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Carson Jones

Carson Jones in Paris

2010 Creative Careers Interviews : Carson Jones Interview

Creative Careers in the Arts Interviews

Photographer and Arts Organizer Carson Jones

By Molly Anderson-Childers

Welcome back, readers! Strap in for a little artistic excitement — this month my interview has a local flavor. I'll be chatting with the fabulous Carson Jones, a photographer and arts organizer in Durango, Colorado — my hometown! I had the chance to participate in her Guerilla art show, "Ferocious Feelings," in October, and it was an amazing experience. Thanks for joining us today, Carson!

Q: What drew you to Durango from your home in Texas? Durango is famous for being a transient town — tell me why you stayed?

A: I grew up in Texas with my mother and older sister, completed Undergrad and decided to go on a road trip with my ex-husband. We ended up in Durango for some summer vacationing and I immediately had the feeling of being "home." The mountains and the people reminded me of something that had been missing in my life for quite some time. I continued to visit for two years and finally, on my last drive back to Texas, said that I had to live here. I have been here since '98 and love Durango. It is my home.

Q: What is your vision for the local arts community in Durango over the next ten years?

A: As you are well aware, this town is full of artists, and our region has so much to offer the art world. While I was director at the Durango Arts Center I recognized that DAC was built on the visual arts but is moving now in so many directions! This town will continue to boom in the art world, I do think it is going to take some creativity to hold the multiple aspects of art together. I do believe that the DAC needs to recognize what it really wants to be, a single art sector or a multidisciplinary arts center. Our county is comprised of many devoted artists, and we should all try to support the art venues and the artists. I think the galleries do an outstanding job of being 'in touch' with the artists. I would love to see this town be recognized as an up and coming artist community.

Q: What is the importance of Guerilla art events to the community — and to the artists themselves?

A: Good question. I think it is refreshing for us all. I feel that the Guerilla shows are imperative to our community. Artists can relax, get involved, support a theme (with their own interpretation) put a price tag on their efforts and ingenuity, and make new friends in the meantime. I started the Guerilla shows here because I felt I was missing something. I have so many projects in my head and sometimes I act on them if there is an appropriate venue. As an artist, I can appreciate meeting other artists in our area and also meeting the art lovers of our community. You meet and connect with new people and other ideas spring from those conversations. I also like that local business owners, who may have an empty space, offer their locations for the shows. People in our community are so gracious, and again, this is another avenue of donation.

Q: What new projects, exhibits, and events are you most looking forward to in 2010?

A: "Deliciously Weird" is coming up in February. This year I considered offering four shows and I am still trying to decide on whether that should be. In the fall I am going to have another show as well. Stay tuned for that theme, it's outrageous. For me, I am going to continue to freelance and also take a photography trip. I photograph weddings, so the summer is always made up of meeting wedding parties and documenting their days! I have two special projects in the works. I hope to have a show in 2011. This project is going to take me at least the full year to complete!

Q: What inspired your election year event, "Political Sidebar"?

A: I wanted to present a show where all political affiliations could be represented in whatever way the artist chose to.

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