Creating Time


Inspiring Creativity Quotes


Writing from the Deeper Self
with Naomi Rose

Creating Time: Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock
with Marney Makridakis

Repudiating the Damaging Admission that You're Not Creative
with Kate Quinlan

How Creativity Helps Kids Love Writing
By Maria Chatzi

The Need to Create
By Barbara Bowen

32 Traits of Creative People
By Robert Allan Black

Autumn Writing Prompts

13 Engaging Ways to Play with Your Writing Around the Fall Season

By Chris Dunmire

Fall LeavesGoing back to school. Harvest time. Colorful falling leaves. Corn mazes, acorns, pumpkins, scarecrows, Halloween and Thanksgiving. In the Midwest, Autumn is the time of the year when cooler temperatures sweep in over summer's waning heat and the growing season comes to full fruition before winding down to dormancy. Fall officially begins in September and runs through October, November, and into December, when the seasonal change next morphs into winter. Inject some seasonal inspiration into your creative writing with these fall-themed writing prompts, photos, and printable projects and reflect on the meaning of the season to capture the transforming magic in the air for this colorful, transitioning space in the year.

19 Profiles of Creative Empowerment
with Diana Rivera

Creative Process, Highly Sensitive Person & Creativity
with Lisa Agaran

Dreaming, Shamanism, & Imagination
with Robert Moss

Writing with Courage and Craft
with Barbara Abercrombie

Lightbulb Moments on Tap
with Tom Evans

The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)
with Jill Badonsky, MEd

No Ordinary Time
with Jan Phillips

Intuitive Process Painting
with Chris Zydel

Teaching Creativity & Music to Children
with Abby Connors

Learning from Leonardo: DaVinci's Genius Habits
with Linda Dessau


Writing in a Spiral

The Value of Completing a Book

Writing as Giving Back

The Important Role of Silence in Writing

Intimate Details in Writing

Writing a New Chapter Your Life


Beyond Expertise

Rough Drafts & Revisions

When Books are Less Than Life

You are the Treasure Embedded in Your Book

Refining & Being Refined

Writing as a Quest

Intimate Fruits of a Writing Retreat

Is It Commerce, or Is It Art?

Listening Your Book into Being

For Fun, Write a Book

First Drafts

Inspired Writing

Your Book Can Heal the World

Kronos & KairosTime Concepts

Maslow's Peak Experiences; Csikszentmihalyi's Flow

Experiencing Timelessness Through Authenticity

Finding Flow in Everyday Life

Jung's 3 Types of Synchronicity

Synchronicity and Meaning

A Foundational Philosophy of Play

Your Every-Evolving Mission Statement

You are an Actor on a Cosmic Stage

Printable Templates: Writing Prompts

Thanksgiving Turkey 'Thankful Four' Writing Activity

By Chris Dunmire

Thankful FourThe Thanksgiving season naturally opens the space for reflection and appreciation for the abundance in our lives. Holidays gift us with the opportunity to consciously "check in" with what we are grateful and thankful for — not just in the material sense, but also in intangible assets. To put a fun, contemplative twist on this opportunity for reflection during the Thankgiving season, I've designed an enticing prompt in the form of the "Thankful Four" handwriting turkey — a printable PDF packet to download and use as a tool for inner exploration and outer creativity.

Creativity Coaching Spotlight

Hop, Skip, Jump: Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life

Hop, Skip, JumpIf you are seeking to experience more meaning and play in your life, engage in this inspiring series of activities from Marney Makridakis' Hop, Skip, Jump. She says, "Most of us view work and play as mutually exclusive opposites, but now you can blend them together in your new route to joy-filled success. These activities will guide you to be more playful and productive as you move through three vital phases of the manifestation process: dreaming (Hop), experimenting (Skip) and taking action (Jump). Discover your Play Personality and learn how to use it to create more experiences in which work feels like play, and struggle gives way to momentum, ease, and joy."

