Creating with the 9 Greek Muses
MelpomeneMelpomene: Muse of Tragedies and Elegies
Melpomene is a guide for the lost; a dark-haired woman, clad in widow's weeds. Always, she is looking out a window into a grey day. Below the window, an empty road. Her left hand clutches a linen handkerchief. There is a wedding band upon her ring finger, but her house is empty — the road outside is empty — the one she waits for will not return.

Creating with the 9 Greek Muses
TerpsichoreTerpsichore: Muse of Music and Dance
Terpsichore, Athenian Muse of Music and Dance, mother to The Sirens, is a tiny, fiery old woman. She calls to insist that we meet in a blues bar in downtown Chicago, and says she'll send a cab for me. What I learned from our outing: Drink tequila with a Muse every chance you get. Dance until you can't feel your feet aching anymore. And seek to find sweetness in the midst of pain.

Creating with the 9 Greek Muses
UraniaUrania's Meteor Shower
Urania is all business, digging through her backpack again. She pulls out a huge picnic basket, and blanket, and two huge telescopes. Her backpack is no ordinary backpack. You could fit the world in there with room to spare. We spread out the blanket and she gives me a large, dripping peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich.

Creating with the 9 Greek Muses
ThaliaThalia: Athenian Muse of Comedy
Thalia, Athenian Muse of Comedy, tries to entice me to join her at a comedy club in New York City. Remembering Terpsichore's wild ride, I decline, letting her know I'm on a tight deadline. She kvetches a bit, then finally agrees to meet me in my favorite coffee-shop in Durango.

Creating with the 9 Greek Muses
PolymniaPolymnia: Muse of Sacred Song, Oratory, Lyric Poetry
Not everyone is familiar with lyric poetry. Simply put, lyric poetry is imagistic, highly personal, brief, and full of sensory detail. This is the link between Polymnia's two sides. I have found that experiences of the sacred are also imagistic, highly personal, brief, and full of sensory detail.

Creating with the 9 Greek Muses
EuterpeMaking Marvelous New Music with Euterpe
Euterpe, the Athenian Muse of lyric poetry and music, has many gifts to share. Inspiration, wisdom, and a wicked sense of humor. Classical depictions of the Muses usually feature Euterpe in a toga, playing a flute or lyre. In the hopes of updating her image a little, I asked if she was ready for a makeover.

Creating with the 9 Greek Muses
EratoErato: The Art and Soul of Sensual Poetry
Writing about the erotic can be difficult (Not to mention controversial!), dark, scary, and ultimately, a lot of fun! Erato encourages us to express our desires with juicy verbs, ripe-for-the-picking adjectives,and inventive details.

The Journey to Create
AbstractCreativity – A Journey Through Hills and Valleys
Throughout my teaching experience, I often come across a very common misconception amongst my students. And that is, “If I was truly creative (or artistic) I wouldn’t be struggling or frustrated while I’m trying to create.” The belief that if he or she were talented or artistic enough, creativity would be a smooth and easy process, is a typical reason people don’t create.

Creating with the 9 Greek Muses
CalliopeIn Praise of Calliope: Invoking the Muse of Epic Poetry
The Athenian Muse Calliope inspired Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey. Epic poetry may not be as popular today as it was in the days of Homer, but creative story-telling is enriching, inspiring, fosters community, and will never go out of style.

Creating with the 9 Greek Muses
ClioClio's Lessons
Her head is crowned with laurel leaves, and her eyes are bright. Celebrate the gifts of history, education and knowledge that come from the Athenian Muse Clio.

Integrative Therapy for the Artist & Creative Person
AbstractHighly Sensitive Personality and Creativity
Throughout my practice, I have encountered a connection between highly sensitive people and their own creative impulses. This characteristic does not discriminate between painter, actor, or musician — they all appear to have one thing in common: they experience the world differently than the average individual.

Creativity Training Through the Senses
Have you stopped to notice how we have conditioned ourselves through our senses? Repeated connections to smells, sounds and our surroundings slowly train our brain to respond automatically. It could be the aroma of coffee in the morning that prompts the mind to begin to awaken.

Depression: The Repressed Voice of Creativity
To be creative is to be human. We were born with the innate drive to pursue creative inclinations. Creative energy has motivated us to build shelter in challenging climates, find food when resources were scarce or develop weapons to protect against predators. Our built in innovativeness has also motivated men and women towards advancements in medicine and technology, driving artists to create masterpieces on ceilings or philosophers find meaning in life's complexities. It has helped us to survive as a species.

