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Jessica Ackerman : How to Make Decoupage Plant Markers

How to Make Decoupage Plant Markers

Decoupage Plant Marker © Chris DunmireBy Jessica Ackerman

Plant markers sold in stores can be quite expensive, especially decorative plant markers for indoor plants. Instead of buying costly decorative plant markers sold in stores, consider making decoupage plant markers to add color and interest to ordinary houseplants of any varieties.

It really is very easy to make decoupage plant markers, and the design options are endless. They make fantastic personalized gifts, especially when added to beautiful potted floral arrangements. Give the following ideas a try, and consider making several decoupage plant markers to enhance your houseplants or to give as very special gifts to friends and loved ones who appreciate homemade crafts and the beauty of indoor plants.

Necessary Supplies

To make decoupage plant markers for indoor use you will need wide craft sticks, clear-drying craft glue, scissors, floral wire, a hot glue gun, and wire cutters. You will also need a bowl of water, clear latex sealer, a paintbrush, and paper cutouts of your choice. Choose clear color photos of flowers and plants from magazines or catalogs, text from magazines to convey a personal message, or cutouts from pretty wrapping paper. The design options are limitless, and any type of lightweight flexible paper can be used to make beautiful decoupage plant markers for indoor use.


Begin by cutting out colored paper images, text of your choice, or graphics from wrapping paper. Allow the cutouts to soak in a bowl of water for several minutes until they are fully saturated. This will make the paper more flexible, wrinkle-free, and easier to apply to the craft sticks.

After the paper has soaked an adequate amount of time, apply a generous layer of clear-drying craft glue to the backsides of the paper, and position it on craft sticks. Wrap the paper around the wood and cover the back as well as the front, and make sure all of the wrinkles and air bubbles are smoothed out. Allow the paper and glue to dry completely before continuing.

The next step is to coat the paper-wrapped plant markers with clear latex sealer. Apply at least two coats, and allow the sealer to dry completely in between applications. Once the sealer is dry, cut off an appropriate length of floral wire using wire cutters, and attach a section of wire to the back of each finished plant marker using hot glue.

Gift Giving Ideas

Homemade decoupage plant markers are wonderful additions to artificial or live floral arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries, get-well gifts, or for any gift-giving occasion. Choose text from magazines to wish someone well or to add any personalized message to decoupage plant markers. Consider adding the name of the recipient, the name of the plant or flower, or well wishes for any occasion. The decoupage planter markers you can design and make for yourself or for anyone else are only limited by your imagination! •

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