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Kevin Nixon : Freedom for…

Freedom for...

By Kevin Nixon

Freedom is the number one desire of most people. At the top of most lists is having freedom in the form of having time to do what we wish when and only when we are in the mood to do it.

There are an abundance of things that we want freedom from. We want to be free from serving everyone else to the detriment of our selves. We want freedom from obligation, from should and should not. We want freedom from the 9 to 5 drudgery of having to perform when and how others want us to. These freedom froms are our rights.

We should be able to live as we were intended; that is, to have dominion over our own lives. However, through the words of others as well as my own personal experience, I have come to an overstanding, and that overstanding is that wanting freedom from is not sufficient enough, in most cases, to propel one to move in the direction they want to go.

There are many ways to approach a thing. At a minimum there are two. There is the negative approach, which does yield some results. Then there is the positive approach, which yields exponential results. These approaches are almost diametrical opposites.

Any thing that we focus on eventually comes to pass. Thus, when we focus on the negative, we tend to receive more of the negative. When we think or speak a thing, whatever it is that hears and answers us, pays attention only to the thing about which you are thinking or speaking. For example, if you focus on not getting stuck in traffic, the source of manifestation only hears "stuck in traffic." And soon enough, you find yourself stuck in traffic. The positive approach says, forget about focusing on what you do not want; instead focus on what you do want. Thus, in the traffic scenario your focus would be on "clear sailing," — meaning that you would focus on the road being wide open.

Our thoughts do indeed create our reality and they do affect or infect our behaviors and attitudes. This, I am sure, is nothing new to you. I am quite sure that you have experienced things that you did not want to experience, things that you in fact focused on not experiencing, and yet found yourself perplexed as to how something you focused on not experiencing, nevertheless became a part of your reality. Again, the universe, creation, god, whatever, only picks up the vibration of the thing you are focused on; it does not hear the "I don't want" part.

As I said, there are at least two sides to life. To be balanced, a portion of one's focus must be in both sides. Freedom is no exception. You see, only having a desire for freedom from leaves you half complete. This is one reason why a great many people who truly want to leave where they're at never really take the step to do so; it is for the simple reason that they have no idea what it is they want to step into. They have no clue as to what is their Freedom For.

You see, humanity is not stagnant. Although we need time for rest and relaxation, the human being is a dynamic creature and he or she must always be creating, even on a mundane level, in order to have some sense of self-fulfillment. As long as there is energy in our bodies, we will have a desire to create and if creativity does not have an outlet, it will simply implode on itself. This implosion will manifest in the form of disease (mental, physical and spiritual), depression, lethargy and other not so wonderful ailments.

So when you are dreaming about all the freedom froms, when you really and truly desire to step into your potential, when you feel the passion for the day that you will leave behind all those things that are holding your back, when you dream of all the time you will have when you leave that job, you must stop to consider what is it that you will do with all that time. Will you get a better job, one that is more in line with you life purpose? Will you use that time to study some subject that you were always curious about? Will you go on a journey to discover the true you? Or will your simply use a portion of that new found freedom to catch up on a long needed rest and once rested use the remaining freedom to discover your life purpose and then pursue it with gusto?

Though you may consider your current pursuits to be mundane, they nevertheless grant you some modicum of satisfaction. At the very least they keep you from becoming immersed in total and complete boredom.

You are living in the time of the Calling, a time when you will be touched by a compelling feeling to exceed your current status, not for the sake of appearances but for the sake of your own soul's gratification. Every one of us will be touched by this feeling; for it is simply that time in the evolution of man.

When you decide to heed the call to follow that feeling then remember that energy works in corresponding fashion: You leave one place, you arrive at another. You rise in the morning, you sleep at night. One does not and cannot exist without the other.

Freedom From and Freedom For…now the dots are connected. •

© 2011 Kevin Nixon. All rights reserved.

Kevin NixonKevin Nixon is an author, speaker, and healer, specializing in the ancient healing modality know as Reiki. Kevin currently conducts creativity workshops and healing sessions in the Metro Atlanta area. More »