | Possibilities | Stimulate Creative Genius | Spark Passion

InnovationBusiness Innovation with Johnathan Vehar

Jonathan Vehar is a Senior Partner at New & Improved, an organizational development firm focused on the people skills for innovation. Organizations that have benefited from his training, keynote presentations and facilitation include: Disney; GE; Johnson & Johnson; Kraft; McDonalds; Pfizer; Texas Instruments, the US EPA; and various business schools. More...

188 Innovation Strategies | Celebrating Failure | Turning Off Judgment | Innovation Space Exploration | Diving Deeper into Innovation | Generate Better Ideas | How to Be Creative | The Value of Making Mistakes | Avoid Killing the Next Big Idea | Ask Right Questions | SCAMPER Method | Elevator Speech

Writing for BlissWriting as Therapy

Writing for Bliss with Diana Raab

Today, many therapists use writing to augment talk therapy. In fact, sometimes writing is a vital part of many psychological interventions. Usually, writing is a solitary activity that can be done before or after a therapy session. Sometimes practitioners ask their clients to share their writings as a springboard for beginning the discussion. More...

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Bea SillyMuse Song: Muse of Pampering and Encouragement

9 Modern Day Muses with Jill Badonsky

The energy that Muse Song emits is about care and nurturing. This energy has been considered important enough to be "Muse-worthy" because the art of self-nourishment has a profound effect on mortals' creative productivity. Pampering has not gotten the attention and publicity it deserves since the days of Cleopatra. Both underrated and underused, the act of nurturing ourselves for the intention of self-expression is one of the secrets to an enchanting surge of creative brilliance. More...

Moving Into Writing

Sensate awareness with Cheryl Pallant

You master an important initial step when you sit at your desk to write: showing up. Positioning yourself at the desk conveys an intent to commit words to the page. Manifesting the intent should follow, but for some of us, that next step can be tricky. We may get stuck in a swirl of thoughts in search of the appropriate first line. Or we reach page two or ten and a day later, deem the words embarrassing fluff and hit the delete key. More...

Art of the SongCreating When You Don't Feel Like It

Creativity Corner with Eileen Kalinowski

Sometimes I don't feel very creative, or inspired, or even very smart. There are tugs on my consciousness from work, from home, unresolved conflicts, questions that have no answers and will probably remain that way for some time. The very last thing that occurs to me in these times is to pick up my pen, or go to my piano, or start something new. More...

Creative Boundaries

SoulCollage® with Anne Marie Bennett

Inner Voices of CreativityWhen I first made this SoulCollage® card, I was a bit appalled! It seemed to be expressing something on the verge of violence. On the other hand, I was curious because I had placed the woman with the sword on a lovely background of vibrant pastels. After I worked with her a bit, I discovered that this part of me wasn't expressing violence at all. Instead, she is the one who gives me permission to create boundaries. More...

WomanContrast in Writing, Contrasting Subjects

Reflect and Write with Hank Kellner

Most students probably don't realize that they exercise the mental process of contrast every day. For example, each morning they may contrast two choices of clothing. Or they may contrast two kinds of breakfast cereals. Or they may even contrast you to other people who influence their lives.

But when it comes to using contrast in their writing, students don't seem to make the connections as easily as they do at other times. Fortunately, photographs can easily help students develop compositions using this pattern of organization. More...

Eric MaiselParis: Cultural Permission to Create

Meaning-Making with Eric Maisel

Each time I arrive in Paris I head directly for the Place des Vosges, the most beautiful square in the world. How many writers and painters have stumbled upon this famous Marais square and said, "Oh, I see. This is why I came to Paris!"?

You feel at home in Paris because the things that you care about — strolling, thinking, loving, creating — are built into the fabric of the city. More...

The Collaborative Power of Creativity
For over 17 years, Creativity Portal has inspired millions to deeply explore, nurture, and express their inner authentic creativity as a way to feel fully alive and connected to others in a more joyful, collaborative, and compassionate way.

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Natalie GoldbergBeginner's Mind, Pen and Paper

Writing with Natalie Goldberg

When I teach a beginning class, it is good. I have to come back to beginner's mind, the first way I thought and felt about writing. In a sense, that beginner's mind is what we must come back to every time we sit down and write. There is no security, no assurance that because we wrote something good two months ago, we will do it again. Actually, every time we begin, we wonder how we ever did it before. Each time is a new journey with no maps. More...

Surrender: A Guided Journey

Guided Imagery with Molly Childers

You can struggle against your natural desire to do creative work &mdas; but beware! To do so is to endanger your very soul. If you struggle, you will eventually tire and sink beneath the surface like a drowning man, too exhausted to do the work which feeds your soul. More...

How to Nourish and Flourish Your Own Creative Style

Everyone is Creative! with Kelle Walsh

PaintingIf you've ever taken a class in drawing, painting or pottery, and despite your best effort, couldn't make the final result look anything like the model shown, you may have thought, "I don't have a creative bone in my body." According to scientists, who for the past 20 years have put the elusive subject of creativity through the rigors of research, you'd be wrong.

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