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What makes creative people do what they do?

By Various Authors | Updated 8/13/15

Throughout the years, Creativity Portal has attracted countless muses, authors, artists, writers, teachers, coaches, and other creative professionals willing to share their stories, insights, trials, and triumphs with our readers. Some are best-selling authors and creativity leaders; others successful coaches and entreprenuers. All have one things in common: they are brilliant and passionate about what they do. Here are their stories. See also: 20Q Interviews

Interviews by Year

Natalie Goldberg

2011 Creative Careers Interviews
10 Interviews: Peter Clothier, Stephanie Rose Bird, Tim 'Dr. Hope' Anders, Shelley Klammer, Abby Connors, Victoria Hanley, Joseph Dillon Ford, L.A. O'Neil, Natalie Goldberg, and Judy Wood.

Arnold the BodyguardInterviews with The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)
10 Muse interviews: Jill Badonsky, Marge, Lull, Audacity, Spills the Imp, Muse Song, Bea Silly, Albert, Aha-Phrodite, and Arnold (The Bodyguard).

Angi Sullins2010 Creative Careers Interviews
17 Interviews: Angi Sullins, Michele Batz, Roberta Allen, Tina Verduzco, Chuck Sambuchino, Terri Conrad, Jennie Nash, Cynthia Staples, Penny MacPherson, Nadine Sanders, Ashfaq Ishaq, JoAnn Bromley, Debra Ponte, John & Sandy Weber, Diana Rivera, and Carson Jones.

Angela Cartwright2009 Creative Careers Interviews
12 Interviews: with Bruce Deitrick Price, Jill Allison Bryan, Valery Satterwhite, Rita Farin, Jeff Scarterfield, Michael Michalko, Kristi Tencarre, Jerry Wennstrom, Jennie Nash, Angela Cartwright, Susan Brackney, and Carol Parks.

SARK2008 Creative Careers Interviews
13 Interviews: The Christmas Sugar Plum Fairy, Annette Rose, Erin Gray, Lily Raven Queen, Kimberly Richardson, Lilly Fluger, Chris Dunmire, Cynthia Morris, Naomi Rose, Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (SARK), Chris Zydel, Jurgen Wolff, and Deanne Fitzpatrick.

Anne Marie Bennett2007 Creative Careers Interviews
12 Interviews: Joan Lefkowitz, Cathy Yardley, Angela Hook, Pat Conway, David Duggins, Lynda Lehmann, Linda Dessau, Dorothy-Clare Jacobs, Annie Lang, Kristen Fischer, Kathy Rembisz, and Anne Marie Bennett.

Jill Badonsky2006 Creative Careers Interviews
4 Interviews: Sonia Wijts, Quinn McDonald, Jill Badonsky, and Molly Anderson-Childers.

Nancy Mills 2005 Interviews by Nancy Mills
21 Spirited Woman interviews: Marie Javins, Marlow Wyatt, Laurel Touby, Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey, Roz Browne, Frances Halpern, Fannie Flagg, and more!

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