Rethinking Depression

Fully Engaged

Fully EngagedThought Awareness Training: The First Step
By Thomas M. Sterner
To be fully engaged in an activity means to be present in this moment and in what you are doing right now. It also means to be completely content in that experience. There is no anxiousness about or sense of longing for the future, and there is no regret about the past. In our culture, living in this manner has become very foreign to us.

Writing & Publishing

BookThe Knockout Nonfiction Book Proposal
By Jeff Herman
The quality of your nonfiction book proposal will invariably make the difference between success and failure. Before agents and publishers will accept a work of fiction (especially from a newer writer), they require a complete manuscript. But nonfiction projects are different: a proposal alone can do the trick. This is what makes nonfiction writing a much less speculative and often more lucrative endeavor (relatively speaking) than fiction writing.

Natalie GoldbergWriting Down the Bones: Advice for Writers
By Natalie Goldberg
From a young age, Natalie Goldberg was mad for books and reading. A dedicated teacher, workshop leader, and author of the classic Writing Down the Bones Goldberg has taught writing and literature for the last thirty-five years. This series incorporates interviews and articles incorporating her teachings and Zen practice.

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Healing Through Creativity

Mastering Creative AnxietyRethinking Depression
By Eric Maisel, PhD
You may be thinking, "Well, psychiatrists, psychologists, family therapists, and other mental health professionals surely know what to do with these symptom pictures. Maybe it isn't an exact science but more like an art, where, through practice, these professionals begin to discern the difference between a mental disorder and a life challenge. So, even though the system is flawed, practitioners do know important things about mental disorders."

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HealingHealing Abandonment is a Creative Process
By Susan Anderson
Healing abandonment involves summoning your creative energy. Your task is to create positive gains from adversity, growth in the place of woundedness. Whether you are struggling through a painful breakup, triggered by childhood issues that impinge in your life, fired from a job, feeling dismissed by a friend, or isolated because you can稚 seem to find a relationship, abandonment recovery involves digging deep for personal resources you haven稚 had to tap before, discovering a new wellspring of power.

Lisa AgaranIntegrative Therapy for the Creative Artist
By Lisa Agaran
Integrating both her artistic and psychology background Lisa has worked with artists and creative professionals with their careers and creative potential. This series explores the journey through the hills and valleys of creativity, Highly Sensitive Personality (HSP) and creativity, depression as the repressed voice of creativity, and how to re-enter the creative process.

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Creativity & Innovation at Work

Jeannine McGladeHabits to Spark Your Creative Genius
By Jeannine McGlade
This stimulating series is based on Jeannine McGlade and Andrew Pek's Stimulated! Habits to Spark Your Creative Genius at Work and outlines the successful habits of innovative, inspired and passionate people.

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Bob EckertGrowth Through Innovation
By Bob Eckert
Bob Eckert's work focuses on developing innovative organizations and innovation leaders via training, coaching and facilitation. A sought-after keynote speaker on topics surrounding innovation, this series delves into "brain tuning", managing emotions to foster innovation, using humor to instigate creative thinking, moving through conflict and fear, and ultimately, surrendering to your humanity.

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