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Collage creationsTear, Glue, and Paint Mixed Media Masterpieces

A Collage Primer with Chris Dunmire

Collage art is a fun and relaxing way to begin experimenting with the endless possibilities of mixed media. This tutorial provides a loose framework for how to begin a mixed media project starting with magazine collage, adding in embellishments or found objects, and then applying additional media. After you've mastered the basics, you can explore creating your art on a variety of substrates such as book covers or wood panels and play with unique textures, effects, and more. [...]

Deanne FitzpatrickCreating Art: 'The Spirit in the Mat'

Rug Hooking with Deanna Fitzpatrick

When I start a mat, I'll just let it flow, and I'll tell the truth as I see it, knowing you might see it differently and that's okay. The truth is I don't know how to get you to put your spirit into your work. I can only speak for myself, and how I do it. I hope that you can get some glimmer of sense from what I am about to tell you.

The Art of the Critique | Romancing the Cod | Creativity and Inspiration | Digging for Ideas | Ideas to Nourish Creative Genius

Jill BadonskyCreativity and Humor from the 9 Modern Day Muses!

(and a Bodyguard) with Jill Badonsky, MEd

Jill takes the nine classical Greek Muses and updates them for our time, personifying 10 principles designed to overcome creative blocks and embrace the wonders of self-expression. Each Muse will take you on a journey through empowering exercises to awaken creativity, brainstorming, spiritual affirmations, journaling, muse walks, rituals to inspire faith and confidence, and quotes from Mortals who've been inspired by the Muses. More...

Another Fine Myth | Aha-phrodite | Albert | Audacity | Bea Silly | Lull | Marge | Muse Song | Shadow Muse | Spills | Arnold the Bodyguard

clockTime and Flow with Marney Makradakis

Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life

Author and creativity expert Marney Makridakis invites you to make dynamic shifts in your life by organically reshaping the way you think about and use time. Explore kronos and kairos, synchronicity, and flow through the lens of the ancient Greeks, Maslow, Csikszentmihalyi, and Jung.

Kronos and Kairos | Time through Flow | Authenticity | Everday Flow | Synchronicity | Meaning | Plato to Play-To | Mission Paintment | Sacred Play

Denise JadenS.P.A.R.K. Habits: Be Positive

Story Sparks with Denise Jaden

In The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin suggests we shouldn't be afraid to use our best ideas. It may be our tendency to want to save them, but instead we should trust we will get more and better ideas. Rubin says, "Spending out, to become rich." I admit, thinking and acting and speaking positive words takes practice. More...

Plus: Getting Unblocked From Writer's Block

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Writing for BlissWriting as Therapy

Writing for Bliss with Diana Raab

Today, many therapists use writing to augment talk therapy. In fact, sometimes writing is a vital part of many psychological interventions. Usually, writing is a solitary activity that can be done before or after a therapy session. Sometimes practitioners ask their clients to share their writings as a springboard for beginning the discussion. More...

The Story You Need to TellYour Life-Changing Story

The Story You Need to Tell with Sandra Marinella

We all have a story. Sometimes it is the story of being knocked to the ground — perhaps because of a cancer diagnosis or the death of a loved one. And if we aren't careful a story like this can get buried within us. We can deny it ever happened and this might lead to physical or psychological problems. Let's explore how we can find and begin to navigate a story we need to tell. More...

Creative ProcessDepression: The Repressed Voice of Creativity

The Creative Process with Lisa Agaran

To be creative is to be human. We were born with the innate drive to pursue creative inclinations. Creative energy has motivated us to build shelter in challenging climates, find food when resources were scarce or develop weapons to protect against predators. Our built in innovativeness has also motivated men and women towards advancements in medicine and technology, driving artists to create masterpieces on ceilings or philosophers find meaning in life's complexities. It has helped us to survive as a species. More...

Highly Sensitive Person and Creativity | Creativity: A Journey Through Hills and Valleys | Creativity-Training Through The Senses | How to Re-enter Creative Process | More...

HabitsTaking Creative Risks

Habits to Spark Your Creative Genius with Jeannine McGlade

As business professionals, authors, and consultants, we work in a world in which our faith in our ideas and actions is tested time and time again. When we take a risk by suggesting a new idea and a path that we are convinced will help others grow, we know that we will be opening ourselves up to potential criticism and loss of control. More...

Overcome Blocks | The Need to Create | Shape Creative Genius | Manage Energy, Not Time | Play | Possibilities | Stimulate Creative Genius | Spark Passion | More...

InnovationBusiness Innovation with Johnathan Vehar

Jonathan Vehar is a Senior Partner at New & Improved, an organizational development firm focused on the people skills for innovation. Organizations that have benefited from his training, keynote presentations and facilitation include: Disney; GE; Johnson & Johnson; Kraft; McDonalds; Pfizer; Texas Instruments, the US EPA; and various business schools. More...

188 Innovation Strategies | Celebrating Failure | Turning Off Judgment | Innovation Space Exploration | Diving Deeper into Innovation | Generate Better Ideas | How to Be Creative | The Value of Making Mistakes | Avoid Killing the Next Big Idea | Ask Right Questions | SCAMPER Method | Elevator Speech

Art of the SongCreating When You Don't Feel Like It

Creativity Corner with Eileen Kalinowski

Sometimes I don't feel very creative, or inspired, or even very smart. There are tugs on my consciousness from work, from home, unresolved conflicts, questions that have no answers and will probably remain that way for some time. The very last thing that occurs to me in these times is to pick up my pen, or go to my piano, or start something new. More...

The Collaborative Power of Creativity
For 18 years, Chris Dunmire's Creativity Portal has inspired millions of individuals worldwide to deeply explore, nurture, and express their inner authentic creativity as a way to feel fully alive and connected to others in a more joyful, collaborative, and compassionate way.

KindnessKindness: Pass It On!

Free Kindness Cards

Blaise Pascal said, "Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much." We all have immense power to make this world a kinder place through our words and deeds. Add more kindness into your day by using these free printable kindness seeds to sow and spread more 'kindfulness mindfulness' around your community, workplace, or school. [...]

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Natalie GoldbergBeginner's Mind, Pen and Paper

Writing with Natalie Goldberg

When I teach a beginning class, it is good. I have to come back to beginner's mind, the first way I thought and felt about writing. In a sense, that beginner's mind is what we must come back to every time we sit down and write. There is no security, no assurance that because we wrote something good two months ago, we will do it again. Actually, every time we begin, we wonder how we ever did it before. Each time is a new journey with no maps. More...

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