The Write-Brain Workbook
Bonnie Neubauer : Take The Write-Brain Workbook Writing Challenge!

20 Free Printable Write-Brain Workbook Challenges!

Never face a blank page again! Jumpstart your creativity with a colorful array of writer's prompts from Bonnie Neubauer!

Join us in this extravaganza of creative writing fun! In celebration of the release of Bonnie Neubauer's new, revised and expanded Write Brain Workbook, we've partnered with Writer's Digest books to give you a sampling array of challenging writing prompts, colorful exercises, and printable activities straight from the pages of this enormous resource that will liberate your writing! Great for teachers, parents, and kids of all ages!

Get Ready, Write!

AmbidextrousDay 1: Ambidextrous Writing Prompt
Use your least dominant hand. This exercise prompts both sides of the brain to stimulate your creativity.

Muse-ingsDay 2: Muse-ings Writing Prompt
Invite your muse over — don't have one? Create one or beckon one from Creativity Portal's corridors.

One Sill a BullDay 3: One Sill a Bull Writing Prompt
Kick-start your creative 'riding' by lassoing in on one-syllable words.

OnomatopoeiaDay 4: Onomatopoeia Writing Prompt
Onomatopoetic words imitate sounds associated with the objects or actions they refer to.

Revenge of the JournalDay 5: Revenge of the Journal Writing Prompt
A role-reversal worthy of chronicling when your journal decides to write back to YOU!

Run-OnDay 6: Run-On Writing Prompt
Writing on and on and on and on and on and on without stopping through the entire alphabet.

Scribble OneDay 7: Scribble One Writing Prompt
This exercise stimulates creative thinking through the use of word tiles and cryptograms in your writing.

Sideways GlanceDay 8: Sideways Glance Writing Prompt
Experience how writing in a different direction changes how you write.

States of MindDay 9: States of Mind Writing Prompt
Have pen, will travel. What's your writing destination?

Tooth FairyDay 10: Tooth Fairy Writing Prompt
Can you imagine what a disgruntled tooth fairy would have to say?

You're half way there, keep going!

It's All in Your HeadDay 11: It's All In Your Head Writing Prompt
When you need to generate a new story and all you have is pen and paper — no computer, no smartphone, no dictionary, no almanac, no nothing, you gotta learn how to use your head!

Comfort FoodsDay 12: Comfort Foods Writing Prompt
No need to feel uncomfortable if you池e not a good speller — this exercise will comfort you with some unforgettable spelling tips!

Dribbling BananasDay 13: Dribbling Bananas Writing Prompt
Engage in the creative fun of combining action verbs and plural nouns into unusual combinations!

Emoti- Cans and Can'tsDay 14: Emoti- Cans and Cant's Writing Prompt
Does the subconscious mind understand negatives? Explore the possibilities in this visually engaging "emotion" and "icon" writing challenge!

A Forkful of SpoonerismsDay 15: A Forkful of Spoonerisms Writing Prompt
W.A. Spooner was an English clergyman noted for accidentally transposing sounds within words and phrases.

Hodge PodgeDay 16: Hodge Podge Writing Prompt
Writing around odd personality quirks, overused expressions, and desired physical attributes.

Invisible InkDay 17: Invisible Ink Writing Prompt
Release your fears! This creative writing exercise allows you to let go of your fear a little bit every time you write.

Take a LetterDay 18: Take a Letter Writing Prompt
Better than Mad-Libs! Use the scattered letters on the page to craft a one-of-a-kind story!

Time TravelerDay 19: Time Traveler Writing Prompt
This fun exercise will always exist in the future! Travel back in time and write short, unrelated paragraphs about your past.

Truth is Stranger Than FictionDay 20: Truth is Stranger Than Fiction Writing Prompt
A fun, creative writing exercise that lets others separate fact from fiction!

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