A Foundational Philosophy of Play | The Ever-Changing, Expanding Mission Statement | You Are An Actor On a Cosmic Stage

Writing from the Deeper Self

Writing as Giving Back

By Naomi Rose

Writing from the Deeper SelfYou probably haven't thought of your writing a book as a giving back, but it can be. And it's a very valuable way to think of writing a book. What people really are seeking in reading books is a way to know themselves more deeply. Beyond the informational service that nonfiction books provide, beyond our training to read to improve our (minds; careers; skills sets; fill in the blank ___), in reading we seek to recognize ourselves in a way that has not yet happened — whether that recognition is of a difficult life situation we are (hopefully) passing through, or of the numinous nature of our true being.

Creativity Coaching

Intuitive Painting: Risk and Change

By Chris Zydel

Chris ZydelOne of the places where my students will often find themselves getting stuck or stopped in the intuitive painting process is when they encounter the common fear of ruining a painting. One moment they will be happily painting away and then they get an internal directive to paint something that scares them. It could be anything. It could be the desire to paint the color yellow, or maybe they find that they can't seem to shake the idea that what wants to be painted now is a purple kangaroo, but whatever it is, in conjunction with this new impulse there arises a sudden, paralyzing and extremely convincing fear that bringing this next color or image into the painting is going to mess it up.

Inner Voices of Creativity

Intuit Inner Wisdom Through SoulCollage

By Anne Marie Bennett

SoulCollageTry getting in touch with your own intuition and watch amazing things begin to happen in your own creative life! In order to really get in touch with your own intuitive voice, it helps to spend some time each day in silence, listening. Try practicing silence each day this week (even if it's only for one minute). Notice if this makes it easier to hear your own intuitive inner voice throughout your week.

Author Interviews

'Brainstorm' Interview with Eric Maisel

By New World Library

Eric MaiselBrainstorm is about the way your brain really wants to work if given a chance. Our brain would love to be more focused, engaged, and passionate in our service but we've never been taught how to marshal all those billions of neurons. The brain isn't that interested in the dates of battles or in conjugating verbs — in the kind of work asked of it in school. It would like to dream large and really bite into what interests it.

Autumn Writing Prompts

Fall Leave Behinds: Write Your Own Autumn Greeting Cards

By Chris Dunmire

Fall CardsIt is easy to pluck a greeting card off the rack and post a meme graphic on social media, but personalized hand-written messages remain highly prized treasures! Let me open the space for you to engage your writing and creativity. While greeting cards celebrating birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and Christmas are Hallmarks of traditional celebratory giving, here's a unique opportunity for you to break the mold and dig into the reason for the season. Celebrate the beauty of autumn and the gifts it ushers in, including special holidays for family fun and togetherness — Halloween and Thanksgiving — with some creative writing, right here, right now.

Fostering Creativity

Physicist Richard P. Feynman on Children and Creativity

By Abby Connors

Fostering CreativityI’ve learned a great deal about teaching creative thinking to young children from a man who wasn’t an artist, but a scientist. Richard P. Feynman was one of the greatest physicists of our time. He was well known for his work in quantum mechanics, subatomic particles, and quantum electrodynamics, and I don’t have the slightest clue as to what these are. His research earned him a Nobel Prize, but that’s not what influenced me. More meaningful to me is his approach to learning and teaching.

Juicy Journal & Wild Words

Playing with Paint: Let's Get Messy!

By Molly J. Anderson-Childers

Juicy JournalsIf you are longing to get outside, or at least get your hands dirty, why not explore painting, the messiest art form of them all? Paint gets everywhere, so wear old clothes, or cover up with old paint shirts and a sarong, coveralls, or old jeans. The best place to paint is outside, on a sunny day. If the weather isn't cooperating, or it isn't quite spring yet in your neck of the woods, use a tarp or an old sheet to protect your floor and designate a room in your house for a studio. If you have the means, buy an easel. If you don't, an old table will do, or even a lap-desk or a large clipboard. You can still have fun. Paint pictures full of light to cheer up a cloudy day. Stuck in a blizzard? Paint a beach scene, and escape to paradise with your Muses!

