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Botanical Ink and Plant-Based Living
There Once was an Artist from Nantucket...
Botanical InkIf you've ever wondered what it might be like to live as an artist on the Island of Nantucket, you'll want to talk with Debra Ponte. Every summer since birth she's visited the Island off the coast of Cape Cod with her family, until she decided to move there to live year-round as an adult. Let's see what she's been up to lately...

Jeannine McGlade & Andrew Pek
Jeannine McGladeStimulated! Habits to Spark Your Creative Genius at Work
This exclusive, multi-part series is based on Jeannine McGlade and Andrew Pek's Stimulated! Habits to Spark Your Creative Genius at Work and outlines the successful habits of innovative, inspired and passionate people. Included are tips and techniques to overcoming blocked creativity; building confidence and courage and taking risks; managing your energy, not your time; and using humor and play to ignite passion and creative genius.

· Overcome Blocked Creative Expression
· Getting Ready to Leap: Building Confidence and Courage
· Evolution, Creation, and Stimulation
· 5 Habits that Spark Your Creative Genius
· Managing Your Energy, Not Your Time
· Play — The Elixir of Creativity
· Amuse Yourself: Playing with Possibilities
· Stimulate Your Creative Genius
· Stimulus—The Catalyst to Spark Passion and Creativity at Work

Muses to Inspire You
MelpomeneCreating with the 9 Greek Muses
The original nine Athenian muses were the nine sister Goddesses of Imagination, Inspiration, and The Arts in ancient Greek mythology. Many cultures have celebrated, worshipped, and tried to entice the Muses. This series explores the variety of ways in which you can invoke each of the muses and enjoy their accompaniment in your own creative life.

· In Praise of Calliope: Invoking the Muse of Epic Poetry
· Clio's Lessons in History, Education, and Knowledge
· Erato: The Art and Soul of Sensual Poetry
· Making Marvelous New Music with Euterpe
· Melpomene: Muse of Tragedies and Elegies
· Polymnia: Muse of Sacred Song, Oratory, Lyric Poetry
· Terpsichore: Muse of Music and Dance
· Thalia: Athenian Muse of Comedy
· Urania: Astronomy, Astrology, and Universal Love

Lisa Agaran: Creativity & Psychology
Lisa AgaranIntegrative Therapy for the Creative Artist
Lisa Agaran is a professional Mixed Media Artist and Instructor. Prior to her art career she worked as a Licensed Therapist, Creativity Coach and Graphic Designer and taught one of the core certification courses at the Creativity Coaching Association. Integrating both her artistic and psychology background Lisa has worked with artists and creative professionals with their careers and creative potential. This series explores the journey through the hills and valleys of creativity, Highly Sensitive Personality (HSP) and creativity, depression as the repressed voice of creativity, and how to re-enter the creative process.

· Creativity — A Journey Through Hills and Valleys
· Highly Sensitive Personality and Creativity
· Creativity-Training Through The Senses
· Depression: The Repressed Voice of Creativity
· How to Re-enter the Creative Process

Bob Eckert's Innovation Leadership
Creating Growth Through Innovation
Bob EckertBob Eckert's work focuses on developing innovative organizations and innovation leaders via training, coaching and facilitation. A sought-after keynote speaker who has delighted audiences worldwide with what the Associated Press has described as "evangelical fervor" on the topics surrounding innovation, this series delves into "brain tuning", managing emotions to foster innovation, using humor to instigate creative thinking, moving through conflict and fear, and ultimately, surrendering to your humanity.

· Brain Tuning
· The Story of Conflict
· Managing Emotions to Foster Innovation
· Fear: The Great Innovation Killer
· Humor and Creative Thinking
· How to Build a Better Idea Trap
· Nobody's Perfect… or Surrender to Your Humanity

Printable Journal Coloring Pages
Magic Crayon Journaling
SignsThis fun and interactive journaling series by Patricia Mosca takes you on an unforgettable adventure of self-awareness and care as you follow writing prompts, set an intention and follow your dreams. Includes nine printable Magic Crayon Journal pages you can download and use for your own personal adventure.

· Get On Board: The Intention Train
· Start Your Creativity!
· Follow Your Dream Signs
· Notice the Time
· Light Your Lantern
· Punch Your Ticket to Ride
· Enter the Club Car
· Release the Pressure
· String Your Pearls of Wisdom

Nurturing Young Imaginations with Abby Connors
The Creative Magic of Naming
HelloMy pig puppet greeted the kindergarten class with his usual cheerful oinking. Then he whispered in my ear."Oh, you're hungry? You'd like some corn?" I asked him. He nodded. All the children held out their hands, filled with delicious imaginary corn, ready to feed the pig.

Your Creative Impulse
A Quest through Eric Maisel's ‘The Van Gogh Blues’
Van Gogh"Vincent Van Gogh's depression was so severe that he cut off his own ear and has come to be remembered as an icon representing the lives of tortured artists everywhere. And he is not alone. Depression and anxiety seem to come with the territory for artists, writers, actors, and other creative types regardless of the specific medium with which they express themselves."

Eric Maisel, PhD: The Van Gogh Blues
Meaningful Life, Meaningful Work, Meaningful Days
Van GoghIn order for you to live an authentic, meaningful life, which is the principal remedy for the depression creative people experience, you must feel that 1) the plan of your life is meaningful, 2) the work you do is meaningful, and 3) the way your spend your time is meaningful. These are three separate but related tasks, each with its own logic, demands, and obstacles.

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