97 Creativity Tips

Making Your Creative Mark Refresher Course

97 Creativity Tips97 Creativity Tips to Achieving Your Artistic Goals
Be consistent in showing up. Getting to your creative work only once in a while won't keep it alive. Make routine and regularity sacred words! Who knows how many artists fail because the light that shines through them is refracted in a thousand directions and not concentrated in a single beam? Pick projects and complete them! It is not really possible to work on a thousand things at once.

Invoking the Muses

Aha-PhroditeAnother Fine Myth: The 9 Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)
I looked up from my latte's snowy foam to see nine Muses sideling up to my table with expressions of suppressed laughter, and the kind of raised eyebrows that foretell impending surprise. These Muses, however, were not of ancient Greece. They were a new and improved, updated variety; colorful, hip, full of chutzpa AND they had a bodyguard with them.

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MelpomeneCreating with the 9 Athenian Muses
The original nine Greek Muses were the nine sister Goddesses of Imagination, Inspiration, and The Arts in ancient Greek mythology. Many cultures have celebrated, worshipped, and tried to entice the Muses. This series explores the variety of ways in which you can invoke each of the muses and enjoy their accompaniment in your own creative life.

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Writing & Journaling

Natalie GoldbergNatalie Goldberg's Good Advice for Writers
From a young age, Natalie Goldberg was mad for books and reading. A dedicated teacher, workshop leader, and author of the classic Writing Down the Bones Goldberg has taught writing and literature for the last thirty-five years. This series incorporates interviews and articles incorporating her teachings and Zen practice.

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Printable Journal Coloring Pages
Magic Crayon Journaling
SignsFun, interactive journaling series by Patricia Mosca takes you on an unforgettable adventure of self-awareness and care as you follow writing prompts, set an intention and follow your dreams. Includes nine printable Magic Crayon Journal pages you can download and use for your own personal adventure.

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Creativity & Innovation at Work

Jeannine McGladeStimulated! Habits to Spark Your Creative Genius at Work
This stimulating series is based on Jeannine McGlade and Andrew Pek's Stimulated! Habits to Spark Your Creative Genius at Work and outlines the successful habits of innovative, inspired and passionate people.

Explore more: Overcome Blocked Creativity | Build Confidence & Courage | Evolution, Creation, and Stimulation | 5 Habits to Spark Your Creative Genius | Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time | Play — The Elixir of Creativity | Playing with Possibilities | Stimulate Your Creative Genius | Spark Creativity at Work

Bob EckertCreating Growth Through Innovation
Bob Eckert's work focuses on developing innovative organizations and innovation leaders via training, coaching and facilitation. A sought-after keynote speaker on topics surrounding innovation, this series delves into "brain tuning", managing emotions to foster innovation, using humor to instigate creative thinking, moving through conflict and fear, and ultimately, surrendering to your humanity.

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Psychology & Creativity

Lisa AgaranIntegrative Therapy for the Creative Artist
Integrating both her artistic and psychology background Lisa has worked with artists and creative professionals with their careers and creative potential. This series explores the journey through the hills and valleys of creativity, Highly Sensitive Personality (HSP) and creativity, depression as the repressed voice of creativity, and how to re-enter the creative process.

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