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Jessica Ackerman : Bedroom Decorating – Skateboard Theme

Bedroom Decorating: Ideas for a Creating a Skateboard Theme for Kids

Adding Unique Skater Style

By Jessica Ackerman

Skateboard ArtKids want a bedroom that reflects their personal style and interests, and kids that love skateboarding are no exception. They want a bedroom that with skateboarding flair and unique style, and with the following ideas for creating a skateboard theme, kids who love skateboarding can have the bedroom of their dreams. With unique shelving, wall decor, and skateboard-themed throw pillows, you can turn an ordinary bedroom into an extraordinary place for hanging out, sleeping, and reading the latest skateboarding magazines. Give these ideas a try, and surprise your kids by decorating a bedroom with a skateboarding theme.

Unique Shelving

Kids who enjoy skateboarding usually have a few old skateboards around the house. Surprise the skateboarding kids in your home with skateboard shelves. Mount ordinary shelf brackets and hangers, and instead of using wooden or laminated planks, use skateboards. Old or new skateboards can be used to create this unique shelving. Skateboards are sturdy, and they will help give a bedroom a completely new look with a popular theme for kids.

Suspended Skateboards

Shelves are not the only way to use old or new skateboards when decorating a bedroom for kids. Consider suspending a skateboard or two using clear fishing line attached to ceiling hooks. Mount the front or back several inches higher to provide a clear view of the design. Kids love displaying their favorite skateboard decks and designer wheels, and this is one of the best ways to decorate a bedroom for kids with a skateboard theme.

Insignia Wall Murals

Kids with an interest in skateboarding have their favorite brands, and these name brand insignias make great bedroom wall murals. Those who are artistically inclined can draw a favorite insignia on a wall, and those who do not have artistic ability can use a rented overhead projector. If necessary, enlarged a smaller version on a wall, and trace it with a pencil. Using a fine-tip paintbrush, paint the outline, and fill in the design with a larger paintbrush. Along with skateboard related wall hangings or wall lighting, this hand-painted design will become the focal point of the room.

Unique Truck Hooks

Wall hooks are handy in a bedroom for kids, and when decorating a bedroom in a skateboard theme, think of skateboard related items that can be used in unique ways. Skateboard trucks, either with or without the wheels, can be attached to walls and transformed into decorative and handy hooks. Paint the trucks to match the primary accent color of the room, and use the hooks for hanging hats, sweatshirts, or anything else that is worn on a regular basis.

T-Shirt Throw Pillows

Skateboarders often wear t-shirts advertising their favorite logos and brands, and t-shirts are good for more than wearing. Create a few soft and cozy throw pillows using t-shirts and fiberfill. Turn the first t-shirt inside out, and sew the bottom and arm holes closed. Leave the neck area open, and turn the t-shirt right side out. Stuff it with fiberfill, and whipstitch the neck opening closed. Old t-shirts are exceptionally comfortable, and t-shirt pillows are as decorative as they are comfy when decorating a bedroom for kids in a skateboard theme.

Kids are great sources of ideas when decorating a bedroom in a theme they are interested in. Ask your kids for their input when decorating their bedroom, and include them in painting and other decorating tasks. They will end up with the bedroom they want, and you will end up with many more great ideas for decorating a bedroom with a skateboard theme. •

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