Printables for Patrons

Boost your Brain Power
with Tree-mendous Memory!

By Chris Dunmire

Treemendous Memory! GameDid you know memory-boosting exercises help improve brain function and positively impact your creative ability as you age? That's why so many sage people are addicted to puzzles like word searches and Sudoku! Here's a playful way to exercise your memory and boost your brainpower: Play my Tree-mendous Memory! game. It comes in two editions: Fall and Spring and can be downloaded in four different styles.

Creativity & Spirituality

Homo Sentiens: Feeling Human

By Jan Phillips

No Ordinary TimeSomeone asked me what I thought was dying to be born. Homo sapiens, I said. Homo sapiens (Latin: "wise man" or "knowing man") is dying to be born into the next iteration — the homo sentiens, perhaps. Homo sapiens knows, but look where that's got us. Brains without a heart. Homo sentiens (Latin: "feeling human") will bridge the brain-heart gap and compassion — "feeling with" — will be their modus operandi.

DaVinci's Genius Habits

Awakening Your Senses

By Linda Dessau

DavinciAs artists, we get to play in the land of the senses as often as we allow ourselves to. And our gift to the world is that we help others to engage their senses through what we create. Da Vinci took great care to create an environment that nourished every one of his senses. Nothing was there by chance.

Guided Imagery

Courage in Creative Expression: Bear Medicine Meditation

By Molly Childers & Chris Dunmire

courageWhat is your definition of courage? What does courage symbolize to you? For this meditation, ponder this, as you close your eyes. Is courage a trait you possess — or one you wish to find more of in your heart?

The Nine Modern Day Muses

Muse Spills: The Beauty of ImperFection

By Jill Badonsky, MEd

Symbol of SpillsI've written on the art of making mistakes and of being imperfect in the creative process — I've made several mistakes in the course of my career, my creative process, my relationships and with a turn off I took in east L.A during rush hour. Mistakes are requirements for growth and discovery. They are rituals of initiation at the beginning of a process and scare off 80% of people pursuing a path that could bring so much joy and reward if they only allowed themselves to be imperfect. So many people really do hesitate to follow their bliss because they fear failure or cannot tolerate their own incompetence at the beginning of a process — where they are supposed to be nothing but incompetent and nonjudgmental. I find this is particularly rampant with people who are very competent in another area of their lives or would like to return to a creative arena where they were once very productive and successful. Their unrealistic expectations immobilize them.

Creativity & Inspiration

The Devil on Your Shoulder

By Tom Evans

LightbulbThe functions of our left and right brains are pretty much entrenched in popular psychology. In many a Tom and Jerry cartoon you see a devil appearing on one shoulder and an angel on the other. You may not have noticed but it is common urban mythology for the devil to be on the left shoulder and the angel on the right shoulder. If you get a great idea, the devil might whisper things like, "Don't be silly, it will never work" and "Isn't this just like every other invention you've come up with?"

Art Perspectives

Art Appreciation: 'La Grande Jatte'

By Chris Dunmire

SeuratIn my art appreciation class I was given the task to compare and contrast two pieces of famous art. Critera included viewing one piece in person at an art gallery and another online and report my subjective findings on the visual elements, principles of design, and differences of my experience viewing the art in each way. For my in-person piece, I went to Chicago's Art Institute to see Georges Seurat's iconic painting, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte. Next, I found Constantin Brancusi's cherished series and piece, Bird in Space online.

Premiums for Pass Holders

Halloween Tricks & Treats for Teachers

By Chris Dunmire

Tricks and TreatsHalloween Tricks & Treats for Teachers contains a celebratory assortment of playful projects, ponderable puzzles, and printable pranks to use in the classroom with students during Halloween week to inspire creative thinking, art, and writing. Features: Fake Scare-Rots Seed Packet, How to Draw a Cartoony Pumpkin, The World's Hardest Halloween Word Search Puzzle, Vumpire Teeth word play, Pumpkin Patch Kit, and Pumpkin Poetry Story Book prompt, and more.