How to Re-enter the Creative Process
After the creative person has been in an immersed state of creative flow, at some point he or she must exit this space. Whether it's the result of having to tend to other responsibilities or ideas have run out, departing from this creative bliss can feel terrifying to the artist. As one steps back and reviews the work that's been created, this leaves the artist susceptible to self-doubt and self-criticism. During this pause, anxiety and panic can resurface.

Bob Eckert's Innovation Leadership
Brain Tuning
SignsGet this: we create our personal reality. Now hang on… we're not saying that when a comet falls on your head, you caused that to happen. But you… you have the option to make of that event anything you want. You could decide that you're having a very bad hair day…

Free Printable Adult Coloring Pages
Magic Crayon Journaling
SignsThis fun and interactive journaling series by Patricia Mosca takes you on an unforgettable adventure of self-awareness and care as you follow writing prompts, set an intention and follow your dreams. Includes nine printable Magic Crayon Journal pages you can download and use for your own personal adventure.

GeniusHow to Prevail Over Creativity-Sucking Conflict
Conflict at work (or anywhere for that matter) well… frankly… it sucks. Sucks away our energy. Sucks away our creativity. Sucks away our health, joy and profit. It's just no fun. We can prevail over conflict. Yet it's not easy.

NewHow to Choose Your Feelings (Not Let Them Choose You)
Feelings are wonderful things. There are, however, feelings that we enjoy more, feelings that we enjoy less, and feelings that we don't like at all. There are feelings that serve us in some situations but don't serve us in others.

FearHow to Use Fear to Your Advantage
Fear. It can keep you alive. And it can kill you. It's a powerful, unpleasant emotion that causes us to pay attention to our surroundings with great vigilance so that we can react as quickly as possible to any potential danger coming our way before it's… TOO LATE! That vigilance keeps us alive.

MindHow to Lighten Up for Enlightenment
irst: Over 50 years of research on creativity has shown that playfulness and humor have a positive impact on the quantity of ideas and the quality of creative thinking in groups, which can lead to an increase in the organization's innovative output. Our direct experience working across industries (yes, even banking) at all levels of the organizations (yes, even the C-suite) validates this research every day.

IdeasHow to Build a Better Idea Trap
You sit down at your desk, turn on your computer, open the word processing software, and wait for the ideas to come to you. And then… nothing. What happened to all those great ideas that were streaming and percolating through your head while you were drifting off to sleep? Where did those concepts go that were popping like corn while you were in the shower?

InsightHow to Surrender to Your Humanity
Stop wasting time and energy being ashamed when you mess up. Quit pretending you know what you are doing and what you are talking about when you're not really sure. We waste too much energy in the cover-up. It's a conspiracy… but Mulder and Scully can't help you out here. We ALL pretend that we're a little more together than we really are.

Nurturing Young Imaginations with Abby Connors
The Creative Magic of Naming
HelloMy pig puppet greeted the kindergarten class with his usual cheerful oinking. Then he whispered in my ear."Oh, you're hungry? You'd like some corn?" I asked him. He nodded. All the children held out their hands, filled with delicious imaginary corn, ready to feed the pig.

Your Creative Impulse
A Quest through Eric Maisel's ‘The Van Gogh Blues’
Van Gogh"Vincent Van Gogh's depression was so severe that he cut off his own ear and has come to be remembered as an icon representing the lives of tortured artists everywhere. And he is not alone. Depression and anxiety seem to come with the territory for artists, writers, actors, and other creative types regardless of the specific medium with which they express themselves."

Eric Maisel, PhD: The Van Gogh Blues
Meaningful Life, Meaningful Work, Meaningful Days
Van GoghIn order for you to live an authentic, meaningful life, which is the principal remedy for the depression creative people experience, you must feel that 1) the plan of your life is meaningful, 2) the work you do is meaningful, and 3) the way your spend your time is meaningful. These are three separate but related tasks, each with its own logic, demands, and obstacles.

Words & Images
SightingsThrough a second story window I see branches, branches of the oak arching over my house and branches of trees across the street. Yesterday those trees and the flowers below were encased in ice. Today temperatures are warmer. The ice slowly melts. Droplets have formed. The trees are now draped in diamonds.

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