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The Day Job Survival Kit
The Impossible Dream and Persistence
By Durga Walker
The Day Job Survival Kit“Never give up” is a message you’ll read over and over again on the pages of Creativity Portal. That’s because it just might be the single most important factor in success. But what about those dreams that seem impossible? Let’s talk about them for a moment, and let’s be real. Read more »

Taming Your Outer Child
Outer Child and Your Future
By Susan Anderson
Taming Your Outer ChildBuilding a better relationship with yourself includes developing a more confident sense of future. Everyone has a sense of future. Though they’re not always conscious of this sense, it looms in the background, working for or against them. For most people, it’s a vague assortment of assumptions ranging from positive to negative about where life seems to be taking them. Read more »

Grow Your Creativity
What You Focus On Grows
By Chris Dunmire
FlowersLong before The Secret made the Law of Attraction a household phrase, I understood the concept in an intuitive sense through experience and observation, and practiced it faithfully to move forward in my life. It's funny; I didn't know it had a label, or that consciousness movements had been beating its drum for decades. What I did know by about my mid-20s is that if I wanted things in my life to change, I had to put forth the intention and energy to affect and make the change. Read more »

Magic Crayon Journal Prompts
Follow Your Dream Signs
By Patricia Mosca
Signs The Intention Train is speeding down the track, are you paying attention to the signs along your route? Paying attention to the signs to our dreams is often a difficult one. For our own reasons we sometimes hesitate at the beginning of the path, when we should be moving forward with excitement and joy. Read more »

Inspiration vs. Perspiration
Light Bulb A Light Bulb Moment on Edison's Creative Genius
By Chris Dunmire
Thank goodness for Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931). This passionate man — credited with having a hand in creating useful, life-changing inventions such as the phonograph, light bulb, and telephone, along with having multiple electrical, mechanical, and chemical patents behind his name — left us with an incredible insight about genius. Read more »

Hop, Skip, Jump
Marney Makridakis Sacred Play
By Marney Makridakis
As you池e happily Skipping along, you will surely encounter challenges: both everyday frustrations and challenges that shake you to your very core. These challenges threaten to stop you mid-Skip and bring your momentum to a halt. Think how often you have heard someone perhaps even yourself say, 摘verything was going great until xyz happened, and then nothing else happened for years. Now, I know that xyz must feel downright apocalyptic why else would it be at the end of the alphabet? But you can use play, even in the midst of alphabetic tragedy. Read more »

Magic Crayon Journal Prompts
Start Your Creativity!
By Patricia Mosca
START Your Creativity! How often have you started different things only to stop before completion? You know, those things that perhaps were put aside because you compared them to others, you thought it was a ‘good idea’ at the time, oh yes and the best one… ‘it just isn’t good enough.’ Then of course there is the ‘to do list’ that grows ever longer because you tell yourself that you ‘don’t have the time’ or ‘I’m just not creative enough.’ Read more »

The Zone
The Zone The Addiction Zone
By Tom Evans
Many addictions start off as routines and the first level of addiction can be relatively harmless or even beneficial.

So for example, I wrote each of these chapters immediately after morning meditation and before answering emails. This is a habit I find hard to break nowadays so you could say that I am addicted to doing it this way. Read more »

Hop, Skip, Jump
Marney Makridakis Your Mission Paintment
By Marney Makridakis
The phrase “If you build it, he will come” holds a lot of energy in the Hop phase. In the film Field of Dreams, it was the voice that Kevin Costner’s character heard whispered whenever he visited the field. It was the voice he listened to whenever he faced doubts.

When you think of “If you build it, he will come,” what is your “it”? What are you building? Organizations, companies, and businesses have mission statements to clarify what they want to build. Contemporary personal development books encourage us to write a mission statement to encompass who we are and what we want to create. Read more »

Words and Images
Practicing Patience Practicing Patience
By Cynthia Staples
It happened on a Saturday. I was at home, hungry, walking toward my last pot of nasturtium. I planned to pick all of the dark green leaves for a final salad. A tasty conclusion to my summer experiment. You see, throughout the summer, I had grown nasturtium plants from seed. A first time endeavor for me as an indoor gardener. Read more »

Hop, Skip, Jump
Marney Makridakis From Plato to Play-To
By Marney Makridakis
One way to define a meaningful life at its fullest is expression in action. It happens when you take something from inside and create it on the outside. This is true even if nobody else sees what you manifest. If you want to have better dental hygiene, it’s not enough to just get the idea. You need to adjust any beliefs that stand in the way; you need to try a few different ways to do it; and you need to start using the right brush, floss, or Waterpik and stay motivated to keep using them. It doesn’t matter if anyone else ever notices (though I imagine your dentist and your significant other would) — you have taken an idea from the inside and expressed it on the outside. Read more »

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