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Wall Decor & Home Accents
Jessica Ackerman : Scrapbook Pages for Treasured Memories

Frame a Scrapbook Page to Display Treasured Memories

By Jessica Ackerman

Example of a framed scrapook page with an ocean theme.Instead of putting all your scrapbook pages in books, you can also create beautiful pages that you can display on your wall or display shelves by using 12-inch by 12-inch frames, which are specially designed to use with scrapbook pages. You can also create smaller pages in any size you want, using standard-sized frames to display your creations.

Materials Needed

You will need either a 12-inch by 12-inch frame, or whatever other size of frame you wish to use for your scrapbook page display. If you plan to add three-dimensional mementos to the page, make sure to select a shadowbox type of frame, so that you will have enough room under the glass to display these types of objects, such as pressed flowers, bows or other items. You will also need whatever photos, mementos or memorabilia you wish to use to include your scrapbook page, in addition to a wide variety of scrapbook paper, stickers, borders, cardstock cutouts, and other scrapbooking supplies. A pair of scissors, adhesive photo mounting squares, double-sided tape, craft glue or other adhesives to attach the photos and embellishments to the page will also be required. You can also use ink stamps, paper punches and other items to create a wide variety of creative effects on your page.

Getting Started

Make sure you work on a protected work surface, to avoid getting adhesives on the table surface. Keep a waste container nearby to make cleanup easy. To start, choose a piece of paper in the correct size which will serve as the background for your scrapbook page. To create a coordinated look, you can select a paper pattern that complements the photos you wish to use, such as using a beach pattern for vacation photos, holiday paper for family holiday photos, or paper with a dog or cat motif if you want to make a photo tribute to your favorite pet.

Once you have chosen the primary piece of paper, check to make sure it fits correctly in your frame, trimming if necessary. Then, using your photos and scrapbook supplies, create an overall design that displays your photos to their best advantage. It is usually best to start by putting borders and cardstock shapes onto the page, then arrange your photos, and then finally use stickers, embellishments and other supplies to add the final detail touches. Lay out all the elements of your design first before securing them in place with your adhesives. Once you're satisfied with your design, you can use adhesive squares, tape or craft glue to permanently affix the photos, paper pieces and embellishments to the background paper.

Another way of adding additional details and meaning to your framed scrapbook page is to add some journaling. You can either write freehand directly on the background paper, if it is a light solid color, or incorporate some paper shapes in a light shade into your overall design. To make it easier to write in a straight line, you can lightly pencil guidelines on the paper to use as a guide when writing, erasing them later after the ink has dried.

Framing Your Scrapbook Page Creation

Let your page dry completely, especially if you used craft glue or other types of liquid adhesives. Then, place the scrapbook page in the frame, and display it proudly on your wall or display shelf. •

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