Bea SillyBea Silly: Fun is an Elixir of Spontaneous Ideas

9 Modern Day Muses with Jill Badonsky

Bea Silly is the Muse of Play, Humor and Lightening Up. She is the third Muse in the modern day upgrade that happened when the classic Greek Muses were unable to keep up with the pressures and distractions of the 21st century.

In Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching we find that questions are vital to the creative process. We ask a lot of them and we prescribe small ones to clients as antecedents for AH-HA experiences. The brain loves to play with questions; the mode of curiosity is closest to that of the child. When we ask questions we activate the brains percolation systems and this is very creative indeed.

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Honor Your True Creativity!

What does it mean to 'honor your true creativity'? It means, first, recognizing that your creative gifts are unique and valuable and that you never need to be in competition or an imitation of someone else. What you bring forth in honest earnestness from your own reservoir is an irreplaceable distillation that is purely you. What a gift!

Next, honoring your true creativity means knowing that by sharing your gifts openly with those you trust, you will deepen your own experience of living while enriching the lives of others. True creativity brings connection. Connection brings understanding, compassion, empathy, and so much more that propells us to work together in cooperation and collaboration instead of competition. Worthwhile, indeed.

Moving Into Writing

Sensate awareness with Cheryl Pallant

You master an important initial step when you sit at your desk to write: showing up. Positioning yourself at the desk conveys an intent to commit words to the page. Manifesting the intent should follow, but for some of us, that next step can be tricky. We may get stuck in a swirl of thoughts in search of the appropriate first line. Or we reach page two or ten and a day later, deem the words embarrassing fluff and hit the delete key.

Art of the SongThe Concept of Source

Creativity Corner with Lisa de Burlo

In Art of the Song, and in our creative lives at large, we often talk about the concept of Source.

We talk about sources for inspiration, sources for our energy, sources for learning, and even, and all too frequently for us creative types, sources for income. But what does Source, at its heart, really mean for us, and how do we recognize and nurture its role in our lives?

Understanding and honoring our own ways of finding our Source can be important for making the connections that help us grow and bloom creatively. Often, to make any sense of where we are going, we need a strong sense of where, who, and what we are drawing from to get there.

Inner Journaler

SoulCollage® with Anne Marie Bennett

Inner Voices of CreativityLead me to the notebook aisle in any office supply store and everything else fades away. Give me an empty notebook with a few colored pens, some soft music and candlelight, and I'm in sweet heaven. I'm quite familiar with this inner part of me who loves to journal. She made herself known to me when I was ten years old, and she's been tucked tightly within my heart ever since.

Silhouetted figureLess is More

Reflect and Write with Hank Kellner

Less is more. There's really nothing complicated about the photo shown below. A figure stands silhouetted against a gray-to-black background. In the far distance, a bright circle hovers over the horizon.

Photographs are wonderful teaching aids. They can be used to elicit responses from the most reluctant students. They can be used to trigger the imaginations of students from elementary school through college. They can be used to inspire either expository or creative pieces. When you use them to encourage writing in the classroom, never again will students complain that they have nothing to write about.

Eric Maisel6 Creative Escape Ideas

Meaning-Making with Eric Maisel

A creative escape is a little time-out-of-time that you carve from your schedule to devote to running away to art.

A creative escape is like getting away for a romantic weekend with your lover — except in this case your lover is your creative nature. It is a chance to fall back in love with music, poetry, and silence.

As you organize your time, using, for example, a three-month planner, pencil in one day every two weeks to get away from your usual routine and re-experience your love of art. This day away is a good idea whether you are stalled or working productively on a project.

How to Nourish and Flourish Your Own Creative Style

Everyone is Creative! with Kelle Walsh

PaintingIf you've ever taken a class in drawing, painting or pottery, and despite your best effort, couldn't make the final result look anything like the model shown, you may have thought, "I don't have a creative bone in my body." According to scientists, who for the past 20 years have put the elusive subject of creativity through the rigors of research, you'd be wrong.

The Red Door: Expanding Your Capacity for Inspiration

Guided Imagery with Molly Childers

Our capacity for inspiration is limitless, yet all too often we find ourselves blocked, or stuck. Navigating a long dry stretch in your creative journey is never easy. It helps to look at the root causes of creative blocks, so you can better understand and deal with these obstacles to your soul-work.

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Natalie GoldbergEngendering Compassion

Writing with Natalie Goldberg

am on a Greek island right now: the Aegean Sea, cheap rooms on the beach, nude swimming, little tavernas where you sit under dried bamboo sipping ouzo, taste octopus, watch the great sun set. I am thirty-six and my friend who is with me is thirty-nine. It is the first time either of us has been to Europe. We take in everything, but only halfway because we are busy always, always talking.

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