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Jessica Ackerman : 3 Easy Kids' Crafts for Easter Decorating

3 Easy Kids' Crafts for Easter Decorating

By Jessica Ackerman

Free Printables: Rabbit Ears Templates
FREE Printable Rabbit Ears Cut-Out Templates
These free 'n fun bunny ears come in two styles: colorized and black and white so you can add your own color and use for the Bunny Ears Frame project on this page. Both templates download as a single PDF file and can be resized in your printing options. Click link to download and print your bunny ears now!

Decorating for Easter with children in tow can be a lot of fun. Kids' crafts are a great way to decorate inexpensively and with an authentic childish flair. For some "hoppingly" adorable fun, try these three easy kids' crafts for Easter decorating below.

Bunny Ear Frames

Nothing says Easter to a child like candy and bunnies. A fun, inexpensive and easy way to add a bunny theme to the home for the holiday season, is to add bunny ears to existing picture frames. This craft can be done by even the smallest of helpers when a parent is assisting. Begin by making a rabbit ear template. Trace and cut out two ears from gray or white heavyweight construction paper for each frame that will be decorated. For older children, smaller pink ear shapes can also be cut out and glued in the center of the larger ears. Younger children may enjoy coloring in a pink ear interior with crayons or markers, so create accordingly. Once the ears are completed, remove picture frames from the walls and mount the ears on the back, top of the frame. This will make it appear as though the frame is wearing bunny ears. For additional interest, gently fold one ear at a 45-degree angle to make it look like the bunny has one ear up and one at a jaunty angle. With the children's help, you can decorate all the frames in the house, or just a few, to create a cute and whimsical Easter look.

Egg Banners

Need a cute banner to drape from curtain rods or along a staircase banister? Break out the construction paper, crayons, markers, scissors, glitter, glue and 1"-wide ribbon to make an easy egg banner with the kids. Trace and cut out five or more egg shapes from the construction paper. Have the children decorate the eggs with crayons, markers and glitter. Be prepared for some wild and unusually decorated eggs for this decor project! Once all the eggs have all been decorated and have dried, lay them face down in a row with about six inches between them. Unroll the ribbon and slide it under the back side of the eggs near the top of each egg. Glue or staple the ribbon in place. Hang the egg banner anywhere in the house that needs a little Easter holiday pizzazz.

White Bunny Tail Napkin Rings

Get kids interested in setting the table for Easter dinner with this fun and simple craft. Start by gathering toilet paper tubes, scissors, gray construction paper, white pompoms and glue. Cut the toilet paper tubes into rings, about 2"-wide. Cover the rings with a piece of gray construction paper that has been cut out to fit the size of the ring. Glue a large white pompom onto the ring to simulate a bunny's tail. Once one has been made for each guest, roll a white napkin and slide it inside the inexpensive and adorable bunny tail napkin ring.

Getting children involved in decorating for Easter is a wonderful way to keep them invested in how the home looks. If the children can hold a crayon, they will be able to complete the projects with help from an adult. Save money, create memories with your kids and let them help decorate for the holiday with these simple kids' crafts. •

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