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Kevin Nixon : The Hidden Value of an Economic Recession or Depression

The Hidden Value of an Economic Recession or Depression

By Kevin Nixon

Those who hold that human beings are more than the physical aspect of themselves tend also to hold the view that everything that occurs in this, the third dimensional, physical realm, occurs ultimately for the good of the individual, even when on the surface of things, those things that occur appear to be hurtful, even sinister.

Having watched the news and other information media concerning the recent economic recession/depression of 2008, we might conclude that those "in power" were, if not the cause, then the catalyst for our current economic state, which laypersons and pundits alike have declared to be the worst economic situation in the history of man. Why the worst? Well, one thought as to why it is the worst is that for the first time humanity has become a global community and as such, what affects one country will invariably affect all countries. A belief that I think is factual.

And, if it is factual then it begs the question…, if the whole of humanity is, can, and will be affected by the tiniest ripple in one or another country, isn't it reasonable to conclude that humanity as a whole must put their proverbial heads together in order to create an environment that is conducive to the advancing potential of all who reside on this three-dimensional plane of existence known as earth?

What, you say, does this have to do with the hidden value of an economic recession or depression? Well, recent history tells us that for the most part, man as a whole has not attained to his potential. Too many of us live lives that are not as we hoped they would be. In any circle of 10 people, you will find maybe 2% who are actually self-actualized, living the exact life that they want to live. The rest of us spend our entire lives desiring a richer, more fulfilling existence but sadly never achieving such an existence. Oh sure, we will say that we are happy and content, but there is no real, penetrating happiness or contentment without the ability to do as we please, to come and go when we desire to do so, and to express that which is dormant inside of us, screaming to come out.

On the face of it, an economic recession or depression looks like another roadblock in our attempt to get what we want. But underneath this apparent negativity, lies the opportunity for greater self-fulfillment as well as greater opportunity for abundance.

History shows that fortunes have been amassed during and immediately following "bad" economic times. Like you, many of those who amassed these fortunes, then and now, either saw the opportunity to create services and products that did not exist prior to the bad economy and jumped at the opportunity. Or, like many of you, they were forced (due to being laid-off) to tap into the creative side of their nature.

If the spiritual energy is moving towards the evolution of all men and women, as many are postulating, based on the 2012 Mayan Calendar Prophecy, then what greater opportunity for all men and women to seek out their potential then to create a circumstance where they must do so?

You see, everyone and everything serves a higher purpose. On the surface, the corporate greed merchants and governmental greed cronies have created a situation in which many find themselves struggling (and, don't forget that many of us participated in creating our struggle). Still, a global recession or depression shows the ingenuity and kindness of God, the Universal Mind, the Higher Mind, etc., to grant all men and women the opportunity to step back into their power by, again, giving us no choice but to do so.

Thus, The Hidden Value in an Economic Recession or Depression is that you have the opportunity to become again the creators in and of your own lives. •

© 2012 Kevin Nixon. All rights reserved.

Kevin NixonKevin Nixon is an author, speaker, and healer, specializing in the ancient healing modality know as Reiki. Kevin currently conducts creativity workshops and healing sessions in the Metro Atlanta area. More »