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The Zone
Tom Evans : The Zone Introduction

The Zone


By Tom Evans

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My latest book is an exploration of this mythical place called “the zone.” This is the first in an article series where we are sharing extracts from the book and taking you on a journey around the zones.

When the idea of the book came to me, I very quickly found that there was not one single zone but many of them. You can virtually add any word to the word zone and create a specific area. We could have an Aardvark Zone, a Banana Zone or Xylophone Zone. They are all valid zones.

In the book, I opted to explore more conventional notions of the zone such as The Creative Zone, Time Zones and the Kindness Zone. I found also the zones fall naturally into groups. When we are actively consumed by our activity, we are in a Doing Zone. When the wheels fall off the bus, we might enter a Danger Zone. When live a charmed life and we can't seem to put a foot wrong, we luxuriate in a Being Zone.

This short track from the audiobook version is a smorgasbord of what this series will explore ... enjoy.

Note that there is a companion ecourse to the book called Getting in the Zone. If you get a copy of the book, in print or for ereaders, there's a complimentary code to access the course completely free.

Where to buy the book:
The Getting in the Zone ecourse is at: •

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Updated 1/18/15