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How to Overcome Creativity Blocks

Like so many people, you might find yourself wondering (from time to time or perhaps all the time!) "What exactly happened to my life? What happened to the plans, dreams, and goals I had when I was younger and so full of creative ideas, inspiration and passion?" Or, you try and try but you just can't seem to come up with creative ideas, not even sure what you would do if you could do anything that you want, don't really know what your passions and dreams even are anymore.

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9 Modern Day Muses

Aha-phrodite: Muse of Paying Attention to Possibilities

Symbol of Aha-PhroditeI would like to acquaint you with a creative concept in the persona of a Muse. The concept is paying attention and the Muse is Aha-phrodite. What does paying attention mean to you in the creative process? If you are so inclined to engage your brain actively in this moment (always a good exercise for strengthening creative muscles), make a list of all the ways your creative process could benefit from paying attention. Go.

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Elemental Muses

The Dream as Muse

The symbols, images, people and places found in my dreams are my richest source of inspiration, wisdom, and self-knowledge. Dreams contain riddles, hints and clues, with red herrings galore and winding paths to lead you ever more deeply into your deepest heart. It is a lovely thing to dream, and more lovely still to awaken with a fabulous idea for a story, poem or painting.

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SARK and Creativity

The Critics in Your Head Are Not You

Succulent Wild Love by SARK and Dr John WaddellYou have a constant stream of thoughts running through your mind, and we use the term "inner critics" to describe the thoughts that criticize you or tell you that you should be ashamed or feel guilty if you do what you want to do.

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Creative Process

Highly Sensitive Person and Creativity

Throughout my practice, I have encountered a connection between highly sensitive people and their own creative impulses. This characteristic does not discriminate between painter, actor, or musician — they all appear to have one thing in common: they experience the world differently than the average individual.

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Goldberg: Beginner's Mind, Pen and Paper

Natalie GoldbergWhen I teach a beginning class, it is good. I have to come back to beginner's mind, the first way I thought and felt about writing. In a sense, that beginner's mind is what we must come back to every time we sit down and write. There is no security, no assurance that because we wrote something good two months ago, we will do it again. Actually, every time we begin, we wonder how we ever did it before. Each time is a new journey with no maps.

Creative Projects

Tear, Glue, and Paint Mixed Media Masterpieces

Collage creationsCollage art is a fun and relaxing way to begin experimenting with the endless possibilities of mixed media. This tutorial provides a loose framework for how to begin a mixed media project starting with magazine collage, adding in embellishments or found objects, and then applying additional media. After you've mastered the basics, you can explore creating your art on a variety of substrates such as book covers or wood panels and play with unique textures and effects.


Writing as Therapy

Today, many therapists use writing to augment talk therapy. In fact, sometimes writing is a vital part of many psychological interventions. Usually, writing is a solitary activity that can be done before or after a therapy session. Sometimes practitioners ask their clients to share their writings as a springboard for beginning the discussion.


Your Life-Changing Story

The Story You Need to TellWe all have a story. Sometimes it is the story of being knocked to the ground — perhaps because of a cancer diagnosis or the death of a loved one. And if we aren't careful a story like this can get buried within us. We can deny it ever happened and this might lead to physical or psychological problems. Let's explore how we can find and begin to navigate a story we need to tell.

Cultural Muses

Soaring with the Hopi Butterfly Maiden

It is this sure knowledge of spring's return that helps me to survive another long, cold night. The Butterfly Maiden, Queen of Transformation, Metamorphosis, and Change, has much to teach us; as creative souls, we would do well to embrace her lessons.

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Creative Process

The Art of the Critique

Deanne FitzpatrickAs we make art, we all begin to wonder what others are thinking about it. Sometimes we seek out the input of others into our work. Sometimes we are asked to give someone else feedback. Either way the "critique" can be tricky business, and it takes both backbone, and soul for it to work right.

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Business Innovation

Why Celebrate Failure?

We all bare the scars of failure. Life breaks everyone. However, some people end up stronger in the broken places. This is true of teams, too. Do you recognize a broken team? Have you been a member of a scarred team? Is your team failing now? If so... celebrate!

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Creating Time

Experiences of Time: Kronos and Kairos

clockThere is an interesting historical context for a subjective perception of time that can help prepare the way for the conceptual journey of creating time. The ancient Greeks had two words for marking the differences between the experiences of time: kronos and kairos.

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