Natalie Goldberg: Freeing the Writer Within

your creative impulse
Forget What They Say! (PDF Download)
“Oh, you’re a writer, what have you published?” is the question often asked because the expectation is so pervasive and infers that its two things instead of one. But being a writer has nothing to do with being published or making money off of what you create.

Nurturing Young Imaginations
6 Ways Music and Movement Activities Help Children Learn and Grow
Shake, Rattle, and RollScientists have found that music activates the cerebellum, which is also involved in the coordination and timing of movement. This is a connection but not a causal relationship. Possibly, we want to move to music because the beat seems to demand a rhythmic response.

Plus: The Crunchy Munchy Salad Activity for Teachers

Creative Writing Exercise
Brickstorming: Write Your Legacy Brick
BrickstormingAfter I had the creative opportunity to write a playful message on a brick for a Celebration Garden in my community, I wondered how challenging others would find the idea of writing a legacy brick message of their own with the same limitations I had from the brick engraving company. Want to try? Let's do some brick storming!

Creativity Imagineer Michael Michalko
MichalkoMichael Michalko is a highly-acclaimed creativity expert and author of multiple creativity books and tools. He's extensively studied how the creative mind works and writes prolifically on how anyone can be more creative by imitating the habits of famous thinkers, inventors, and innovators.
· 12 Things Not Taught in School
· 101 Creativity Tips
· What DaVinci, Edison and Whitman Had in Common
· The Tale of 5 Monkeys | More...

Muses to Inspire You
The Elements: Air
MuseLet the Muses of Air inspire you to soar with the swans — even if you feel like an ugly duckling today. When I researched muses and goddesses; deities from all over the world, I found that there were air goddesses or air muses in nearly every culture, in every region of the globe from the icy reaches of the Arctic wastelands to right here in the American Southwest.

Lynda Lehmann's Artistic Perspectives
Think Small (No, I'm not Joking...)
PaintingI know, I know! You're thinking: “All my life, people have been telling me to ‘think big!’ So why is this nut telling me to ‘think small?’” Actually, I do have a reason. It's very simple. When you fine tune your vision, turn it towards detail, new worlds await! There is magic in minutiae.

Freeing the Writer Within
Natalie Goldberg: 'I don't believe in writer's block'
Natalie GoldbergWhat is the biggest obstacle in your creative path at present? Oddly my biggest obstacle right now is getting the time to write. I make a living as a writer — I just signed a new contract for a new book — and yet I have to fight for the time. Daily life is so seductive and pulls at you. I'm not married, I don't have children and yet I have to almost steal the time like a thief.

Artistic Perspectives
What Good Art Does to Us
PaintingI think that what makes a work of art singular or important is not its pretty, pictorial quality. It is its ability to stand alone as a totality that springs with its own life from the page. To people who ask why a particular piece of work is effective, I would say that when a work of art is good, our intuitive and sensory recognition precede our attempts to define the ingredients of its success.

Freeing the Writer Within
Natalie Goldberg: Engendering Compassion
Art from Thunder and LightningI am a writer. Writers spend a lot of time alone writing. Also, being an artist in our society makes us lonely. Everyone else leaves in the morning for work and structured jobs. Artists live outside that built-in social system. More »

Act Like a Genius
Leap into Experiences
DavinciGetting to the point of fully experiencing the present moment is something that takes practice. Usually we're caught up in our thoughts; worrying, “What is he/she thinking about me?”, rewinding, “I blew it, how could I have done that!”, or analyzing, “What do I make of this, and how does it fit in with my established beliefs and opinions?” More »

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