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Wall Decor & Home Accents
Jessica Ackerman : Creative Decorations Fireplace Mantel, Hearth

Fireplace Decor: Creative Ways to Decorate the Mantel and Hearth

By Jessica Ackerman

A room with a fireplace has a built-in focal point, but whether the focal point of the room is stylish and impressive depends upon how well the mantel and hearth are decorated. Creative ways to decorate the mantel and hearth can make the difference between a striking display and a dark recess within a wall. Consider the following creative ideas for decorating a fireplace mantel and hearth, and transform your fireplace into an extraordinary focal point that is sure to impress.

Decorating with Stylish Metal Wall Art

An empty wall directly above a fireplace mantel can be stylishly decorated with unique metal wall art. Select a large work of metal wall art or a grouping of stylish wall hangings. Metal wall art of various sizes is available in countless styles and price ranges to meet every budget and preference. Choose an eye-catching piece or an impressive grouping, and center the display approximately twelve inches above the fireplace mantel to provide adequate room for displaying shelf decor.

Candle Wall Sconces

Cast an amber glow across stylish metal wall art with a set of candles and eye-catching candle wall sconces. When many people think of candle wall sconces they envision the basic candle holders of days gone by, but candle wall sconces come in numerous varieties to match every conceivable decorating style. Browse the many options for candle wall sconces, and select a pair that coordinates well with the style of the room as well as the style of wall art they will surround. In addition, choose long-burning candles in a fragrance that will enhance the mood of the room. Enjoy the beauty of a crackling fire along with the shimmering lights of the burning candles. When decorating with candle wall sconces the room will have a warm and welcoming ambience unlike any other.

Decorating with Carved Wood Damask Wall Plaques

A room with fine wood accents would look particularly stunning when decorated with carved wood wall plaques with a damask design, and the area of empty wall space above the fireplace mantel is an ideal location for decorating with carved works of art. Select a set of stylish carved wood damask wall plaques, and carefully arrange them above the fireplace mantel. Allow adequate space for items displayed on the mantel, and center the works of art for a lovely display that will generate long gazes and sincere compliments on your choice of creative wall decor and fireplace accents.

Fireplace Screens

Fireplace screens typically found in home improvement stores are functional but not usually very stylish. To create a truly impressive focal point in a room with a fireplace, invest in a stylish fireplace screen instead of the ordinary variety that does nothing more than hold tools and contain embers. They are available in numerous styles, and they can add a touch of class to any fireplace hearth. Search for fireplace screens and you will find everything from screens embellished with finely crafted metal branches to detailed scenes. The decorating options are truly endless, and a fire can be much more impressive when it highlights an impressive metal screen.

Decorating with Pillar Candle Displays

Consider decorating the fireplace mantel with a stylish set of pillar candle holders and high-quality candles in colors that coordinate well with existing decor. Pillar candle holders come in countless styles, and besides enhancing the mantel, they can be used when decorating the hearth during warmer months when the fireplace is not in use. After cleaning out the fireplace box, place a decorative set of pillar candles in the opening. This is a fantastic way to continue enjoying the beauty of the fireplace all year long. •

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