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Hop, Skip, Jump
Marney Makridakis From Plato to Play-To
By Marney Makridakis
One way to define a meaningful life at its fullest is expression in action. It happens when you take something from inside and create it on the outside. This is true even if nobody else sees what you manifest. If you want to have better dental hygiene, it’s not enough to just get the idea. You need to adjust any beliefs that stand in the way; you need to try a few different ways to do it; and you need to start using the right brush, floss, or Waterpik and stay motivated to keep using them. It doesn’t matter if anyone else ever notices (though I imagine your dentist and your significant other would) — you have taken an idea from the inside and expressed it on the outside. Read more »

Children's Creativity
Abby Connors Fostering Creativity in Children
Teacher and author Abby Connors has a passion for working with young children and finds their amazing creative minds a joyous gift, a unique privilege, and an awesome responsibility. She's presented workshops for the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and other educational organizations and believes that as teachers and caregivers we have the power to squash their creative energies — or to inspire and encourage them to develop their individual creative gifts. Abby's inspiring and encouraging articles on Creativity Portal are a must-read.Read more »

Maisel Creativity
Making Your Creative Mark with Eric Maisel
Eric MaiselEric Maisel is the author of Making Your Creative Mark and twenty other creativity titles including Mastering Creative Anxiety, Brainstorm, Creativity for Life, and Coaching the Artist Within. Explore a host of Eric's engaging articles, interviews, book excerpts, and creativity tips relating to creativity, meaning-making, creativity and depression and more this expanding section of Eric Maisel features on Creativity Portal. Read more »

Writing Wild: Wild Instincts
By Tina Welling
Writing WildHow much does our outer world mirror our inner world? I am not promoting a way of life that leans on outer symbols as divination about our inner selves. I do promote living an alert life that accepts comfort, assurance, even guidance into our inner explorations from chance encounters in the outer world. Living a life that痴 sensitive to chance events and encounters carries the same benediction for one痴 happiness and welfare as driving at night: may you stay awake, watch out for wild animals, follow the light. Then write about it. Read more »

More: The Rhythms of Language | The Energy of Writing | Wild Words Heal

My Student Just Did Something Creative... Now What?
By Abby Connors
Nurturing Young ImaginationsThat inner 展ow! That tingle of excitement. That feeling of 添es! That痴 what it痴 all about! That痴 the moment that makes me so thankful to be a teacher of young children when a child spontaneously, unselfconsciously creates a song, a way to play a musical instrument, a new dance move. That痴 the moment that shows me that I致e created a safe place to share ideas, and that the child痴 imagination is active and thriving. Read more »

Writing Prompts Book Ring Project
By Maria Chatzi
OpenIgnite your imagination; exercise your writing skills! Secret decoder writing prompts ring. The word associations and the combinations to be made with the writing prompts in this book ring are enough to ignite your imagination and help you exercise your writing skills daily for a whole year. Read more »

Opening to Healing
By Anne Marie Bennett
OpenSometimes a SoulCollage® card comes together in a way that puzzles me, because I’m not sure what it could possibly mean. I made this card soon after my mastectomy in 2011 after being diagnosed with secondary angiosarcoma in my left breast. I was feeling worn out, wounded and somehow “damaged goods.” Then these images “found me” and I put them together on this card. When I journaled with these beings, they spoke to me as a unit. And the relief I experienced was enormous, as I listened to the message that they brought me. Read more »

A Cast of Shadows
By Cynthia Staples
Bird Sometimes, when I am walking through the woods, tree bark reminds me of canvas. The setting sun is transformed into an artist painting upon the textured surface of every tree around me. Luminous fingers touch here and there as it makes its descent into dusk. Read more »

Club Car
By Patricia Mosca
Club Car Being with others is a way to learn more about who we are. There are times when seeing the ride through the eyes of someone else allows us to open up to new ideas. We get to discover different viewpoints that we might not have considered. We get to discover different ways of doing things. We get to learn new and exciting ways to ride our train. When we get going too fast with our own ride, other points of view can sometimes become blurred. Read more »

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