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Kevin Nixon : The Creative Force in You

The Creative Force in You

By Kevin Nixon

All people want to be successful. All people want to reach their highest potential. The ability to reach our highest potential is built into our very cell structure; yet despite this, too many of us seem not to be able to reach the peaks in life. Too many of us remain in the valley. We press our faces and hands against the glass of opportunity, leaving behind only hand prints of regrets. Rarely do we venture to the other side of the glass. But, I say to you that there is a way to the other side. There is a way, a universal and ancient way of levitating out of the valley.

There is a simple solution for ascending out of the valley. Yes, it may take time, it may take perseverance but the way of doing it, the mechanism for reaching your potential is, in and of itself, not very difficult at all. What is this mechanism? It is mechanism of creativity. That's right, creativity; the foundation of all universal laws is the way of reaching your peaks.

This ancient and universal law is one that is well known to those who have fulfilled their dreams. It is the law that requires men and women to sow, to plant a seed, to be a part of the creative process. In exchange for your participation, the law says that you will reap a benefit from your sowing. And, not only will you reap in reciprocity to what you have sown (one sprout for one seed) but the law promises that you will reap a harvest — many times more than what you have sown.

Just as a corn seed is planted in the earth, so too are human beings planted in the earth, with the potential to become a harvest unto ourselves. You are a result of creation. You are part of creation. The force of creation and creativity is in you.

Look around you. Have you noticed the financially successful people? Have you noticed that they have become successful by way of something that they have created? They have given something (a service or product, tangible or intangible) to the universe and the universe, in exchange, has rewarded them with not only financial success but also the periphery things that financial success gives birth to, such as peace of mind, comfort and most importantly, personal time. Your potential lies in your willingness to enter into an exchange with the universe. Unleash what is in you and the universe will release what it has stored up for you.

There are many secrets to living a successful life. I call them secrets not because only members of a select group have access to them. I call them secrets only because we are not consciously aware of them (this, however, is rapidly changing). In fact, you may be surprised to know that the secrets have always been with you. They were with you before your earthly birth, they have been with you each day of your earthly life, and they will be with you when you return to your spiritual home.

We all have the ability to create. We all have talents and gifts to offer to the universe and to each other. For those who don't believe that you are creative: Very shortly, the truth and beauty of who you are and of what you are capable will be revealed to you.

The planet on which we reside is a living organism and like any living organism, there comes a time for a good old fashioned house cleaning. The earth is in the process of cleaning house; this is why it appears to be in a state of chaos. In the middle of this chaos is the economic downturn. Our financial survival is apparently at risk. But in this risk lies opportunity. The earth is forcing human beings to take another path, a path of enlightenment, of caring and sharing, a path of self-reliance. The universe has tired of holding on to your harvest. And, so it is forcing you to sow you own seeds!! Don't let this opportunity to exercise your creativity pass you by. •

Excerpted from Creativity: The Beginning of All Possibilities
© 2011 Kevin Nixon. All rights reserved.

Kevin NixonKevin Nixon is an author, speaker, and healer, specializing in the ancient healing modality know as Reiki. Kevin currently conducts creativity workshops and healing sessions in the Metro Atlanta area. More »