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Creative Juices Arts -
Authors : Chris Zydel

Spotlight On Chris Zydel

Creativity as a Path to Spirit, Joy, Healing & Transformation

Chris ZydelChris Zydel, founder of Creative Juices Arts, has over 28 years of experience as a compassionate creativity guide. She is devoted to providing the enthusiastic encouragement and inspiration that supports her clients in developing their full creative potential and living a vital and authentic creative life.  As a creativity coach Chris has successfully mentored countless writers, painters, photographers and business owners ... anyone with a creative vision trying to be born! Her deep intuitive understanding of Evolutionary Astrology directs the people she works with towards choices that lead to a greater sense of creative purpose and fulfillment.

And through her popular Painting from the Wild Heart workshops she creates a sacred space where the power of intuitive painting works its magic of healing, personal growth and spiritual transformation.

For more information on her services please go to her website at

Creativity Articles by Chris Zydel

A Creative Careers Interview with Chris Zydel
By Molly Anderson-Childers
In this exclusive Creativity Portal interview, Chris shares details about her popular Painting from the Wild Heart workshops and her passion as a creativity coach, bodyworker, group leader, astrologer, expressive arts facilitator and artist.

Intuitive Painting as a Spiritual Practice
By Chris Zydel
When you are painting as a spiritual practice you are trying to let go of judgment and comparison and inviting mercy and curiosity to be your companions as you create.

Intuitive Painting and the Wild Ride Of Risk and Change
By Chris Zydel
The creative process is an exercise in learning to become more fluid and flexible. To become more like water and less like stone.

Intuitive Painting as a Journey into the Unknown
By Chris Zydel
It is common and natural to want to know what something means as it shows up on the paper.

"My Technique's Bad and I'm So Sad" Intuitive Painting Blues
By Chris Zydel
What's really true, and what most people don't want to hear, is that there are no mistakes in the land of intuitive, soul painting.

Inner Critic Got You Down?
By Chris Zydel
Tips and exercises to help you with the process of differentiation and empowerment in managing your inner critic.

Women, Painting and Power
By Chris Zydel
The purpose of intuitive painting or process painting is to learn to listen deeply to yourself and to then courageously express what you find, without censoring anything, in a spirit of spontaneity, surrendering to the creative process.

Creativity Time Bandits: Making Wise Choices for a Fulfilling Creative Life
By Chris Zydel
Are you going to have a glowing memory of the risk you took in setting aside some time for yourself to paint or write or make music?

One Magic Question to Move You Through Creative Blocks
By Chris Zydel
This one question can move you through the creative process when everything feels frustrating, blocked and in a tangle.

Just Say 'Yes' to Your Creative Self
By Chris Zydel
You are immensely more creative than you could even begin to imagine.