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Wall Decor & Home Accents
Jessica Ackerman : Decorate Master Bedroom Walls

Unique and Impressive Ways to Decorate Master Bedroom Walls

By Jessica Ackerman

The master bedroom is sometimes one of the most ignored rooms in the home. After all, guests do not usually have the opportunity to view the master bedroom, and it tends to become a catchall for laundry and other odds and ends that have been quickly placed out of sight. It is also sometimes the last room to receive decorative touches since it is not usually accessible or visible to guests. The master bedroom should really be the most cared for room in the home, and the decorating choices should reflect the style and personality of the homeowner — even if guests never see what adorns the walls behind closed doors.

Give your master bedroom a completely new look with the following easy decorating ideas for walls. With a little contemplation and the appropriate tools and hardware for hanging, you can add unique and impressive wall decor to master bedroom walls. In a matter of minutes you can turn your master bedroom into a stylish haven for rest and relaxation, and the bedroom of your dreams will become a room you will want to show off.

Wrought Iron Wall Decor

When many people think of wrought iron, they imagine the black twisted metal of decades past or dark black wrought iron railings. These days wrought iron is transformed into elaborate wall decor, and it is far from ordinary. No matter the theme or style of master bedroom furnishings, wrought iron wall decor is an excellent choice for decorating bedroom walls. The options go far beyond ordinary twisted black metal, and many pieces include foliage and floral designs, intricate scrollwork of various colors, and elegant mirrors. They are absolutely beautiful pieces that are not just a passing fad.

Metal Wall Art

If you want to choose wall decor for your master bedroom that will never go out of style, like wrought iron wall decor, metal wall art is here to stay. When thinking of metal, imagine various colors, shapes, designs, and textures put together to create breathtaking works of art. Metal wall art is extraordinarily beautiful and stylish, and you will find everything from modern works of abstract metal art to schools of tropical fish and everything in between. Eye-catching metal art can become the focal point of a master bedroom wall, and it can be accompanied by sconces and colorful fragrant candles. The decorating options are truly endless.

Choosing a Clock

Instead of relying on a digital alarm clock to keep time in the master bedroom, consider adding a wall clock. Wall clocks can be just as decorative as they are practical, and a wall clock is a spectacular addition to a master bedroom wall. You will discover cast metal clocks, timepieces encircled with eye-catching colored tile, clock faces embellished with flowers, and many more. High-quality wall clocks are works of timeless art in more ways than one.


A high-quality mirror is a must-have in a bedroom, and mirrors can be as decorative as they are useful, especially in the master bedroom. Consider placing a beautiful framed mirror above a chest of drawers, or mount it on a wall along with a shelf to display favorite. You cannot go wrong with a beautiful framed mirror, no matter your unique style or preference.

Wall Vases

Do you enjoy decorating with foliage and flowers? Wall vases are ideal for decorating a master bedroom, and they look highly impressive when placed on either side of a beautiful framed wall mirror. Purchase high-quality realistic looking trailing vines along with flowers that match the colors of master bedroom decor. Arrange them in stylish wall vases with a backdrop of dried fern branches or baby's breath. You will love the elegant look, and they will allow you to bring some of the beauty of nature into the most relaxing room in your home. •

Copyright 2009, Wall Decor and Home Accents.

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