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Art © Cherie Roe Dirksen
Cherie Roe Dirksen : Seeing Divinity En Masse

Divine You: Redefining Love in the New Earth

Getting to Know ‘The Others’ — Seeing Divinity En Masse

By Cherie Roe Dirksen

Art © Cherie Roe DirksenLook around; can you see the beauty in everything?

Can you see the immense and indescribable beauty in nature and in inanimate objects?

Look with awe because everything is Divine, everything in this third dimensional realm is a miraculous creation.

Now look at people — the ‘others’. People you know, people you don’t know. Aren’t they beautiful?

Look into their eyes — even the ones that upset you. They are a miracle.

Humanity is a masterpiece of creation that is expressed in individual form and life experience — a stage production that each person is the star of. So many stars; we are even made of stars — we are all so similar, so connected.

One just has to look at others to see and acknowledge the star that they are and the divinity that resides in them. Look at them as if they were a mirror held up as a reflection of you.

Returning to Oneness or Atonement

Like all the stars in the night sky, we are all connected as one in a galaxy of consciousness. Together we are the One — wholeness; the final piece of the Holy Trinity — the Holy Spirit. The all-encompassing entity that can be best described as the ‘extended’ family. Let’s try to see all our brothers and sisters, regardless of colour, race, religion, culture, sexual preference, etc as all part of the Divine Plan.

Separateness is the greatest delusion we were ever taught. Let us stand up for one and all, and see the truth for what it is and not what we are fed in the media and through various religious doctrines.

There is no ‘us’ and ‘them’. This was created to keep us in the dark, to keep us separated — in duality. To keep us from seeing the truth about who we really are and why we are here.

The Second Coming

We are all beacons of light and love; lighthouses that shine in even the darkest of nights. And together, well, together we are pure potentiality — pure power. Unity of our species will mean peace on Earth. What a small price to pay for such massive potential!

Put away your prejudices, and embrace each other. See the Divine in all. Do this, and bring the Christ consciousness into play.

Take back your power. You are the Christ consciousness on Earth. Christ means messiah or anointed one — any expected deliverer. Your awakening will deliver the awakening of the masses, and then we will have the Second Coming. Don’t look outside yourself for this to happen, look inside.

The seed of divinity has always been there, and now see it in everyone else too.

Unconditional Love or that Drag — Fear

Experience your ultimate gift — the gift of unconditional love. Notice how you feel when you are in a state of love, bliss or joy — you have an opening in your chest area (this is referred to as your heart chakra), an expansion occurs. You literally feel like you are soaring. It feels good.

Now observe how you feel when fear, doubt or anger set in — you get the ‘sinking’ feeling in your stomach (referred to as your solar plexus chakra), and this feels like you are plummeting. It doesn’t feel good. So, which one do you prefer?

The Choice is Yours

This life is about choice — you can choose to feel either way. So why not make the choice; one that will work for you and for the entire planet?

I hope you choose love. You are all loved and appreciated; whether you are aware of it or not, you still are.

Divine You by Cherie Roe DirksenAnd your Source is love so get used to it. •

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This is an excerpt from Divine You: Redefining Love in the New Earth available at all leading bookstores worldwide. © 2011 Cherie Roe Dirksen. All rights reserved.

Cherie Roe Dirksen Cherie is a self-empowerment author and multi-media artist from Cape Town. More »