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Creativity in Motion with Michele Batz
Creativity in Motion : Fitness! Goals and Taking Action

Fitness! Goals and Taking Action

By Michele Batz, PhD

It's three months into the year and with new opportunities ahead, makes life so exciting! There maybe quite a few of you out there that are planning on losing weight, focusing on a new project or planning that big family trip somewhere that you've been dreaming to take all these years. Even though, it's March, it's not too late!

Or you may be sitting there still deciding on what to do or what not to do! Today's column will address whatever "it" is for you this year, you need to take ACTION! No more excuses or procrastinating the tomorrows, take action today.

How? The first step is to express it to someone in your circle. It can be your spouse, family member or a supportive co-worker. Inform them what you are planning to do, whether that is running or walking your first 5k or simply making time for yourself to read, try yoga or just by going out for a walk. You need to express it, say it aloud and that way those around you can be supportive and help motivate you to newer heights.

If you are surrounded by negative people, you must take the high road and ignore them. Focus on the goal that you have stated, yes, they may try to bring you down to their level but refuse to go there. If you have friends that are constantly negative with a self-pity attitude, it is time to spend less time with them and move onto friends that love new challenges and enjoy life. Life is too short to be surround by people that have been in the same place since high school. We all know some people like that, they are doing the same things that they were doing in high school and they are in their 40s and 50s. Wake up, it doesn't take too much talent to sit at a bar and bend a elbow. Does it? Move on to new friends that will help you reach higher. Plus negative people and bad influences can cut your life short. They are energy draining and bad habits, lead to bad health.

Okay, now that I am off my soap box, let's move on to YOU. Sit down today, after you read this column, of course and write down three things that you would like to accomplish this year. Nope, it will not take you long, you know you've been mulling those "things" over in your mind for years now, TAKE ACTION TODAY! Write them down and start contacting people or organizations that can help you achieve your goal. Don't be shy, either. If you know people or have people who know people, contact them and let's get that ball rolling for you. Need ideas, I can help you there. Contact me at mbatz78[at] and I can help you to get started.

To tell you the truth, today's column was suppose to be about aromatherapy but as I sat down at the computer, this is what came to my heart. So, lets' address this issue and make the balance of 2010 the best year ever! •

© 2010 Michele Batz. All rights reserved.

Michele BatzMichele Batz, PhD, has a masters in Administrative Education and has been an educator for 30 years at the elementary, junior high and high school levels. More »