Rock Painting Tutorials

Adorable Love Bug Rock Painting Projects

BugsCould anyone resist to these funny lovebugs? They make a beautiful gift and are a statement of love. Choose the model and color combination you wish, photos will guide you every step of the way, happy rock painting!

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Guided Imagery

Courage in Creative Expression: Bear Medicine Meditation

LeeArtistic creation in any medium is a great act of courage. Even braver? Sharing your work with the world. If you're longing for more courage, if you crave the soul-deep bravery required to tackle a new project, you must first face your fears. Tame them, stare them down, wrestle them to a fall, and keep walking. Here is a meditation for facing a fear.

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The Right-Brain Business Plan

Lee: Crafting Your Business Vision and Values

LeeWhere is your business headed, and what do you and your company stand for? Your work, like that of most creative entrepreneurs, authentically expresses who you are. You set up shop because you want to do things your own way and make your unique impact on the world. Your creative business reflects your vision, values, and voice.

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Chronic Creativity

Mack: Hallucinations: Hearing the Created Work Speak

Angela K. MackAfter watching The Mystery of Picasso directed by Henri-George Clouzot, I was struck by the fact that Picasso frequently changed his art in the process of creating it. The movie shows Picasso's passion by allowing the viewer to watch him make every stroke. One painting, On the Beach No. 1, was changed by Picasso countless numbers of times. I watched him as he colored over a previously created face in order to make a new face.

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Write What You See

PhotosKellner: Using Photography to Inspire Writing

If "One picture is worth a thousand words," can one picture also inspire a thousand words? Of course it can. That's why educators are becoming increasingly aware of the power photographs have to unlock students' imaginations and help them express themselves through written language.

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Reflect and Write

ScreamKellner: Why Do People Respond So Enthusiastically to Graphic Images?

Whether you're seeking inspiration for your own writing, teaching students at any level, or conducting workshops or seminars for others, you'll find that photographs and other images are powerful aids to eliciting creative responses and inspiring writing.

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The Nine Modern Day Muses

Aha-phroditeBadonsky: Paying Attention to Possibilities with Aha-phrodite

Aha-phrodite's name was inspired from Aphrodite, goddess of Love and Beauty and well-known daughter of Zeus and Hera. The "Aha" portion of the name was gleaned, of course, from the A-HA! discovery of a new idea. It was then combined with the old Greek name stem "phrodite," from Aphrodite, making her name a combination of both old and new. This, they believed, was politically correct.

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Childers: In Praise of Calliope

Creating an epic poem is a deep dive into the unknown. You never know, when you begin, how it will all end... not for sure. Characters are slippery things, and hard to manage. They will twist away from your tight grip and run wild, if you let them. (And I strongly encourage you to let them!) Let them surprise you, thrill you, and lead you along strange lonely roads.

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Art of the Song

Eric MaiselMaisel: The Opinions of Others

Isn't this a lesson that we have to learn again and again, that every "objective opinion" is an assertion of idiosyncratic personality and not anything like the truth? In our culture of winning and losing, the criticism we receive is that much more painful because we ourselves are rankers. The poet Theodore Roethke once ran into the house of a fellow poet and exclaimed, "I believe that right now I am the number one poet in America, you are number two, and Robert Lowell is number three!"

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Maria MikhailasMikhailas: What is Creativity and How Do We Access It?

The human being is creative, the same way a rose has a fragrance. We are made this way, and there is no way anyone is not creative. The only thing that can stop us from accessing our creativity is fear — fear of failure, fear of our own limitations, of comparisons, of success, and the list goes on.

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Jan HallerHaller: Creativity — Intelligent and Trustworthy

Creativity is intelligent and trustworthy. We see it in every mountain, tree or bird. It doesn't need improvement by us. This is why I paint. If I had to work really hard to have the perfect painting, to give the world an important message or please someone who might want to buy my work, I would never do it, but since painting for me is a process, I have the whole journey of discovering from moment to moment what is needed.

