Natalie Goldberg: Freeing the Writer Within

Freeing the Writer Within
Natalie Goldberg: 'I don't believe in writer's block'
Natalie GoldbergWhat is the biggest obstacle in your creative path at present? Oddly my biggest obstacle right now is getting the time to write. I make a living as a writer — I just signed a new contract for a new book — and yet I have to fight for the time. Daily life is so seductive and pulls at you. I'm not married, I don't have children and yet I have to almost steal the time like a thief. More »

Natalie Goldberg's Freeing the Writer Within
Engendering Compassion
Art from Thunder and LightningI am a writer. Writers spend a lot of time alone writing. Also, being an artist in our society makes us lonely. Everyone else leaves in the morning for work and structured jobs. Artists live outside that built-in social system. More »

Act Like a Genius
Leap into Experiences
DavinciGetting to the point of fully experiencing the present moment is something that takes practice. Usually we're caught up in our thoughts; worrying, “What is he/she thinking about me?”, rewinding, “I blew it, how could I have done that!”, or analyzing, “What do I make of this, and how does it fit in with my established beliefs and opinions?” More »

Silly Humor
5. Dance(s) With Fruit
SmileThat happy, dancing fruit hat-wearing lady, Carmen Miranda was onto something! Drop a banana peel on the ground and position yourself ready to slip on it. Then REALLY do it! (Well, only if your day-job is being a stunt double.) Better yet, wrap one around each of your feet: banana slippers! Alternatively, use orange peels served with a rendition of "orange ya glad it's not a banana?" 9 More Ways to Make Someone Smile »

Creating From Chaos
Trashed into Treasures
Amboy SculpturesA violent storm. Treasured 100-year-old oak trees cut down. A devestated town. Some knew local chainsaw artists. Who then carved the trees. Into treasures. Don't miss this inspiring story. More »

The Calm Center
Being: The Source of Creativity
The Calm CenterStates of being and inactivity allow the creative potentials of the mind to manifest themselves. They allow insights and inspirations to flow. It痴 in these states that ideas suddenly come to us, seemingly out of nowhere. More »

Better Living Through Journaling
Journaling through Change
JournalingChange throws us off our game. It yanks the familiar ground out from beneath us. When we don't know which end us up, we seek the comfort of the familiar. Of ritual, stability, constancy. More »

Print 'n Color Prompts
Your Lantern
Lantern“Look for the light at the end of the tunnel.” How many different ways have you heard that said? And how do you keep your light lit? As we ride the train of life there are many tunnels that we come to and have to go through in order to get where we want to be. More »

Artistic Perspectives
In Praise of Process
PaintingBack in the 60s, I read the humanist psychologists. Seems they all talked about one kind of process or another. The process of learning, the process of rebelling, the process of creating, the process of loving. I read Abraham Maslow, Karl Rogers, Alan Watts, Rollo May, to name a few. More »

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