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Kevin Nixon : Intelligence


By Kevin Nixon

I have spoken of intelligence many times in this book. I have written this chapter because I want to highlight its importance.

The first thing I want to say is that intelligence is often confused with intellectualism. They are not the same. In my view, intellectualism is a result of acquired knowledge; whereas, intelligence is a byproduct of knowing. The difference between the two is evident but for many, is somewhat difficult to comprehend. As an example, you can read a book on any given subject and after having committed what you have read to memory, you can then repeat back what you have memorized. Intellectualism is the ability to eloquently regurgitate what you have memorized. Intellectualism provides a peripheral understanding. It serves a purpose but it is limited. Intelligence, on the other hand, has a different quality to it. Intelligence is part of that world which is part of the senses yet is somehow beyond them. It is almost part of the realm of the mysterious. It is very subtle. As a result of its subtle nature it is difficult to translate into words exactly what it is; but I'll give it a try.

Intelligence in born out of the authority that comes with having experienced. It is the ability to see beyond what the physical eye can see. And you as a person who is using their intelligence are consciously or unconsciously recalling an experience that you have lived. Because you see beyond what the physical eye can see, you move in life with a different quality of being. You say yes when most others are saying no and you say no when most others are saying yes. You are quiet when most others are speaking and you speak only when others are quiet. And, your speech is often short and to the point and in many instances, very poignant.

Intelligence has the ability to see beyond the masks, which is why children can be both annoying and inspirational. They can see behind the masks. Whether they are seen as annoying or inspirational depends on the wearers of the masks.

Now, I can hear you saying, but children have not experienced anything. From the point of view of the physical plane this may be true but at our core we are not physical beings. We are spiritual beings having physical experiences. We have lived many lives before this one and we bring to each new incarnation the experiences of the previous incarnations. Children are closer to their last incarnation and are thus still linked to their previous experiences. How often are we as parents and adults amazed at our children's ability to see beyond what we can see? Yet, we never ask the question as to why that is. For a brief moment, we will wonder, in perplexity, how our children are able to see what they see, or know what they know, but in the end we usually place it in the category of an aberration. But these are not aberrations. Almost all children at some point show their genius, their intelligence.

Many times in this book I have said and have intimated that man, from birth, is diverted away from the path of intelligence. Men and women are constantly interfered with. Everyone wants to help them grow.

The organic path of man is such that he does not need to be instructed in how to grow. With or without adults around to "help" them, the human being grows. Thus, our purpose is not to interfere with a human being's growth but rather to support them in the process. The greatest support is given when you allow the human being to participate in those life lessons that are inherent to being human. Some of these lessons include the exercising of rational thinking, of decision making (based on both knowledge and intuition — without the fear of making mistakes), of taking responsibility, of questioning, of expressing one's feelings, of suffering consequences, of reaping rewards, etc. All of these life lessons, when men and women are allowed to participate in them with some guidance but little interference, will lead to the making of an intelligent being.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who use their intelligence, maybe even millions. But in a sea of more than a billion people, it can seem that such people are few and far between. Therefore, if you are one who uses their intelligence then it will seem that you are walking the path of life alone.

Walking alone is often required when one is seeking to reach another peak. The masses are thinking one way and you cannot conform your thinking to theirs. And, because you cannot conform, you will be both admired and ridiculed. You are admired because you are a beacon of hope. You are ridiculed because by your example, others are forced to examine their own lives. Coming face to face with intelligence is like that; in some it brings out the best and in others, the worst. •

Excerpted from Creativity: The Beginning of All Possibilities
© 2011 Kevin Nixon. All rights reserved.

Kevin NixonKevin Nixon is an author, speaker, and healer, specializing in the ancient healing modality know as Reiki. Kevin currently conducts creativity workshops and healing sessions in the Metro Atlanta area. More »