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Don RichmondRichmond: The Creative Mirror

One of the ways I like to look at creativity is that it's a reflection of the universe reflected back into the universe through us, like through a mirror. And I think a mirror is a very useful metaphor in several ways. A mirror does not have to try to reflect, that's what it does. In that sense, I don't believe that we have to try to create. I think we are creators. We can't help it, we have the ability to get in our own way to stop the creation and I think that that's what most of us do a lot of the time.

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Eileen KalinowskiKalinowski: Life As Writing Material

As a writer of songs, stories, essays, and someday, maybe, a novel, I want to share a bit of wisdom with you that took my breath away. More

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Viv NesbittNesbitt: Light and Shadow Play of Creativity

Creativity is a force that can bring light into the darkest corners. The sun in its brilliance casts light from a single point forming shadows as it moves toward nightfall. But the light of the creative process illuminates us from within, turning us into beacons throwing light in all directions. With this light we can find solutions to the issues that seem insurmountable and confuse us with their complexity.

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John DillonDillon: The History of Creativity

What is creativity? The dictionary defines creativity as “to make or bring into existence something new.” You've probably heard of right- and left-brain theory. That is, the right hemisphere of the brain is the intuitive, abstract thinking part of the brain, while the left hemisphere is the seat of rational, logical thought.

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Walsh: Everyone is Creative — How to Nourish and Flourish Your Own Creative Style

PaintingIf you've ever taken a class in drawing, painting or pottery, and despite your best effort, couldn't make the final result look anything like the model shown, you may have thought, "I don't have a creative bone in my body." According to scientists, who for the past 20 years have put the elusive subject of creativity through the rigors of research, you'd be wrong.

The Writing Life

Natalie GoldbergNatalie Goldberg: Alleviating Writer's Anxiety

When we're concrete about our writing time, it alleviates that thin constant feeling of anxiety that writers have.

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Inner Voices of Creativity

Self-Doubt — Creativity Killer

Inner Voices of CreativityWhen I made this SoulCollage® card for my personal deck, I knew exactly what I was creating. This card symbolizes that part of me who is laden with questions about my validity and self-worth. This "doubting Thomas" part of me surfaces pretty much regularly during any creative work that I do.

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Coleman: Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome commonly appears as the voice that says, "Who do you think you are?" This voice of self-doubt and deprecation haunts multitudes.

Bennett: Buckle Up, Because I'm About to Get Deep Here, People

If you don't believe that you can be creatively fulfilled, well, it doesn't really matter what productivity tools I give you, does it?

Anderson: Healing Abandonment is a Creative Process

Healing abandonment involves summoning your creative energy. Your task is to create positive gains from adversity, growth in the place of woundedness.

Sterner: Thought Awareness Training: The First Step

To be fully engaged in an activity means to be present in this moment and in what you are doing right now. It also means to be completely content in that experience.

Herman: The Knockout Nonfiction Book Proposal
The quality of your nonfiction book proposal will invariably make the difference between success and failure.

20Q Interviews

Anita Marie MoscosoMoscoso: Writer and Poet

Why is creativity important to you? Being able to tell stories or sing songs or play an instrument or being able to do magic tricks were highly prized talents in my family. It didn't matter if you 'mastered' them, being able to share a gift like that put you front and center — and when it comes down to it I really liked the attention. In point — I was a guitarist for over 30 years.

Creativity at Work

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Build Confidence and Courage
Evolution, Creation, and Stimulation
5 Habits to Spark Your Creative Genius
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Play — The Elixir of Creativity
Playing with Possibilities
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Brain Tuning
The Story of Conflict
Managing Emotions
Fear: The Great Innovation Killer
Humor and Creative Thinking
How to Build a Better Idea Trap

Psychology & Creativity

Creativity — A Journey Through Hills and Valleys
Highly Sensitive Personality and Creativity
Creativity-Training Through The Senses
Depression: The Repressed Voice of Creativity
How to Re-enter the Creative Process