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Creativity in Motion with Michele Batz
Creativity in Motion : Creativity Amongst the Stars

Moving Creatively in the Classroom (PE)

Creativity Amongst the Stars

By Michele Batz, PhD

StarsThis lesson plan is wonderful to either start out the school year or finish off the last week in school.

  • Fill your classroom with all kinds of stars: hanging stars, stars posted on your bulletin boards, and stars on the floor.
  • Set up four "centers" filled with imagination: colored pencils, crayons, colored paper and sparkles.
  • Divide your class up into four groups and have them sit around you. Using your best theatre voice, conjure up a tale about boys and girls who dream about being super heroes: "If you were a super hero, what one power would you like to possess?!"
  • Let the students think about it for awhile and tell them to close their eyes! Tap each student on their head, with your magic wand (you can pick this up at any department store or online) and instruct them to venture off into one of the centers.
  • Once in the centers, tell the students: "Using your imagination, draw yourself with that power in any manner that you wish. Then color, create and add sparkles for effect."
  • After about 15-20 minutes, ask the students to pick up themselves with their super power and line up.
  • Take them outside and instruct them to "act" out their drawings. Let them wander free in a playing area and make sure you bring your camera. You'll want to capture this magic moment in your classroom.

Have fun and enjoy! •

© 2010 Michele Batz. All rights reserved.

Michele BatzMichele Batz, PhD, has a masters in Administrative Education and has been an educator for 30 years at the elementary, junior high and high school levels. More »