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Business End of Creativity
Arts & Crafts : The Business End of Creativity Articles

The Business End of Creativity

You're an expert artist, jewelry maker, graphic designer, or crafter who wants to start making money with your skills. What are some things you need to know about setting up a business and marketing yourself to the world? Or if you're a business owner, what do you need to understand about creativity-related issues in the workplace?

From fostering creativity in employees, to understanding the demands of a home-based business, self-promotion and advertising, these articles will help you to succeed in the business end of creativity.

Business Creativity Articles

6 Steps to Make Your Artist's Web Site Sell
By Josse Ford and Daniel Tardent
This article shows you how to use your website to build a solid foundation and system for art sales that will leave you more freedom to actually be an artist!

How to Get Your Stuff 'Out There'
Creativity Portal Q & A
Learn why having your own self-promoting Web site for your art, crafts, and other creative services is not only advantageous, but mandatory in our digital world.

Artists, Crafters, Writers, Poets: How to 'Do' a Show
By Brett Juilly
There are a bazillion ways to put on a show. Here's a few ideas...

Online Craft Malls: Tech-savvy Crafters Can Go Global
By Catherine Stabler
The Internet provides such crafters with access to a global market, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.