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Invitation to Authors

Did you just write a book related to creativity?

If so, congratulations — we want to hear from you! If your new (or about-to-be published) book explores creativity through an expressive, therapeutic, holistic, spiritual, or practical lens, and you would like us to help spread the word about it, send us an email and tell us more about it. We look forward to hearing from you!

Seeing Differently

A New Look at Photography

By Angela Hook

Photo by Angela HookSlipping behind the lens of a camera allows you to become a storyteller. Photos make people appreciate the things their naked eyes see every day. When someone recently told me that, I began to see my photography in a new way. For many years, a camera has been merely a tool that I have used to collect reference or record memories. Lately, I have been visually documenting my own personal love affair with horses. Observing these amazing, beautiful creatures in their natural environment is one of life's greatest pleasures for me. No posing. No portraits. Just bits and pieces of what makes a horse a horse. That's what I like to capture. 'Glimpses' of their magical world and how it crosses over into ours

Elemental Muses

The Fount of Inspiration: Muses of Water

MusesThe perfect day to begin working on this piece dawned rainy and gray; a perfect day to hole up in my studio and do a little research, and begin to write about Muses and deities associated with the element of water and the creative arts. I found quickly that water goddesses and Muses associated with rain, lakes, streams, and oceans — exist worldwide, forming a great part of the mythology and culture of many diverse societies from all over the world.

Old West Writing Prompts

Bird Cage Theater, Tombstone, Arizona

By Chris Dunmire

Bird Cage Theater Stage

One of the Old West's most famous landmarks, the Bird Cage Theatre, still sits proud at the corner of 6th and Allen Streets in Tombstone, Arizona. Though the 1880s are more than a century away, take an imaginative time travel tour to the sights, sounds, smells, and experiences of this historic entertainment spot through your writing using the vehicle of the prompts and pictures in this inspiring series.

Books & Printables

Origami Money Plant Project

By Chris Dunmire

Money PlantWith fake fun printable 'Cashius monetarius' seed packet! As featured in Money: Everything You Never Knew About Your Favorite Thing to Find, Save, Spend, and Covet by Sandra and Harry Chonron, this unique origami money plant makes a delightful gift to create, but hard to give away! Learn how to make this truly memorable craft with my with easy-to-follow instructions in a fully-illustrated, step-by-step 23-page project book.

Creative Careers Interviews

Wire Artist and Equestrienne Angela Hook

By Molly Anderson-Childers

Uplifting ConversationsQ: Tell us a little more about the fantastical, magical creatures you've lately been inspired to create.

A: Well, I recently received a commission to create a winged unicorn. This seemed reasonable, since it was really just a horse with accessories! I had a lot of fun creating that piece. Around the same time, I watched the movie 'Eragon', which tells a tale of dragons and their riders. From this, I was inspired to create a wire dragon. The basic form was unfamiliar to me, so it challenged both my skill and imagination. I would like to experiment further with creating fantasy creatures… maybe a centaur or a griffin?

10 Imaginative New Year Creative Writing Prompts

New Year PromptsUse the following short list of writing prompts to ignite your imagination for journal writing or as an exercise to get you back to your daily creative thinking and creative writing habit after the holiday break. So, grab a pen and a cup of coffee, get cozy and start writing. Happy writing!

Kindness: Pass It On!

KindnessFrench physicist, inventor, and theologian Blaise Pascal remarked, “Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.” Sow kindness, reap joy. Plant an unexpected act of kindness today!

Funny 'No Frills' Greeting Cards

No Frills CardsIf you don't need a card that plays music, holds money, pops-up into a 3D sculpture, or cleans up after you, this totally No Frills solution is perfect.

Winter Writing Prompts

SnowmanThese cool writing prompts and photos will help facilitate your creative stories, blog entries, and holiday reflections for the winter season and melt any icy writing blocks you've been chipping away at. Grab your writing shovel and dig in!

Writing Our Way Home

Satya RobynSatya Robyn is a novelist, psychotherapist, Buddhist priest and the co-founder of Writing Our Way Home with her husband Kaspa. ...

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