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Lyne Marshall : Creative Success in the Arts, through Serendipity

Creative Success in the Arts, through Serendipity

By Lyne Marshall

I have come lately to a greater appreciation and understanding of dreams and the role they play in our creative life. Like most people I have them but I can't remember many or the details, but I know I dream; we all do. Every once in a while a dream will occur which seems to have an impact and not only tell a story, but offer reassurance or the answer to a problem. To simplify, I think we have them as warnings, or as guides to our future. I don't think it is a 'how to interpret your dreams' issue, but a manifestation of the capacity our brains to problem solve.

Let me tell you about one dream I had recently. Before I do I should explain I had at the time been reading and trying to understand what it is that blocks the entry to the next level of acceptance in artistic circles. I came to the conclusion, through talking with others, and all I had read, that this is a 'gatekeepers' issue.

When you look at the different creative people in society, you often think of the artistic group who produce something that will stay behind. But there is also intellectually creative people who have an amazing life and can articulate well, but don't feel the need to create something uniquely theirs to exhibit to others. And then there is a group who have a high knowledge of the arts, studied at academic levels but stepped back from producing or performing. They are those intensely involved in the arts through universities, galleries, businesses, communities and may even have the cash to be top end art collectors. These people, I believe, are in the arena of the 'gatekeeper'.

They decide who to notice, but as an artist you can sidestep this group, to a point, to get to a higher level of achievement. Of course if you are an academically minded artist you may not think this is at all acceptable. I had been asked incredulously, 'You are marketing yourself'? Yes maybe I am. But the time will come when the gatekeepers won't be able to ignore me. I can wait.

But back to dreams. Let me tell you mine as I remember it…

I am trying to enter a high set building, quite an old one, but the entry was by a narrow plank from ground level so it is scary and dangerous. When I make my way to the door I find it is actually a very small push up style window and I can't maneuver my long legs enough to pull myself through the opening. There is a wizened old lady standing inside looking at me. 'This is not the door' she says and points to a opening further down on my left.

The problem is there are no steps, and this door is just an opening that looks down on quite a drop. 'How will I get to that' I say, and just then two men on the ground, dressed as workers, shout up ' We'll help you' and with they operate a seat on the end of a mechanical arm, to come up behind me and I fall into it. It whisks me across to the door opening and propels me through. And there is the old woman waiting for me.

I think it was my answer to the questions I had about 'Gatekeepers'. Don't worry I am being told, it may be tricky and seem impassable but you will have help from the most unlikely places and people. I just love the creative process, so much I researched if for over five years to aid my own growth and produce emotive artworks. I meet some amazing mentors for my journey which is always unfolding. •

Copyright Lyne Marshall 2008

Lyne MarshallLyne Marshall is an Australian artist, and the author/ illustrator of Gleaner or Gladiator: The Struggle to Create. More »