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Jessica Ackerman : Ideas for Decorating Wood Picture Frames

Ideas for Decorating Wood Picture Frames

By Jessica Ackerman

Decorative picture frames are attractive and appealing, but the prices are usually considerably higher than the cost of ordinary wood picture frames sold in stores. Basic wood picture frames cost very little, and they can be decorated to look just as impressive as more expensive decorative frames. When decorating with faux gems, small shells, polished pebbles, or other interesting craft supplies and natural items, you can turn ordinary wood picture frames into extraordinary photo displays.

Necessary Supplies

To make decorated wood picture frames you will require a hot glue gun and ordinary wood picture frames in sizes and styles of your choice. They can be finished, unfinished, ornate, or plain. You can even decorate old picture frame that are scratched and nicked. The wood will be completely covered by trimmings of your choice, and any defects will be hidden.

Decorating with Seaside Treasures

A seaside frame can be used to enhance a favorite photo of a trip to the beach, and it makes a lovely keepsake or gift. To make a seaside frame you will need dozens of small shells, small pieces of smooth beach glass, and small stones polished smooth by the sand and the ocean waves. You will also need clean beach sand to cover the open areas between the shells, beach glass, and stones.

Begin by covering the front of the frame with spray adhesive, and generously cover the wood with beach sand. Next, begin gluing on shells, beach glass, and polished stones. The sand will cover up any gaps. Allow the glue to dry completely before framing a photo.

Decorating with Polished Pebbles and Sand

Small polished pebbles can be extraordinarily beautiful, and they look even lovelier when attached to a wooden picture frame. Cover the wooden frame with spray-on adhesive, and coat it with colored sand of your choice. Consider selecting a color in the photograph when choosing the color of the sand. Lastly, glue on the polished pebbles to cover most of the wood and complete the frame.

Decorating with Sequins

If you want an eye-catching photo frame similar to those sold in stores, glue on flashy sequins. Visit your local craft store for sequins in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Make a pattern with multiple colors, or cover the wood with a single color. Slightly overlap the sequins to make a decorative frame that will enhance any photo.

Beaded Frame Decorating

Frames covered in beads are interesting and extraordinarily beautiful. Instead of simply gluing on random beads, string them on invisible thread, and wind them into swirls and other interesting shapes. After gluing on the strings of beads in formations of your choice, glue on a few pretty glass beads to finish the frame, and allow the glue to dry completely before handling further.

Decorating with Sparkling Gems

Faux gems make exceptionally beautiful and eye-catching frames. Choose dozens of flat-back faux gemstones in colors of your choice, and randomly glue them to an ordinary wood picture frame. Consider choosing a single color or two from the photo, and glue on matching gems to bring them out in the photo. Make it as elaborate as you like, and allow the glue to dry before adding a photo.

Decorating photo frames does not detract from the photos they surround. When embellishments are carefully chosen, decorating enhances specific colors, and they make the photos more eye-catching and interesting. Use your sense of creativity and imagination, and begin decorating ordinary picture frames to transform them into stunning works of art. •

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