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Inspiring Creativity Success Stories
Success Stories : Violette's Whimsical Folk Art

Creativity Success Story

Violette's Whimsical Folk Art

Magazines, TV Shows, and a Big Field of Dreams

By Violette

Violette's Rubber Stamp Art"If you build it, they will come," — this is a phrase from the movie Field of Dreams. Several years ago after a number of unsuccessful attempts at marketing my art I bought this movie. It was to become my personal talisman that I felt would magically bring the recognition and artistic success I was seeking for so long. Something interesting happened after buying the movie. I decided to bring my whimsical art to the States on a road trip.

Before embarking on my solo trip, I had sent a promotional package to the TV show Weird Homes. In the package I included pictures of my funky, colourful home that I dubbed "the Magic Cottage." I also brazenly stated my home should be on their show! Just before leaving for my trip I received a phone call from one of the show's producers wanting to know more about my home. I mentioned my painted whimsical doors. She asked me to forward some photos of the doors. When I returned from my trip the producer asked me if I was planning on painting any more doors — which I was. She asked me to save a door to paint on camera which happened to be the Chickenlady door. Needless to say I was elated!

Violette's Magic CottageAppearing on the TV show was the beginning of a series of invitations to appear on other shows. Several newspaper and magazine articles ensued. Even though I had received a modest amount of attention for my art and home before the Weird Homes show it appeared as if the TV show was what catapulted me to the next level of credibility as an eccentric "outside the box artist."

My mission was to encourage people to embrace their authenticity and be more creative. All of the publicity was achieving this, however, it was not bringing in much money. Along my journey of receiving media attention my confidence level as an artist went up. Folks from all over the world began e-mailing or writing to let me know how much I had inspired them to be more creative or to follow their dreams. Something magical and alchemical happened to me. I began to feel more like a REAL artist and had no problem stating this.

Asking for work as an artist became easier. I was invited to appear in a group art show. I sold numerous designs to a rubberstamp company, designed scrap booking imagery, created caricatures for private clients and began creating my own line of inspirational greeting cards, magnets and bookmarks. I also began submitted art and stories to various zines and publications such as Artitude, Artella, Somerset Studios and Cloth Paper Scissors. Six years ago I would never have had the courage to do this! Recently I've been asked to submit projects and ideas for two book publishers!

Writing and creating crafts for Creativity Portal (here) has also given me the courage to put myself out there more, to send an illustrated article to Artitude zine and also to send packages to five magazines, one of which garnered me a wonderful article (Cloth Paper Scissors). I truly don't believe this would have happened without the link with Creativity Portal.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize that this is in fact truly happening. After so much rejection and a circuitous path towards my bliss I'm hitting my stride. I certainly have not arrived but I'm getting there. I've built it and they HAVE come. For this I am eternally grateful! If I can do it You can do it! •

© 2005 Violette. All rights reserved.

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