The Critics in Your Head Are Not You

SARK On Loving Wildly, Learning Deeply, & Living Fully

Glad No Matter What Q&A with SARK

What to Do With Change and Losses

Tear, Glue, and Paint Mixed-Media Masterpieces

Creative Collage Combinations

Q&A with Author Cheryl Pallant

Moving Into Writing and Sensate Awareness

Resonant Writing as Somatic Path

Synergetic Awareness in Somatic Writing

Autumn Writing Prompts

Fall Treemendous Memory!

Mastering Creative Anxiety Series

Rethinking Depression Series

The Van Gogh Blues Series

Creative Writing Prompts

'Saucy Millionaire' Writing Exercise

By Bonnie Neubauer

Saucy MillionaireToday’s mail consists of three bills you can’t afford to pay, and one of your SASEs (self-addressed, stamped envelopes). You throw out the envelope and make dinner. An hour later, your curiosity about the assumed rejection letter gets the better of you, and you retrieve the sauce-covered envelope from the trash can. Inside the envelope, you find a real-looking money order for $2,000,000. The stamp isn’t canceled; the return address is your own. There is a computer-printed note that explains the money is for you to become a full-time writer. There is one stipulation, and if you violate it, the money will be taken back, and whatever was spent will be collected, no holds barred.

97 Creativity Tips to Achieving Your Artistic Goals

The Logic of Brainstorms

Taking a Creative Escape

Cultural Permission to Create

The Opinions of Others

Crafting a Starting Ritual

Taking the Bad with the Good

Childhood Educator Abigail Connors Interview

The Secret (and Very Creative) Life of Puppets

Teachers: Use Your Creativity to Find the Beauty of Burnout

How to Help Children Stay Creative

Keep 'Creativity Folders' of Children's Ideas

6 Ways Music and Movement Help Children Learn

The Crunchy Munchy Salad Activity

Creating Music and Dance with Young Children

Juicy Journal & Wild Words Intro

Recipes for Creative Journaling Entrees

Creating an Artist's Sketchbook

Creating a Nature Journal

Creating a Poet's Journal

Creating Travel Journals

Creating a Writer's Notebook

The Empty Well: Keys to Staying Juicy!

Playing with Paint: Let's Get Messy!

Tips to Journaling Online

Musing Through SARK's 'Make Your Creative Dreams Real'

Reflections on Eric Maisel's 'The Van Gogh Blues'

A Light Bulb Moment on Edison's Creative Genius

Contemplations on 'The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women'

Arte & Scienza: Using Both Sides of Your Brain

Sfumato: Being Open to Experience

Dimostrazione: Leaping into Your Experiences

Corporalita: Taking Care of Your Body

Sensazione: Awakening Your Senses

Connessione: Seeing the Connection in Everything

Curiosita: Being Curious About Everything

10 Ways Improvisation Helps Children Learn

Children Need to Know We Value Their Ideas

Creative Arts and Creative Thinking Are Not the Same Thing!

My Student Just Did Something Creative... Now What?

Think Outside the Catalog

The Secret Ingredient to Teaching Creativity

Never Say 'No' to Creativity

Prepare to Be Amazed with Creative Ideas

Raising Creative Children

E. Paul Torrance's Creative Manifesto for Children

10 Ways Improvisation Helps Children Learn

Children Need to Know We Value Their Ideas

The Creative Magic of Naming

Richard Feynman's 'Explore the World'

Robert Henri's 'The Art Spirit'

Writing: Just Do It

Writing Around Numbers

Habit Forming: Keeping a Journal

How to Write an Artist's Statement with Integrity

Design Principles in 'A Sunday on La Grande Jatte'

The 6-Day Pottery Class Experiment